PRO's Kicker Accelerator

PRO's Kicker Accelerator
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The PRO's Kicker Accelerator works in conjunction with the PRO's Soft Bait Glue to provide an enhanced hold that extends the life of baits and can also be used for simple boat maintenance. Perfect for repairing soft plastics, reinforcing knots, fixing cracked plastic, or attaching trailers, the PRO's Kicker Accelerator increases the holding power of PRO's Soft Bait Glue and also speeds up drying time.

To use, just spray the areas that need to be joined together with the PRO's Kicker Accelerator and immediately apply droplets of the PRO's Soft Bait Glue (do not touch the tip of the glue container to the surface or it will cause the glue to solidify in the neck of the tube). The two products work together to create a superior hold that dries faster and holds stronger than ever before.

Offering a limitless number of applications for the everyday angler, the PRO's Kicker Accelerator is the only choice when you need to seriously bond soft plastics, wood, fiberglass, resins, and more. 

2oz Bottle 

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