Density Tackle, the creator of the Panic Minnow line of baits, is a lure manufacturer that has made its name by offering extremely detailed baits proven to excel in the highly pressured lakes of the west coast. If you're looking for that extra edge, the Panic Minnow Bama Swimbait has what you need. Offering an incredibly lifelike swimming action, the Panic Minnow Bama Swimbait is hand-poured to perfection. Extremely versatile, the Bama Swimbait can be Texas-rigged, threaded on a darter head jig, used to mimic a school of fish with an umbrella rig, or can simply be used as a swim jig trailer. The Panic Minnow Bama Swimbait is available in a variety of colors to match the forage in your local waters.

Length Quantity
5" 5

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Took these out for the first time yesterday and immediately was disappointed.  The 2 cuts in the middle of the body do not catch any water and do not move.  Only the paddle would swim, pretty much negating the entire reason I bought these swim baits.  If you are expecting the whole back half of the swim bait to move you will be disappointed.

From: kBO: NC

Comments: Got them yesterday and could not believe the colors. If it swims as good as it looks in the video these will destroy them.

From: Dj: Austin, TX

Comments: Sweet colors, swims great.

Comments: Great swimbait but they only last two fish at the most and when they short strike it the tail rips off just like the lake fork live magic shad and alittle too pricey

Comments: Absolute best soft plastic company with even better swimbaits. Do not hesitate to support this American-made company and catch some hogs!

From: WA Lakes

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