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Please Note: Baits and Jigheads not included.

The Paycheck Baits Donkey Thrasher takes the multi-rig to the next level. Designed for highly pressured conditions and clearer water situations when the bigger, thicker wires of other umbrella rigs will give you away, it features four, lighter, more malleable wires that Bub and Paycheck Baits painstakingly tested to find just the right gauge and length for the task.

Having the lighter wires at the proper length provides your baits with considerably more action, allowing them to pulse and condense as they dart and flee, moving closer together and spreading out - just like a fleeing school of bait fish - as you pump the rod or stutter your reel cadence.

Constructed with only super high quality components, the Donkey Thrasher features 50lb clamps and 35lb swivels. It’s also one of the only multi-rigs on the market that features a swivel under the line tie, which allows your baits to rotate freely. Rig it with any swimbaits you choose, the Paycheck Baits Donkey Thrasher is the only rig that flexes and brings your baits to life.

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Paycheck Baits  Wire Length
 Donkey Thrasher 8.5"

Customer Reviews

Comments: Sorry to say that this rig doesn't work for me. It have a tendency to foul itself because of the design, Especially during windy condition. And the wire is only slightly thinner than most A-rig. Hope this review will help other fisherman.

From: Pao: Fresno, CA

Comments:  Solid rig here it catches fish and it's very simple just flat out works

From: Louis: Green Bay,WI

Comments: Best rig out there by far.  Really like the pulsing action when you jerk it, gives a very realistic bait school response.  The snap swivels used to attach the baits are far too cheap and flimsy, however.  Had several fall apart and lost baits.  Don't know if I lost fish as a result, but lost several jigs and baits.  Once I replaced all, the rig really shined and was producing fish under difficult conditions when nothing else would.

From: Big J: Houston, Texas

Comments: It appears a common flaw with most of these A-rigs are the clips that attach the swimbaits.   They simply cannot withstand the load/stress when a large fish aggressively hits the rig.  I have lost several nice LM on Lake Guntersville when these clips or snaps completely broke.   This rig does have a nice presentation in the water, jerking the rig initiates the in and out movement but the clips/snaps need to be redesigned for more durability. 

From: Jim: Huntsville, AL

Comments: Best Arig out there the wires are light and this thing moves in the water with very light pumps of the rod making it dart and puff in and out like a real bait school

From: Tyler: San Diego

Comments: CHANGE SNAPS BEFORE USING! they are a little light lost a 4Lb bass when  snap gave out other wise it looks better  than the other rigs in the water allows the baits to move more natural

From: Glenn: MI

Comments: Best Bama Rig ever. Its light, its simple, doesn't cause you to go and get a whole new set up just to throw 2-5 oz lure. You can go heavy or you can go light. Give this bait a try.

From: CassT'one: Fayetteville, NC

Comments: i have a few of the manns bama rig,but i like this one the best because its simple,it looks better in the water exp. when u do a stop n go retrive.sometimes less is better,and in this case,it works and works its half the price of the manns.this is now my go to umbrella rig.

From: Steveo: USA

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