Paycheck Baits Head Case 5pk - $3.99

Rig the Paycheck Baits Head Case in front of all your weightless soft plastic baits.  Perfect for Texas-rigging or even Carolina-rigging in brush or other heavy cover, the Paycheck Baits Head Case screws into your bait and keeps it from slipping down the hook shank. Made from a special formulation of plastic, you can also dye the Head Case with worm dye to match your bait - and create the perfect weedless and weightless presentation. 

5 per pack

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Paycheck Baits Head Case 5pk

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Comments:  A real bait saver. The bass can't shake the soft plastic when they jump, it will just ride up the line still attached to the Head Case. Total sleeper, you need to give them a try and you'll see.

From: AJ: RI

Comments: Reaction Innovations used to mold these and they haven't been available for about a year now. Glad to see someone else is molding them now. Great for fishing in weeds or brush.

From: Curt: Georgia, USA

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