Paycheck Baits Nose Job

The Paycheck Baits Nose Job allows you to easily add vibration and additional resistance to any of your baits. Put it in front of a swim jig, soft jerkbait or pretty much any other style of bait, and create a whole new presentation. A great choice especially in stained water, you can also use it to make a fluke-style bait into a spitting bait like a Rico or Splash-it. Your imagination is the only limitation with the Paycheck Baits Nose Job.

4 per pack

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I decided to rig one of these with a Skinny Dipper and I have to tell you, this DOES impart action to the bait just like the chatterbait/vibrating jig does! I even flipped it in pockets on slack line and watched it "shimmy" on down. Good luck!

From: Glenn: Stockton, CA USA

Comments: I am unable to fathom how this product would fail to impress anyone who has rigged it properly. I wouldn't advocate delving below 3/16 of an ounce, or much heavier than 7/16 oz., but within that threshold it affords a great action, and just as importantly, does not hinder hook-sets to any noticeable degree. For prospective customers and those that insist that they perform poorly, check out the videos available online depicting underwater footage of the Nose Job's action.
Again, they work great.

From: J.R.

Comments: Put a bullet weight in front, still nothing. Not worth it. The idea is great but the product is not as good as the idea. If it worked it would be unstoppable, but it doesn't. I'll give Paycheck a few months to redesign, but this is crap.

From: Joey: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: I waited months to get this thing and it wasn't worth it.  No vibration at all.  Tried it with and without a bullet weight.  Nada

Comments: Got to out a big old thumbs down on this one. no good at all for the finesse fishing i have to do in my pond. wasted my money on this thing. Snow job is a better name for these.

From: Chuck: North Bergen, NJ

Comments: Just buy a Chatterbait, these things are garbage, even forward weighted-Keeps slipping down the line, even while pegged. Not throwing the cone,still ahead of the power curve (Meh)

From: Rusty: TX

Comments: have to place a bullet weight in front of the cone.  I use a 3/16 oz tungsten weight, and peg it with a bobber stop.  This thing works...BIG TIME!  I've caught big bass using this thing!

From: Darrel: Dallas, TX

Comments: No way this thing is money! I am throwing it with a belly weighted swimhook as Bub demonstrates in his video of the nose job catching largemouth right in front of anglers in a tournament that I wasn't even fishing in and they weren't catching crap. The weighted spring lock swimbait hook is key I was also throwing it with a bub's watermelon with a rage craw on a SWIMBAIT hook reeling in about a slow to medium speed. Just give it a better shot guys you won't be disappointed!

From: Zach: Brown County, IN

Comments: Just used the"B-rig" in heavy grass this weekend at the potamac flw tour as a co-angler,got out fished 4 to 1 by a chatterbait;tried heavier weights(1/4 all the way up to 1/2 oz)Very weedless, just not much vibration at all, love paycheck baits products but i think it needs to be back to the drawing board for this one

From: Vaslim: VA

Comments: Don't waste your money, just use the scrounger jig heads. They work , this thing is stupid.

From: Chuck: N. Bergen, NJ

Comments: Jason, use a 3/16oz tungsten weight in front of the cone. You will get some vibration for sure.

From: Meatwad: Still throwing the cone

Comments: You know what bub! you make some great products, but this does absolutely nothing no vibration at all!!!  come on man!!!

From: Mark: Concord

Comments: Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not getting much vibration out of these "Nose job"

From: Jason

Comments: There are so many variations you can fish behind 'the cone' (as I call it)...if you haven't tried this you are WAY behind the power curve.

From: Meatwad

Comments: These are the best. they are weedles  and you can put almost any trailer on them. i caught a six and a half pound bass in a thick patch of weeds. get one they are awesome!!

From: David: Cali

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