Paycheck Baits Punch Stops 10pk - $3.99

The Paycheck Baits Punch Stop is a specialized weight-stopper, and an important component of the popular "Punch Rig." Its tapered design helps increase weedlessness, while at the same time firmly holding your weight in place so it can pull your bait and Punch Skirt down through the thick vegetation.

10 per pack

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Paycheck Baits Punch Stops 10pk

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Paycheck Baits Punch Stops 10pk $3.99 5+

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Comments: very good punch stops! they even hold my 2oz weights in place! the shape is also a plus gives your tungsten more of a pointed tip to help penetrate.

From: Sergio: Watsonville,CA

Comments: Love these bad boys!! they are sticky..

From: J: Punchin on the Patomac

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