Paycheck Baits Repo Man Late Payment

Paycheck Baits Repo Man Late Payment

The Paycheck Baits Repo Man Late Payment is the little brother of the popular Repo Man. Slightly smaller at just under 4-inches, it’s still easy to start up, and still delivers that same, familiar side-to-side walk-the-dog action that has been catching fish and catching checks on the pro circuits and club level for years. Constructed from a special formulation of harder and more resonant plastic, it also features two distinctly different sound chambers, one with glass rattles and the other with tungsten to produce a unique sound that calls fish up to the surface.

Extremely detailed as well with deep holographic eyes and realistic coloring, its perfect for those times when you need slightly less commotion or when fish aren’t biting bigger lures. Available in several proven color combinations, the Paycheck Baits Repo Man Late Payment also features three super sharp premium treble hooks, including a feathered trailer hook - instead of the two you would normally find on a lure this size. This bait's so good - it's barely legal.

Paycheck Length Weight Class
Repo Man Late Payment 3.85" 1/2oz Topwater

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

5 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have a few of these and love them. I suggest not buying any that have painted color on them. My latest one is bone color and the paint began to come off within the first 15 minutes of this bait leaving its box. I was fishing a flat in the middle of lake Barkley so I wasnt hitting any rocks or wood on the shore. I could not believe how much paint was missing off the bait after an hour or so. I contacted Paycheck about the issue by email and message on Facebook, but have not gotten back any response in over a week. I think I may have to stick with Sammys when spending this much for a bait. They work just as well from my experience. 

From: Han: Evansville, IN 10/20/14

Comments: i have caught so many quality smallmouth and good largemouth with this lure its not even funny.but i will say this bait is over priced,with that price tag youd expect the paint to hold up better than it does and moisture seems to get into this bait and will cause the knockers to stick ocasionally if it sits to long without use.just shake it before use to free em up.

From: Shaun: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: Mine got moisture inside of it which makes the glass rattles stick together and also stick to the inside of the head. This makes the glass rattles pointless which was one of the selling points of the lure is the faint noises it can make at rest too. I've only had it out at DVL once but it was a bad day for fishing... wasn't the lures fault I couldn't catch anything on it. Will keep trying despite the odd moisture problem. It seems like it would have been a nice lure otherwise. I hear they are working good which is why I bought it.

From: TackleJunkie: Riverside, CA

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