Paycheck Baits designed The One to be the best big fish walking bait ever created.  Every specific detail was refined and tested for one reason - to catch bigger fish.  Extremely realistic, it features detailed color patterns, life-like feather pectoral fins, a feather trailer and even 3D eyes.  Available in rattling and silent versions, The One from Paycheck Baits is perfectly balanced to help you to walk-the-dog with ease and create a commotion on the water's surface that big fish can't resist. Once you fish it, it's easy to see why they call it - The One.

Paycheck Length Weight Class
The One 5-3/4" 1-oz Topwater

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I use this lure mainly for stripped bass. Casts a country mile and walks very easily. My only complaints are the paint (Bone Crusher) and the hooks. 

From: Aaron: USA 5/22/14

Comments: Im the first one that is saying anything negative but i have thrown this the same day as i threw a spook and i couldn't get bit on this bait on a really similair color spook(okie shad) and the one(drag stripper) on a heavily populated spotted bass lake which i caught at least five or seven on the spook hope this review helps

From: JJL: CA

Comments: I loved the looks of this bait the first time I laid eyes on it. I bought me the blow up and the dead man walking. The first cast I made with the blow up I caught a 4 lb largemouth. Believe me this is the first time in my life that I have caught a fish on the first cast with a new bait. I have been fishing the one all summer and I have caught a lot of good fish on these baits. I love the way they will stay in one place with quick jerks of the rod. The noise and splash is amazing. The hooks are great and I have yet to lose a fish. When you get him in he has hooks all over him. They are great baits and I can tell you that they are also very durable. They look as good now as the first day I used them. I recommend that you get you one and give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: Awesome side to side action, it is very easy to cast and walk. the best action i experienced was just cast and let sit for a count of 10 seconds. then they would smash it. But i missed 9 out of 10! do as all have said replace the hooks as soon as you get it. i got the sweaty betty silent. great bait.

From: Michael: MS

Comments: This is the coolest top water bait I've ever thrown.  My confidence is through the roof when throwing it ... just know I'm always on the verge of a blow up.  If you rig it with a snap swivel, this thing will walk from side to side aggressively while hardly advancing forward.  Really love this lure.  Highly recommend. 

From: Dax: Burbank, CA

Comments: Awesome walking bait, great sounding rattle chamber. I will buy more.

From: Issac: Hesperia, CA

Comments: This bait is awesome! the action was the best i've seen and super easy to walk.  not sure about the first review of poor hooks cuz when i set on the fish i got on mine they weren't coming off in fact the only fish that got off left some of his jaw on the hook!  way to go Bub!

From: Chris: El Cajon, CA

Comments: For 18 bucks you guys REALLY need to get some better hooks on this bait.  If the hook is not sticky sharp and grab my skin it really doesn't cut it in my book.  Yeah I know everyone replaces the hooks but you really shouldn't need to on a quality bait like this right out of the box.  Disappointed before I even got it on the water.  Going to Mexico and thought this boy would do the job on some hogs.  Replacing hooks tonight with a grummble.  Especially the back feathered treble.  I guess on a scale of 1- 10 you hit it on the head.  The one.

From: Johnny: Tulsa, OK

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