One of the most exciting frog baits to hit the market, the Paycheck Baits Transporter Frog can do it all - walk-the-dog, pop, spit and everything in between.  This multi-functional frog bait features two front legs, which help give it more resistance on the retrieve, so you can work it longer in the strike zone, and its also balanced to lie perfectly flat in the water.  The line-tie runs right through the center of the frog’s mouth, similar to that of a Rico or other popper-style baits, which also provides you with the versatility to pop, chug or gurgle the bait as conditions dictate.  Designed to transport bass from the mat to the weigh-in, the Paycheck Baits Transporter Frog is available in multiple proven color combinations.

Paycheck Baits Length Weight
Transporter 2-5/8" 5/8oz

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought two.  One would sink after three cast but it caught fish.  The other frogs weight came out after one small bass and it wouldnt float or run right without it.  I will not buy another transporter. 

From: Jonathan: Dalton, GA

Comments: This frog gets ate better than any frog on the market. But with 65lb power pro, 7'6" frog rod, waiting until frog is gone, then rippin lips off and drag 10 to 15 four pound plus fish ten feet to come unbuttoned is not good. The belly weight then came off. Gets ate by big fish but no good if they don't come in the boat. I will stick with spro.

From: Tim: GA

Comments: I have the Rod Breaker color. This is frog attracked a lot of fish but my only problem is the hookup. I haven't had a success due to the hookups. I've bended the hook out a little bit and still keep losing fish. Still trying to pull one in with these. One day...just one day maybe.

From: Brian: CA

Comments: Officially my favorite frog out fishes all others, is very durable, and very versatile. Just wish they had a few more colors

Comments: This thing sank like the titanic. I don't know if I got a bad frog or what, but I threw it in the trash.

From: Jacob: IN

Comments: LOve this Frog!!! 3 for 3 on hookups so far I love the versatility of the frog. Well just see if it has the same problem as almost every other frog... durability.

Comments: I don't think its the best walking frog on the market but it does produce nice quality fish. Well worth the 10.49

From: Peter: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: I'm not surw if its only the lure that I got or all of them but after every second cast I would has to squeeze out all the water inside the frog.

From: Lee: Stockton, CA

Comments: Try this lure and it will become your "go to" frog bait.  Works as well in open water as in the slop, great hook-up, best walking frog on the market.

From: Kirk: Crossville, TN

Comments: all i can say is, ive caught my first frog fish off the transporter in "i dare you" color...awesome!

From: Zeng: Stockton, CA

Comments: I figured while I was in the amazon to try to catch a peacock bass on a frog so I tossed my transporter frog in their I was doing heavy pops and boom 23 pound peacock bass blew up on it it was nuts

From: Chris: Foxboro

Comments: This bait is the bomb, no doubt about it ,it crushes fish like no tomorrow, don't let anybody tell you different. fish love to eat it and hit it hard. better than live target, booyah   ,jackal,captain ken's clone series frog, and spro no question just buy it trust me i know what I'm talking about. it hooks every fish that takes it. spins 180s when it walks and spits water. don't listen to the people who say they want a non- popper version, thats what attracts the fish. awesome bait just mind blowing.spits water when it walks the dog. i have all the colors my favorite (broken arm/braid breaker) waiting for more colors.

From: Chris: MA, USA

Comments: I was not impressed with the Paycheck Transporter frog at all.  Seemed heavy and sluggish.  Gave a nice "chug" in the water but did not walk the dog as well as other popper style frogs.  I tie a loop knot when fishing hollow bodied frogs and the eyelet of the frog is not closed or welded.  It came off twice and the third time was while fighting a fish.  Worst $10 I've ever spent on a frog.

From: Chris: Indianapolis, IN

Comments: Just tested mine in the pool before Rayburn trip next week. It sank on second retrieve across the pool. Next two retrieves no sink. Now what..also you guys reviewing baits on these sites...the ones with an agenda..go away...many depend on these reviews for a decision and bias reviews take away from the integrity of the tw site!

From: David: TX

Comments: great frog, just waiting for non-popper version like the reaction innovations swamp donkey model.

From: JW: Merced, CA

Comments: After fishing for 30+ years I got into frog kayak fishing last year & bought Spros, Mad Maxx, Deps and Snagproof frogs to try them all out during my vacation at Moose Pond Maine.  The fishing was tough- they lowered the water level and it was really hot, so the fish were not hitting as hard as past.  The transporter frog was the only frog that the bass hit consistently and hard.  In my opinion the best frog lure yet

From: Stan: Guilford, CT

Comments: Walks the doggy better than any frog I have!  Wish they'd make a non popper version!

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: I have nothing but success with this bait. It is very easy to walk and the great thing about it is that you can almost keep it one spot to annoy those pressured bass.  It seems to give me a better hook up with the style of hook it has. Very sharp as well.  Well done guys!

From: Ricky: Gator Alley

Comments: This frog is exceptional. It walks very easily and can be slid across matts and/or popped to spit water if you want a stronger presence. I caught several solid fish on this with 100% hook up and the bait is holding up fine.

From: Shawn: San Jose

Comments: excellent frog and i will be buying more when mine go bad but they just dont want to, a very durable frog with a good hook up ratio.

From: Beaux: The Stix, LA

Comments: for the guy below me: after i read your review i picked one up anyways just to see if some of the talk was true. the one i picked up did not sink after 3 seconds. ive fished this frog for 2 weeks now and im vary pleased with it! it has caught me a dozen or so fish at my local frogging pond and has held up nicely! it has a nice hook and it is a vary versitle frog and i like that. you can fish this frog everyway posible on 1 cast! i havnt put enough time on it so say its better than the spro but it is always my starting frog before i walk out the door. another thing i like about it is that the hooks are pointing up so you dont have wait nearly as long to set the hook which is a bonus! As always its another great product from paychecks baits and i will be purchsing more in the near future!

From: Anthony: CA

Comments: Just recieved my rod breaker - took it out & tested in a bowl of water...... Sank after about 3 seconds. Called & TW said they'd had some defective ones that won't stay afloat, & refunded it for me. The weight in back is a stout peice of lead - perfect for making it ride low in the rear, which I like. However, I now wonder if a couple of holes will happen through fishing abuse & this thing becomes an expensive bottom bait..... Compared to say SPROs, which can take abuse trip after trip and sinking isn't gonna be a problem... Please let me know in your review, or email me, if my concerns aren't warranted & if this does pass the 'real world' test. I want a bunch of bass before my 10.50 sinks..................

From: Mark: Gardner, KS

Comments: excellent frog! great castability, walks with ease, and gets blowups! i think i might replace my bronzeyes with these things...

Comments: This frog must not be meant for open water applications because i received the 2 that i ordered today and both of them sank on the second cast walking them back to the boat. They are awesome frogs for mats or lily pads but didnt do well at all in open water. I am a fan of paycheck baits and i hope they fix the problem. either that or i just got a couple of bad ones out of the batch.

From: Ryan: Hartshorne, OK

Comments: WOW. I am very impressed with this hollow body frog. This frog's  innovative design features and components are what make it the absolutely BEST hollow body frog on the market today. This frog's design features sets the gold standard for all the other hollow body frogs out there. Hey, if you want the BEST floating top-water frog, this frog is it ,PERIOD. If you want a frog  that WORKS, that has all the right bass attracting/catching qualities (an unparalleled hookup ratio), this is it. YOU HAVE TO FISH THIS FROG. IT'S AMAZING. One last thing: I fish primarily in the northeastern US, and I have had best results fishing  the Rod Breaker color.  

From: Matt: Massachusetts

Comments: By far my favorite Frog bait.Casts Nicely and you can get some distant with this bait.My first outing with this one and a nice 5 pounder hit it.It spits and walks the dog easily. This has to be close to one of the better frogs on the market.Definitely picking up a few more of these bad boys.

From: Matt: Canton, MI

Comments: love this frog. i threw it the other day in a weed bed i had about 13 hits on it the only bad thing is the little sinker under the hooks on it on the back fell off im buying me another one though

From: Josh: Florence, AL

Comments: Best frog out there.  Durable, great hook ups and amazing action.  So much fun to fish it's scary.

From: Corey: NH

Comments: Another GREAT product from Paycheck Baits - who are actually hard-core fishermen themselves. Frog Freaks like Bub & myself just wanna dance when chuckin' The Transporter!  Crushed 'em on color "I Dare You" in Big Break in late October!  Super weedless, love the material, love the way it pops & walks and these hooks are SICK!  No question another tournament type bait from the boyz at Paycheck Baits!  They did their homework.

From: Jack: Rio Vista, CA

Comments: I got this frog in the braid breaker color and took it out to a small private stocked pond. the water temp was 42 degrees and I was able to get a number of bass to come up and take a look at it and some followed it.  I didn't get a bite on it yet but once the water warms I'm sure that won't be a problem ! Love the bait it walks spits and pops and if you give it a pull it trows more water than a wood chopper bait !

From: Debeaux: Myrtle Beach, SC

Comments: Best frog ever!!  i've thrown the spros the R2S's and a few others and this thing blew them out of the water!  walks spits, chugs, gets monster blow ups!

From: Chris: El Cajon

Comments: This frog is as advertised! I tried it tonight and it walks with ease. Varying the retrieve gave me the best results walk, pop, pause slam! 

From: Buzz: Pawleys Island, SC

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