The Pepper Custom Baits Fred's Roumbler features a unique long neck design, created by Bassmaster Elite pro, Fred Roumbanis. The combination of the bait's long neck and premium blade (available in gold, chrome, or black) provides a wobbling, vibrating action unlike any bait on the market. Available in a variety of proven patterns to suit the fishing conditions, each Pepper Custom Baits Fred's Roumbler is also equipped with a super sharp, premium Gamakatsu hook.

Optimum Double Diamond Swimmer

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Very unhappy with this bait. As other have mentioned this thing fouls more then not, when it doesn't foul it really has some great vibration, but this was a wasted purchase because you really can't use the bait. I threw it about 20 times this weekend, over half of the cases were useless because the blade fouled & will not work until you get it back in.

From: Ron: GA 3/6/16

Comments: As mentioned in other reviews, the blade fouls a bunch as other bladed jigs do that have the longer wire arm and are not attached directly to the head. I have learned though that the fouling can be corrected 90% of the time if you pay attention to how you cast. If you simply whip and sling the bait, it will spin through the air and most likely foul.  If you make a smooth cast it will fly like a bullet and won't foul. I have put many fish in the boat with this lure and will purchase more. The fouling helps if you have a heavier trailer like a swim bait.

From: Glen: Frederick, MD 6/22/15

Comments: My experience with this bait is much the same as the others. 7 out of 10 casts are ruined by poor design. I've changed line size, retrieval speed, etc. Super disappointed.

From: Micah: Dallas, TX 3/2/15

Comments: Good chatterbait. Fouls a LOT though. Caught numerous fish on. It does'nt foul as much when you use braid or mono.

From: Devin: Allen, TX

Comments: this bait looks really nice and is made the way it looks.this bait does foul quite a bit but when it doesnt foul this thing really kicks.nice hook,nice skirt.

From: Danny: Fountain Valley, CA

Comments: you are stupid if you dont have one of these in your box abosulte favorite bladded jig! for people saying its not true it dont run right, thats weird cause ive used them for a couple months now never had  problem

From: Lewis

Comments: Don't waste your money on this bait. It looks good but the blade fouls way too much.

From: Kevin: Sapulpa, OK

Comments: I bought several & it's true - they foul way too often to be acceptable. Look nice & Pepper makes great baits. This one is not one I can keep throwing though...

From: Midwest Bass Guy: Gardner, KS

Comments: Try the D&M Version and you wont ever look back now that Tackle Warehouse carries it

From: Frank: Clearlake, CA

Comments: This bait sucks. 1/2 the casts results in the blade being fouled and bait not running correctly. No matter how hard you jerk it it stays fouled and will never recover. The Revenge version is much more reliable but TW no longer carries it and that is why I bought this one. Try a different brand.

From: Jason: Clayton, NC

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