Perfect Strike Alpha Jigs Naked Heads 3pk

Perfect Strike Alpha Jigs Naked Heads 3pk

Not your typical bass jigs, the Perfect Strike Lures Alpha Jig Naked Heads are the stripped down version of the Alpha Jig, allowing you to customize your own jig creation. Featuring Perfect Strike’s exclusive Cam Head technology, the Alpha Jigs come equipped with precisely placed Dual Appendage Weedguards and precisely shaped and angled heads. While other jigs with single weedguards cause the jig and hook point to lay down on their side when a bass bites down, often leading to missed hooksets, the Alpha Jig’s Cam Head technology (Dual Appendage Weedguard and angled head surface) actually cause the jig to rotate to the upright position and move forward as the hook is set, causing the hook to embed in the roof of the fish's mouth. The perfect hooking position. The perfect strike. Every time.

Every detail has been meticulously designed so that you have the best day possible on the water. Not only can the Alpha Jig fish through rocks, brush or vegetation, the CAM-Head design also makes the Alpha Jig a great swim jig. The CAM-head design causes the Alpha Jig to swim upright at any retrieve speed. Once you have fished the Perfect Strike Alpha Jig, you will never want to fish without one. The Perfect Strike Alpha Jig Naked Heads just changed the rules of jig fishing.

Cam-Head Design - Cammed surfaces give the Alpha Jig an iconic look and helps guide the jig to the upright position inside the fish's mouth and move forward as the hook is set for the perfect hooking position - the perfect strike.

Dual Appendage Weedguards - Weedguards on both sides protect the hook and make the Alpha Jig even more weedless and snag resistant than other jigs, so it glides through vegetation and brush without trouble. The Dual Appendage Weedguards also help set the hook in an upright position so the hook doesn't leave the fish's mouth.

Mustad UltraPoint Hook - Specially designed Mustad 4/0 heavy wire hook works with the CAM-Head design, allowing for the perfect strike every time.

Soft Bait Barb - The keeper barb holds your favorite soft plastic trailers securely in place.

Positive Skirt Collar - The positive skirt collar is designed to hold your favorite skirts securely in place.

Flat Eye - The flat eye hook helps to blend in with the front angle of the jig better so that it slides thought and across cover easier.

Check out a demonstration of the Perfect Strike Alpha Jig by clicking - Here.

And also learn more about the Cam Head technology and innovation that went into the Alpha Jig by clicking on the Video Link below the product image.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I am actually glad that a company came back out with this old jig design. The original had a gold wire hook  that stunk because the hook would bend easy. The double weed guard isn't a new idea but let me tell you it is by far the best one. Remember when you set the hook on a jig you are forcing that jig out of the bass's mouth. If you force the mouth open to much the jig gets ejected out. This is what happens when you have a blunt front or nose of a jig. That front angle of that head forces the hook to tilt up when it hits the bottom jaw of a bass. This helps the jig to have a high hook up ratio.

From: Chris: Yelm, WA

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