Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reel

Featuring an oversized arbor spool on a compact platform, the wide-spool design of the Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reel winds line in larger loops - reducing line memory. This helps mitigate many of the line management issues associated with spinning reels, while also allowing for more accurate presentations. Designed to handle braid, fluorocarbon and monofilament fishing lines, the large arbor design also facilitates line releasing more smoothly from the spool for longer casts. A Sure-Click Bail, solid aluminum Bail Wire and lightweight graphite Rotor also ensure easy functioning and reliability, and the reel's lightweight aluminum and graphite construction provides the strength of aluminum without the weight. A solid performer in freshwater or saltwater, the Pfleuger Arbor Spinning Reel also features a Sealed Carbon Drag System for consistent fish fighting power.

Additional Features:

  • Spare Aluminum Spool

  • Reel Specs
    Bearings: 7BB+1BB
    Line Cap: 4/170, 6/120, 8/100
    Braid Cap: 6/200, 8/160, 10/120
    Bearings: 7BB+1BB
    Line Cap: 8/195, 10/150, 12/125
    Braid Cap: 10/270, 15/250, 20/170

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    Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
    7430X Right/Left 4.3:1 8.5 7SS + 1RB 6/120, 8/100 In Stock: 3 $79.99
    7435X Right/Left 4.3:1 8.8 7SS + 1RB 6/185, 8/155 In Stock: 1 $79.99
    7440X Right/Left 4.3:1 11.2 7SS + 1RB 8/195, 10/150 In Stock: 3 $79.99

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    • Designed to mitigate many of the line management issues associated with spinning reels, the Pflueger Arbor features an over-sized arbor spool on a compact platform - winding line in larger loops and reducing ling memory.
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    Customer Reviews

    Comments: I Love the pflueger arbor spinning reel! I bought one in the 7430 size and it is spectacular. Despite its small size, this was my go to senko and tube reel, which included catching some big 5 lbers and a 4 lb smallie on it. They are not lying when they say the wide spool increases casting distance, because this reel throws light tackle a mile. Unfortunately, i used mine extremely heavy (every single day for 3 summers, spring, and fall) and was not good at taking care of reels at the time so it got destroyed. I have a pflueger trion, president, purist, the older medalist, and now a patriarch and I would give them all away to have my arbor back. Will be buying again soon.

    From: Mike: NJ 1/2/15

    Comments: I have subdued 4lb smallmouth and 10lb redfish with the 35 size. Excellent balance and durability. My line missing spool problems vanished when I switched to 15lb Ohero braid. It is very soft and never misses spool. Nanofil would not work. Has been a dependable light weight, compact reel.  Will buy another for creek excursions.

    From: Stephen: Zionville, IN 12/22/14

    Comments: The favorable reviews are well deserved. I own two Arbors. I've used one often for 3 years and one less often for 2 years with no problems or typical wear such as sticky drags or spool wobble. However, their extremely slow gear ratio isn't favorable with some lures and I recently lost a nice bass that was running at me and I couldn't catch up. Tough lesson to learn, as that was an important fish in a tournament situation. From now on, my spinning rods will always have my Shimanos or Lew's on them come tournament time.

    From: Mike: Aurora, IL 10/1/14

    Comments: I have LOTS of these reels, at least 8. Some here have complained about slack line issues with braid, this is a universal problem with these reels, it is not limited to braid, it will happen with mono as well. It's due to the fact that the arbor is narrow, thus physics demands that there is just less room for error. With a wider arbor this is not going to happen as often.There is no perfect universal reel. These are well made for the money, and as they come with spare spools one rig can be used for much wider variety for fishing styles saving space and money. You do need to remember to keep tension on your line, but aside from that issue, these are great bang for the buck reels. If these reels are what you want/need, I would not hesitate to purchase one.

    From: Lou: Middletown, OH 7/22/14

    Comments: Excellent Reels.  Have both sizes and they are my go to reels for about any freshwater fish.  10lb and 15lb Braid with Flouro Leaders. Cast a country mile and have pulled in Small Crappie to a 25lb Carp.  All with ease.

    From: Mark: Jersey City

    Comments: I have two of these reels and I love them. No issues at all. I would recommend them to anyone. Mine are spooled with 8# and 10# flouracarbon, works like a champ.

    From: Scott: Canton, GA

    Comments: These reels are amazing. There smooth and they cast really far. I own three of theses boys and would buy more. Getcha some!

    From: Eric: Forsyth, NC

    Comments: I'm having the same problem as Brian from NH. I bought 2 of these to put on 7'6" TFO Signature rods, one ML for finesse presentations, the other M for dragging tubes. If there is ANY slack at all, the braid will miss the spool entirely as I retrieve. This makes it impossible to bounce a tube, for example, on the retrieve. The cast well, but this is a serious problem for me.

    From: Brian: Nashville, TN

    Comments: Satisfied, nothing special, just a good reel.

    From: Victor: Quebec, Canada

    Comments: i own 2 of these reels and work great i have 15 and 12 lb p line on them, the only thing i had go bad was a screw in the spool was loose and fell out, but i think there good reels they cast great and can handle big fish caught many large pike and bass with these reels.

    From: Zack: Wisconsin, USA

    Comments: Bought 2 of these just for drop shotting. Based on the description it was designed to handle braided line. However the braided line will not always slide into the roller it will stay toward the center of the bail. Also found at times when slack is also put in the line the line may also go toward the center of the bail. This causes a BIG problem when setting the hook. It causes the bail to open. Must check the line position every time to ensure the line is set into the roller. Very disappointing.

    From: Brian: Manchester, NH 

    Comments:This is a great reel. I have the small 7430x, it has better bearings than whats used in BPS Extreme or JM wide spool reels. Smooth and good drag, I have Tatsu 6lb fluoro spooled on it, lays line down even on the spool unlike the super caster I have. Same performance as the super casters, long casts, no wind knots, twists or tangles. No need to feather line while casting. I like its light weight, perfect fit on my Lamaiglas D.S.special. Can't wait to see if a 11 bearing magnesium or carbon fiber model is in the works.

    From:Jerry: Tucson, AZ

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