The Patriarch is Pflueger's new top-of-the-line baitcast reel. Stylishly put together with its modern low-profile look, the Patriarch is packed with quality components. The lightweight one-piece aluminum frame is solid, without flex and coated with Titanium for added durability. The drag system has also been beefed up in the new models for added power.

The Patriarch comes standard with the Pflueger Ultimate Brake System, which provides dual system cast control. It combines six pin centrifugal brakes and magnetic cast controls for a wide range of casting precision. The centrifugal brakes are easy to access, and the externally adjustable magnetic brakes are great for fine-tuning the amount of braking power you need as you toss different weighted lures. This is a solid reel from Pflueger, especially with a price tag under $200.

-10 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings
-One-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing
-Titanium Line Guide
-Machined, ported and double anodized aluminum spool
-Smooth multi-disc, main gear applied Drag System with carbon fiber washers and audible star adjustment
-Titanium coated for a durable finish

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Reel Specs
Bearings: 10BB
Line Cap: 12/100 yds
Bearings: 10BB
Line Cap: 14/130 yds
Bearings: 10BB
Line Cap: 12/100 yds
Bearings: 10BB
Line Cap: 14/130 yds

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have purchased 2 of these reels. I dont understand some comments about distance. I can launch plugs forever. Maybe its the rod you are using? I will say, if the reel is full it will fly the lure. As you break off line, the distance will get less and less. So be aware. Love this reel. Smooth as butter. The drag system is great as well. I have already pulled in a 6 and 5 lbs bass, with these reels. Being able to fish futher from the banks really makes a difference.

From: D: Asheville NC

Comments: I own the Curado 200E7, Quantum Smoke 100 and Revo SX along with the Pflueger Patriarch. The Patriarch outperforms all of them. It's the best by far in terms of fit and finish and has plenty of strength (I use mine for frogging). As far as casting goes, the Patriarch will sling any size bait as far as you want it to go. I have a feeling much of the criticism of this reel comes from people configuring it incorrectly and that might come from anglers not setting the centrifugal brakes properly. Open the sidecover and flip two brakes outward (away from the spool) and make sure the two brakes are diagonal from each other. Flip the other four brakes inward (toward the inside of the spool). Set the magnetic brakes to "0" and let 'er rip!

From: Aaron: Bellingham, Washington

Comments: The reason they do not cast good is the line capacity.  These reels just do not hold enough line for casting lures a good distance.  To make the casting distance bearable you have to put so much line on your spool filling it up to where it almost comes over top of the spool.  The reel is made well though just needs to hold more line for better casting.

From: Johnny: Greensboro, NC

Comments: I have had this reel far over 2 years. It has never casted very good. I have set it from no pins engaged, 2 pins engaged,4 pins engaged, and ever other one engaged. Makes little difference in  casting. Also the pins do not stay engaged. After a few cast you have to reset them. I still use it now and then hoping I can get it to cast. It is junk as far as I am concerned. I will stick to my Abu Garcia reels.

From: Jack: Okeechobee Fl

Comments: I bought two of these a couple years ago when they went on sale here at Tackle Warehouse. Both are 7.1:1 in the left hand model. Of all the reels I've tried (and there's been a few) these are my "go to" reels. Both have been accidentally submerged and both came out of the water working just fine. I cleaned, dried and lubed them after, of course. I could list all the pros, but suffice to say the Patriarch is by far my favorite reel. Pflueger customer service is outstanding also. I lost a friction washer while cleaning one and they sent me a new one within a couple days. That's why I was shocked and saddened to find out that Pflueger no longer makes a left handed version. I was ready to buy and happily pay full price at Tackle Warehouse, when I saw they didn't offer a lefty. A call to Pflueger confirmed my fear. Now unable to find one anywhere else, I guess I'll be looking at a Shimano Chronarch. Come on Pflueger...that makes no sense.

From: Cory: Las Vegas, NV

Comments: I have been a devout customer of Pflueger now for several years and its safe to say that I will forever be faithful to them.  When one ways cost and value they need to go no further than these reels.  I own 9 of them and still have and use my Supremes.  I did have one worm gear go bad (Supreme) but that was quite simply because it was worn out.  These reels are some of the finest built.  Some of the strongest on the market.  With basic maintenance they will last forever.  They cast better than any other reel I have handled. If you are not achieving your desired distance learn how to set the reel up and you too will be casting farther than you ever thought.

From: Michael: NY

Comments: I purchased this reel almost exactly a year ago. Super smooth, casts great, and looks awesome.  I own a patriarch spinning reel and two trions.  I have had my trions for 10 years or so.  The reason I buy pflueger is reliability. They absolutely do not tear up. The only con I have for the patriarch casting reel is the brake system under the side cover sometimes slips out of position and will greatly reduce your casting distance. Doesnt happen often and easy to adjust. If your reading this, just buy it, you'll have it for years and it wont break!

From: Aaron: TN

Comments: ive had this reel for 5 years and its never casted good for me ive got 7 revos that will put this thing to shame but its got a good drag system so i use it for flipping caught a 7 and a 6 with ease but it doesnt cast very far or smooth ive even put it on 3 different poles and changed the line to see if that made a difference but it didnt but i like it for flipping though it gets the job done.

From: FL

Comments: I have to respond to Evan also. I've used these reels for 2+ years now and they are the best casting reels I've used yet. I've used casting reels since high school, and I am now 56. I've used Daiwa, Shimano, Abu Garcia, Quantum, Lew's,  and so far, these Patriarchs have out-performed all of them, with Lew's being a close second. And I fish at least 70% of the year, so I'm not out there 20 out of 365 days. My reels get a work out! I'm sure Evan must have gotten a bad reel, since, if enough are made and sold, there will be a few bad ones in the group. Evan - I'd give these a second look. They are great, and the only reel I've used that I would pay $200 for!

From: Bryan: Greensboro, NC

Comments: @ Evan - New York.  Sir, you are WRONG.  I have fished with my Patriarch exclusively all year, logging HUNDREDS of hours throwing big swimbaits, spinnerbaits, heavy jigs, etc.  This reel is the smoothest, most reliable, well designed reel I've ever used.  The braking system is perfect, the drag is amazing, and the reeling action is like butter. @ Evan - Provide some real feedback if you've had an issue, otherwise, take a hike, son.

From: John: Gilbert, AZ

Comments: Any anyone who says anything bad about this reel, Simply put....Does NOT know how to use a bait Caster, lol @ evan good way to put a target on back, Now go back to using your Rhino Push button Reel combo.

Comments: Junk, and anyone that says good things about pflueger probably only uses their reel ten or fifteen times a year.

From: Evan: New York

Comments: Just wanted to give an update on this real after my initial review. After two seasons of fishing, and roughly 1300 fish, this real is still as good as new. Yes 1300 fish is accurate as i actually mark each catch and weight in a book and enter them into a list when i get home from each day of fishing. Just something i started doing as a competition with a few buddies. Anyway the reel still casts flawlessly with virtually no backlashes. It has not developed any noise or grinding and is still as smooth as ever. I have cleaned and oiled it twice in this time frame using quantum hot sauce oil and grease which is another great product. I fish in the rain, cold, heat, any condition and the reel has handled it all. On one trip i caught 71 pike in one day in the pouring rain. My only regret is that i didnt buy more than one when they were on sale, because i should have grabbed 2 or 3. I have the 64WLP spooled with 40lb Suffix 832 and use it on a Powell Diesel Glass crankbait rod and its a perfect combo. If they ever go on sale again you better get them before i do haha.

From: Brandon: Moosomin, Sask, Canada

Comments: Pfluger always been in my heart, my first reel was a pflueger so.. Even if it made 36 years of it, I still love their product!! I'm not saying it's that the patriarch is the best reel cauz it's not but 4 sure it is an awesome reel for the money! Try one of them, you wont get enough! :)

From: Bobby: TX

Comments: Definately the most well built and smoothest casting reel i have ever owned. i own many reels much more expensive than this one. i have thrown two of these for about a year now and they both have stood up to my high demands in tournament fishing. i use the 7.1 for deep diving crankbaits and can thow it a mile all day with out backlashing. i use the 6.4 to throw medium diving crankbaits and it will really do the trick. i can throw the 1/2 oz version of most baits further with this reel than i can the 3/4 oz with any other reel.

From: Alex: Martin, TN

Comments: this reel is seriously overpriced, there not worth the money, i have 2 of them and i hardly use them because i had one break on me when i set the hook on a bass and it had to be sent off and fixed and it wasnt cheap and the levelwind in the other one is starting to stop on the right side causing the line to bunch up.

From: Jared: KY

Comments: Just purchased this real and took the advice of those here to spend some time dialing it in. After two hours of constant casting with lots of different baits in my pond I can say this is my best experience with a casting reel. My other casting reel is a BPS Johnny Morris signature series and this reel is much better; Smoother, more distance, so far only two minor backlashes in the early stages of dialing it in and a surprisingly smooth drag. The daul brakes and precise adjustments are very intuitive to use and fishing with it becomes automatic. All in I paid $155 at another place but this is a great reel for that price. I bought this because I love the two Patriarch spinning reels I own.

From: James: Bloomsburg, PA

Comments: Hands down the finest reel I've fished. Impeccably smooth casting and retrieving. I'm able to cast much lighter baits with this reel than any other I've fished. Plenty of muscle once you're hooked up. Looks good, feels great in your hand, durable finish, excellent drag system, super cast control system.

From: Scott: Sierra Vista, AZ

Comments: Got two of the wide spools on sale here before they sold out.  They come with 4/6 brakes set at the factory.  These reels are very smooth and easy to cast.  A word of warning...DO NOT OVERCAST!  These reels can sling a lure a long ways, but if you sling one really hard be ready with your thumb or you'll be digging out a bird's nest.  I have one with 12lb that I use for shallow/med cranks.  The other is loaded with 17lb Flouro for pitching and various other chores.  I'd happily swap all of my older Shimano Curados for these anyday.

From: Jim: Paris, TN

Comments: This real is nothing but great.  Open the side plate and turn on or off the amount of centrifugal brakes as you need first.  Then adjust the cast control knob for the weight of your lure.  Then adjust the magnetic brake for wind or fine tuning.  read the instructions several times and do what it says.  Practice with your thumb slightly on the spool/line for added control.  You must learn to use your thumb correctly, the adjustments are meant to help, your thumb is the critical part.  It's like any other sport where you have to teach your muscles to behave correctly, it takes practice.  With that said, this real is exceptional.  I'd trade all 17 of my other reals for 17 of this one.

From: Steve: Isanti, MN

Comments: I hear a lot of complaints about this reel not being able to cast far. All I have to say is open the side plate and turn off some of the centrifugal brakes. Straight from the factory all six centrifugal brakes are turned on. By far this is a nice silky smooth solid reel. Heck, upgrade the bearings for more performance. BTW I do not recommend this reel for saltwater use. It corrodes/rusts really easy. So if you do use it in saltwater clean it after ever outing.

From: Bay Area, CA

Comments: I commented Below about 1 year ago, (update) i now own 6 Patriarchs, 1 left hand,  I hear people saying "They Backlash" "They don't cast that far".... All i have to say is Learn to Dial in your reel, and Thumb it properly, and you wont have any problems, This reel is great for someone who likes a sensitive tension control reel, ONE audible click forward or backwards on the CAST CONTROL KNOB makes a BIG difference, Ive tested this. That is why it makes a Clicking sound, Its telling you its engaging the spool more or less. In addition, The magnetic brake on the side of the reel, Is like all others, and it Must be dialed in properly. This reel DOES Cast a country mile, if it didn't i wouldn't own 6 of them. My first one was the  (7:1:1 wide spool) had it now for 3 years, and its like new, no scratches, no fading, oil/grease every winter like you should and they will last a life time.

From: Brian: Aurora, IL

Comments: I used this reel one day and returned it because no matter how I adjusted each of the settings it would backlash....I was expecting so much and was very let down...I stick with my curados now...

From: grant: Poughkeepsie, NY

Comments: Just got this reel about a week ago and put 4 solid days on it so far. I am in love with this reel. Casts amazing once i set the brakes, has tons of power, and is buttery smooth. So far i have only managed to backlash once and even then it was very minor. I have other Pflueger products such as a President spinning reel and it has been nearly flawless through years of abuse. I would not hesitate to buy more of these reels. This reel tackled about 25 7-8 lb pike this weekend and dozens of smaller 3-5 lbers without a sweat.

From: Brandon: Moosomin Sask, Canada

Comments: i had the same problem as robbie from FL..this damn reel would basklash almost every cast...took it back 4 days later...sad i was expecting better.

From: Big John: VA

Comments: wow this reel sucks i sent it back a week after i got it because you have to be super careful not to cast hard or the reel will backlash i tried adjusting the brakes and spool tension nothing helped..... maybe i got a bad one, but when i sent it back i got a Shimano Citica,casts just as far for only 89 bucks! shimano guy 4 life!

From: Robbie: Pensacola, FL

Comments: The Patriarch gets a lot of things right.  The drag is smooth, it casts very well, the finish is durable and is it's reasonably light.  I like the dual braking system and the swept handle, I will buy another. However, it does come with four centrifugal brake pins engaged (on) which would make you think it does not cast very far, change it to only two brakes on and it casts great.

From: Ken: Wash D.C., USA

Comments: I fish a lot!!! I fish both saltwater and freshwater. Because of the various applications of fishing I own my fair share of rods and reels. When I bass fish I use the both the Pflueger Patriarch casting and spinning reels and I use Abu Garcia's Revo STX casting reels.

When I fish lighter jigs and baits the Patriarch is hands down my favorite reel/s. The design of the spool allows the spool to unwind with less effort allowing the lighter baits to be cast with greater accuracy. They are smooth when casting, retrieving, and battling fish. They have a solid drag system. The magnetic and centrifugal braking system offer a very wide rage of braking options, which is more then adequate without having to step up in price to a digital braking system.
What I dislike, is that Pflueger does not offer their entire line up Patriarch casting reels in a left handed version, this is why I own the Abu Garcia Revo STXs. When I'm throwing crank baits, spinner baits, or swim baits I want a left handed reel so I can keep my thumb on the reel. I do not like changing hands with the rod and reel especially if I am casting into the wind. If Pflueger offered a left handed version of their Patriarch casting reel in their lower gear ratio model I probably would not own another manufacture.

This if for those who are consistanly getting "bird-nets" and can't get distance on a cast. All (and I mean all) casting reels need to be dialed in to your own personal casting style. The "bird-nests" come when you over cast on it's current brake settings. If you are not getting distance out of your bait caster you need to adjust the pins and dial on your reel. If you don't adjust both you will not be using your bait caster to it's fullest potential and that doesn't matter what manufactuer you use, period!!!

From: Theo: Sharptown, MD

Comments: I got the 64LP on special for $149.99 US ($379AUD in Aust), this is an awesome little reel and new favourite, which I use for Australian bass and barra. Super smooth drag and enough stick to muscle fish from the timber work. It cast like a rocket when you spend a bit of time tweaking the centrifugal and magnetic brakes and the spool control knob.  I have mine on a Plueger Trion 6Õ6Ó 1-3kg rod with 15lb powerpro braid for casting 1/4oz to 1/2oz spinner baits, blades etc. I also own 2 Shimano Curados, Daiwa Viento, Daiwa Millionaire 253A CVZ an a Okuma Nemesis

From: Earl: Gladstone, Qld, Australia

Comments: To the guy below me, im pretty sure that the centrifugal brake system comes with four out of the six brake  tabs  on, try putting them down to only two or one brakes and then adjust the magnetic brake. Hope that helps and good luck!

Comments: Love the feel, the looks and an extremely smooth reel, no matter how heavy the bait it won't cast that well. I own 20 different reels,
casts much shorter than any.

From: Randy: Beaumont, TX

Comments: As a long time Pflueger user, I have not been pleased with the casting distance of the Patriarch.  The reel is very smooth, light and comfortable to use.  I will purchase the President next time.

From: Charles: Winter Haven, FL

Comments: Buy this reel period. It is as good as any reel on the market. I used to have chronarchs and tried one of these due to price and was blown away. I own 5 of these reels now and love them. Also they have held up for 2 years of constant bass fishing. They truelly have made me a fan. Awesome reel.

From: Aaron: Somerset, KY

Comments:Bought the Trion and was very pleased, smooth drag and excellent casting. It's like a piece of junk compared to the Patriarch. High speed, reliable, in a week's casting, I backlashed once casting into the wind. Have caught muskies, largemouth, and crappies with it and it has performed miraculously.

From:Tim: Wilmington, IL

Comments:GREAT REEL! Worth the Money. I have 3 of these baitcaster reels, 7:1:1 for my Jig's, and 2 6:4:1 one with the wide spool design, and the other is the standard size spool, each are seated on st. croix mojo bass rods. Easy access to the 6 pin brake system, smooth casting, The star drag on these reels is amazing. IT DEAD LOCKS and HAS NEVER SLIPPED when setting the Hook on 4+ lb bass on my jig rod, Very much like a REVO from Abu Garcia, That drag does not slip, am going to buy another one soon, and put it on another bass mojo rod, for crankbaits.

From:Brian: Aurora, IL

Comments: I bought this reel last year and was kinda worried about the price, but man this thing is smooth as can be. It is worth every penny, very good buy.

From:Kenneth: Chetek, WI

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