Offering ultra lightweight performance thanks to its magnesium body, rotor and sideplate, the Pflueger Patriarch still dishes out plenty of power with its 5.2:1 gear ratio and solid titanium main shaft. Nine stainless steel ball bearings with XCR corrosion resistant bearings in key locations also provides fluid casts and retrieves, and an instant anti-reverse bearing ensures rock solid hooksets with zero backplay. A sealed carbon drag system dishes out serious fish fighting power and stays smooth throughout its range, and a lightweight carbon handle with a durable EVA knob delivers excellent winding power. Pflueger has been designing and engineering quality reels since 1881, and the tradition continues with the Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel.

Additional Features:

-Anti-twist Titanium-coated Line Roller
-Spring Loaded Line Clip
-On/off Anti-Reverse
-Aluminum Spare Spool
-Neoprene Protective Bag
Tackle Tour Best Value Award  
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W2f Review
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  • Designed to mitigate many of the line management issues associated with spinning reels, the Pflueger Arbor features an over-sized arbor spool on a compact platform - winding line in larger loops and reducing ling memory.
  • Delivering super smooth performance thanks to its advanced XCR ball bearings, the Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel is also incredibly lightweight and powerful.

  • Delivering lightweight performance you have to feel to believe, the Pflueger Patriarch XT Spinning Reel is the top-of-the-line reel in Pflueger’s quality lineup of spinning reels.

  • Updated and re-engineered, the Pflueger President Spinning Reel delivers enhanced performance and components combined with Pflueger's long lasting durability and smooth functioning.

  • New

    Delivering lightweight performance and reliability worthy of the Pflueger name, the Pflueger President XT Spinning Reel still comes in at a very appetizing price.

  • Delivering pure Pflueger performance and rugged reliability - all for a reasonable price, the Pflueger Purist Spinning Reel is a winning choice for all your light line and finesse presentations.

  • Featuring a lightweight Magnesium frame and rotor that are approved for use in saltwater, the Pflueger Supreme Spinning Reel is one of the lightest reels in its class.

  • Offering performance and features well beyond its price range, the Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel features a lightweight Magnesium frame and rotor that can even stand up to saltwater.

  • Delivering proven spinning reel performance at a price that is hard to beat, the Pflueger Trion Spinning Reel has all the features a beginning angler or a seasoned angler on a budget needs.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Had the supreme XT for years & loved it, finally decided to buy another pflueger & went with the patriarch, first impression was it wasn't much smoother than the supreme, but much lighter. Shimano Ci4 is much smoother but I chose the pflueger over another shimano for two reasons; the drag is on point, and more importantly the bail! I hate the small flimsy bail on the shimanos, pfluegers have a nice heavy gauge bail that flips with a satisfying 'click'!

From: Jacob: MI 3/25/16

Comments: If you want to cast a mini spinnerbait or anything that puts tension on line bringing it in, expect gear vibration/mesh problems you can feel. Fortunately TW was nice and I could return it but I hope by now they fixed this otherwise nice reel.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA 4/9/15

Comments: Bought one of these for the wife, great reel. Line management is as good as my Shimanos. I hope they don't ruin the looks of this like they have the Supreme XT by going to the hidious Halloween black and orange. I have something like 3 of the older blue XT's but if I need to replace any of them I'll be buying a Shimano, black and orange are not my colors, and Shimano reels are solid.

From: Lou: Cincinnati, OH 8/16/14

Comments: Best bang for your buck hands down this reel has landed me over 100 steelhead and over 50 salmon over 12 lbs. Including one chinook topping 40lbs. I've yet to have any problems. Drag is still smooth as butter. Pflueger for life.

From: Kyle: Kelso, WA 3/17/14

Comments: Pros: Amazing drag, super light. Cons: Tighten screws out of box, take crome colored plastic off back and just throw it away when you get it because it will fall off eventually. Overall: Functually great but cosmetically flawed

From: Nick: Camdenton, MO 3/14/14

Comments: I have just bought this reel on 9525 size and it is super duper light reel!and it is perfect for ultralight set and it is absolutely my favorite reel for now.

From: Terry: USA

Comments: I have bought two of these reels and are great out the box. However, after extended use either the handle comes off and/or the finger grib on the handle breaks. Bought one and when this happened I figured it was a lemon but after the second one did this recently I am quite upset and sending it off to the company to fix. I will never purchase on of these again and stick to stradics.

From: John: New Orleans, LA

Comments: absolutely my favorite reel.  just be careful changing out spools and wile cleaning the reel because the main-shaft bearing and all the washers and sleeve are not secured on the main-shaft at all.  they will fall/slide off and sometimes the bearing and some washers will actually stay in the main spool so when u put the spare spool on, your reel will be missing a main-shaft bearing and or washers etc.   called pflueger to tell them my bearing was lost and they had one at my door in two days for free!!  super customer service.  in no way would this strange lack of secured main-shaft componentry sway me from buying another patriarch spinning reel. this thing is awesome.  from the moment i felt it in the store i knew it was a winner.

From: John: NY

Comments: Simply amazing. I have had this reel for exactly a year.  No problems at all.  Super duper light.  When I started fishing I bought two pflueger trions.  I've had them for years and have never had a problem. Thats why I bought the patriarch, they are the most reliable reels I have ever fished. I dont feel that you can buy a better spinning reel than the patriarch.

From: Aaron: TN

Comments: As good as the Stella or Steez at 1/3 the price.  Oh yeah and it's lighter then both also.

From: John: Belmar, NJ

Comments: I've had this reel out fishing 5 times now. I use the 4771 on a light action old Clarus rod. Great reel sofar. I do have a complaint about the metal spare spool. It has a significant sharp edge on top part from molding process i guess. I shouldn't have to file it down messing up the black paint on it.  Great reel with other 'main' spool. I think for 200 bucks this flaw should be fixed.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments:  Awesome reel to say the least, though the bail seems to have too much play in it even though the screws are tight. While I was testing one in the store, the bail spring sprung! May have been a lemon out of the batch because the one I bought has worked flawlessly for me. I spooled it with 6lb powerpro and put it on a 7' tica libra (medium) and can cast gulp with ease. Other than the loose bail, I have no complaints. Great reel for the money.

From: Mike: Wilmington, NC

Comments: Once in a long while a super spinning reel comes on the market like the Stradic FH or the C14 Shimano for the dollar.  I have nine Stradics and two C14s.  I purchased two Pfleuger Patriarchs after Tackle Tours test reviews.   I wanted one on cosmetics alone, but only purchased two after the raving reviews.   I was blown away with the silken smoothness and all day fishing like a whisper in my hand.   After a year I can safely say....... BEST BANG FOR BUCK.  They will compare to much more pricey reels.  I know I have two Steeze.

From: Bill: Fayetteville, TN

Comments: Brake sensitivity adjustability could be better, very light and good handling, similair to shimano stradic

From: Andy: Switzerland

Comments: i recently bought 3 of these for a gret deal of $314.00 i couldnt be happier. i couldnt even feel the reel in my hand. there so light. GET THEM!!

From: Todd: Millbury, Mass

Comments: Have a 9525 spooled with 4lb PLine Fluoro Clear.  Love this little reel.  Its super light and smooth.  The sure clock bail completely blows away my Shimano reels.  Cant recommend this enough, I'll be slowly switching over to this reel for most of my spinning needs.

From: Ryan: Central Washington

Comments: Supper Light... 1204771, couldnt be more pleased.

From: Tim: CA Delta

Comments: best spining reel ever!! smooth good drag system,ways nothing and looks super sick!! great reel :)

From: MSB: Canada

Comments: Awesome reel! Feels like a feather in my hands and the drag system is flawless!

From: Jr.: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: I had the $530 Daiwa Steez spinning reel before I purchased this one. After I felt this reel, I sold my Steez spinning reel because Daiwa continues to INCREASE their prices every year. I purchased two of these reels which are as smooth and light as the Steez and had over $100 to buy more tackle. I highly recommend this reel. It is quality.

From: Markell: Asheville, NC

Comments: Love this reel.  I bought the Revo Premier spinning before this one, but this one just feels better.  The anti-reverse switch is a little bigger on this reel and easier to find for when you need to backreel.  It's too small on many other brands of reels.  This Patriarch has less gear noise too.  It's really light and feels solid.  I would not buy another Revo Premier since I can get this reel for $50 less.

From: Hale: Tennessee, USA

Comments: I bought an oversize 35 series to combat line memory like the pros suggest.  My combo is with a BPS 6'9" MH Johnny Morris rod and it feels like a ultralight set up.  Not one knot yet this season.  I have been a Shimano man for years, now I am converted.

From: Eric: Lowell, IN

Comments: Bought 1 of these 2 months ago, retired my Quantum Energy PTi 20, this has Quantum beat, light weight, smooth bearings, good drag, awesome reel. You get what you pay for, can't compare it to Shimano's CI4 don't have one , sure its in the same performance, same price, i'm not a fan of Shimanos. I have this setup on my Lamiglass 702x rod dropshot, big difference is the weight, sometimes i can't tell if i'm reeling line in, its so smooth theres no feed back from bearings and drive train, no grinding or noise, you have to look down to see if you are still turning the handle. This one Pflueger made right, Quantum has some catching up to do.

From: Jerry: Tucson, AZ

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