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Pflueger President Spinning Reel - $59.95

The Pflueger President Spinning Reel has been updated and re-engineered to provide enhanced performance and components with the same long-lasting durability and functioning Pflueger reels have always been known for. Offering improved styling, the reel's graphite body provides a sturdy base of operations, while remaining lightweight, and nine stainless steel ball bearings furnish consistently fluid casts and retrieves.

Extremely corrosion-resistant, the President also features a durable, stainless steel main shaft and stainless steel components. The anodized aluminum spool includes a distinctive hole pattern, which in addition to improving aesthetics also helps reduce weight. The spool lip is titanium-coated for added durability and line protection, and a larger diameter titanium-coated line roller helps further improve casting and line management. The front drag system with stainless steel and oiled felt washers also puts the pressure on fish, and stays smooth throughout its range. New and improved, the Pflueger President Spinning Reel is also ready and able to handle today's braided lines.

Additional Features:

-Instant Anti-Reverse One-Way Clutch Bearing
-Sure-Click Bail
-Backed by Pflueger's Limited One Year Warranty

Updated and re-engineered, the Pflueger President Spinning Reel delivers enhanced performance and components combined with Pflueger's long lasting durability and smooth functioning.

Comments: best reel in the price range, using the middleweight for a bass, striper reel. caught a lot of bass already and lost what would have been my pb due to my error, let the fish jump. outstanding reel for all presentations.

From: Stan: USA 7/10/14

Comments: Completely outstanding reel for the money! I'm telling you don't be fooled by the price. Its just as well as 100 dollar reels. Pflueger makes the best spinning reels available drag is superb and very smooth reeling... with 10 stainless steel ball bearings and titanium bail wire you cant beat it for this price!

From: Nick: NY

Comments: best reel for the money. super smooth reel and super smooth drag!

From: Dylan

Comments: As said numerous times, best reel for the money - hands down ! I own 3 of these and its hard to even consider paying more for more expensive one. Love these reels. Never any issues.

From: Mike: Cumming, GA USA

Comments: Best "cheap" spinning reel on the market, and it's not even debatable.

From: Basswipe: meatwads pond on a budget

Comments: There's a small gap between the bail wire and the tapered teardrop shaped piece it attaches to that braided line gets caught on. My older presidents didn't have this problem. Time to start looking for another brand of spinning reels again.

From: Nick: USA

Comments: My President 30 arrived  yesterday.Quite impressed so far .Used the reel today ,drag seemed real smooth.I have mine on a Wright and McGill 7ft medium light pole...Be on the lake tomorrow to test in a variety of situations.

From: Matt: Armonk,ny

Comments: Its a great reel, one of the most smoothest reels ever!!! I love it.

From: Grant: Lebanon,PA,USA

Comments: not bad for a 60 dollar reel traded my quantum smoke pt15 in for one of these 25 series and the only thing its not on par with is the weight and drag. but it aint no 160 dollar reel so im not complaining. paired it with a 6,9 medium light pole for drop shot outfit.

From: Bigsby: chengmai, thailand

Comments: Awesome spinning reel! I needed to order a second one because I found myself wanting to throw everything with it! For $60.00 this is an unbeleivable buy, it has quality components that will not let you down. I've had mine for two seasons and have fished a total of 226 days with mine, landing nearly 1,000 bass and everything to 15lb salmon this reel is great! You can throw anything from weightless wacky rigs to giant swimbaits. Whatever your need - this reel will perform. Look no more.

From: Cobi: MI

Comments: Great year you have to mess with the anti reverse but its not a problem!!

From: Joey: AZ

Comments: Great reel, bought one from Tackle Warehouse, great price, high quality. My guide fishing in Florida used this reel, caught 31 bass in 4 hour trip. Excellent reel.

From: Norman: Killeen, Tx US

Comments: I own several of these and have used them for years and they fish great. The drags are smooth and very reliable. Like many fishermen I have spent thousands on higher end fishing gear and in most cases you get what you pay for. Having said that for $60 you would be hard pressed to find a better spinning reel. The president fishes just as nice as a $200 reel without breaking the bank.         

From:  Richard: Frederick, MD

Comments: I have had mine for 6 years and it feels like it just came out of the box.  I have landed plenty on pike and bass on this reel and it just keeps on ticking.  Very smooth drag and has been put to work with no problems.  It's been dunked more then a dozen times in a sandy river and still gives me the confidence I need. 

From: Devin: Estes Park, CO

Comments: Buy this reel! I have the other higher end Pflueger reels and this one performs just as well. The drags great. Deffiently dont over look the price this should be at least a $100 reel. Dont use in saltwater. I used one of these reels in satlwater and it ruined it.

From: Tyler: Timonium, MD

Comments: After going through 2 high priced Shimano's in a year and a Falcon Volt I went back to my Pflueger Presdident's. I'm through with Shimano reels. Pflueger spinning reels and Lew's baitcast reels are my choice of weapons for bass fishing.

From: Larry: Bella Vista, AR

Comments: Beware! Pflueger must have terrible quality control. I bought the 30 size and was suprised at the performance. I then bought the 25 and it was like reeling gravel after just a few trips. I have seen this in the entire lineup from this company since the were purchased by pure fishing. imo anything produced by pure fishing is pure junk!

From: Rick: OH

Comments: I originally bought this reel for my 6 year old little brother because he wanted to go fishing and i didnt want him to have to use my high end gear. but when i took it out of the box it was so smooth and decided to try it on our trip. it works just as well as my shimano stradic ci4. and for only 60 dollars. every bass fisherman needs one of these on there boats for dropshotting. i love this reel.

From: Bryce, CA

Comments: I bought my first Pflueger reel about 5 years ago and it was a President. It is still my go too when I use spinning gear, even over my far more expensive Shimanos. It is still super smooth and free after all this time, and abuse. I use it for Northern pike mostly and the drag is great. It has landed me a 5lb Smallmouth, a 12lb Walleye and 2 pike that weighed 19 and 20 lbs. I think this reel is the best value in its price range and honestly, probably as good on better than anything costing twice as much. Don't let the price fool you, this real is a beautiful beast, looks great and fishes even better.

From: Brandon: Moosomin, Sask, Canada

Comments: Purchased the President model 6935 reel for bass & pike fishing.  Will purchase the 6940 model for salmon, steelhead & large pike.  This reel is smooth & value priced but I hate the way reel manufacturers reduce weight by thinning & narrowing the reel stems! This can compromise strength & durability!!!! More & smaller holes (perforations) on the spool skirt should be used, as larger holes leave the reel vulnerable to water & debris.  Plenty of line capacity for this reel size & the 6940 model. 

From: Master Angler: Ontario, Canada

Comments: apr.20/2012  Just came back with my new reel...THE PRESIDENT!!!  It wasn't hard to pick out this reel from the display case as estitically it jumps out at you even with all the other major name brands.  When I was able to test the reel at the counter I was SOLD!  Well balanced, smooth and just felt right in my hands!  Ring it up I said.  Gonna field test it out tomorrow...can't wait!  Watch out Northern Pike! here comes Pflueger and Doug to set ya straight!!!! I will let all my buddies know about my first Pflueger Reel.

From: Doug: Northern Ontario, Canada

Comments: I received a president 6930 as a birthday present, and WOW this reel is amazing!  I have two Shimano Saros reels that I've been using for a while and they are also very nice reels, but I would gladly trade them both for two more of these.  The President is just SO smooth, and for $60 bucks you can't beat it!  I will be buying more, and I would highly recommend them for anyone else looking to get the best bang for your buck.

From: Keegan: Iowa


From: Herb: Millboro, VA

Comments: The Pflueger President is the best value of any spinning real available. I have fished shimano stradics and symetre, bps Johnny Morris signature series as well as several quantum reels. The president performs just as well as any of those, actually better than most, and costs half to 1/3 the price. Drag system is basic felt and steel but performs just as well as some carbon systems I've used. Don't get sucked in by brand or name, save your money and get a president, it's light, dependable, casts well and never fails.

From: Tony: CT

Comments: The older models were a excellent value for the money.  With this new model improvements to the handle, bail wire, and drag make the President even better.  In my opinion, this new President model and the Pflueger Medalist are now identical.  Seems Pflueger has dropped the Medalist and incorporated the best of both worlds into the new President.

From: John: Columbia, MD

Comments: i dont use much spinning dear but this thing is awesome and cant get a better reels for even A$100 in my opinion, im really glad they changed the grips on these also.

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Pflueger President Spinning Reel

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
1236650 Right/Left 5.2:1 7.2 9SS + 1RB 4/110, 6/90 $59.95 3+
1236652 Right/Left 5.2:1 8.3 9SS + 1RB 6/145, 8/130 $59.95 3+
1236654 Right/Left 5.2:1 9.9 9SS + 1RB 6/230, 8/185 $59.95 3+
1236656 Right/Left 5.2:1 10.9 9SS + 1RB 8/285, 10/230 $59.95 3+

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