Extremely lightweight, thanks to its magnesium construction, the Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel is perfect for a wide range of applications, especially light line and finesse fishing. Magnesium, while known for its lightweight, is also an extremely strong metal that can easily withstand heavy torquing. This strength ensures the magnesium body and rotor, paired with the aluminum sideplates, keep all inner components in line and working smoothly. Equipped with 9 stainless steel ball bearings that are corrosion resistant in key locations, the Supreme XT maintains consistently smooth casts and retrieves. The advanced sealed drag system also boasts heat resistant carbon fiber washers with a wide range of tension adjustability.

In addition, the Supreme XT's Sure-Click bail provides an audible signal when the bail is open and ready to cast and with its large solid aluminum bail wire and the anti-twist titanium line roller, forms an excellent line management system - greatly reducing the likelihood of line twists and tangles. Pflueger reels have always been trusted for their durability and performance and the Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel carries on the tradition.

Additional Features:

-One-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing
-Double anodized machined aluminum spool with holes
-Aluminum side plate
-Lightweight carbon handle
-Durable EVA knobs
-Spare Aluminum Spool
-On/OFF anti-reverse
-Neoprene Reel Bag

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Had the 35 size on my shakyhead rod and loved it until I set the hook on a 2 pound smallmouth and the it made the worst grinding noise I've ever heard. Couldn't even reel after that and had to handline the fish in. Traded it in for another one, same thing happened later in the year. It's a shame because I loved how it felt and looked, but I can't see myself buying another because I'd do nothing but worry about if the next hookset is going to strip the gears.

From: Clayton: Gardner, KS

Comments: awesome reel has handled huge steelhead like a champ and some brute smallmouth for two years now

From: Dan: NW IN

Comments: I own two of the supreme xt reels. One is two years old, the other is one. I haven't had any problems or complaints! These reels feel solid, not flimsy and plastic like a lot of other reels. Drag is awesome and bail is strong. I love catching pigs with these! I will be getting my third this year to round out my spinning gear for tournaments. I have looked at all the reviews for ALL other reels, and feel you get your good and bad out of all makes and models. For me, I have alot of confidence in these, with no complaints or problems so far. If you are looking to spend or move up a notch, for a $150 reel, then these are worth it! I hope this was helpful, and thank you TW for the reviews on all your products. It allows us to get input from others who would rather fish than work!

From: Tony: Quarryville, PA

Comments: Had the 3000 size for a year or so. Really good drag, and the bail is more reliable than my high end Abus. Have had instances as mentioned below with ticking, cant quite figure it out but this does not effect performance. Overall I would say that this has been a great real.

From: Nate: Tri Cities

Comments: I bought this reel new and used it once. I hook setted a 2lbs smallmouth bass and the reel exploded internally it sounded like i had a bag or rocks in there. Returned it got another one. Ive been using it for a year now and have no complaints except the screws are tarnishing and the reel looks like its a few years old. They could have used better qualitly screws near the reel handle. Other than that it has the best drag ive ever used. Might want to check out some other reels first.

From: Tyler: Timonium, MD

Comments: Same exact thing happened for me Rick. Minimal load on retrieve and my Patriarch chunks 3 times per one turn of handle.  Also makes a noticeable gear 'vibration' you can feel.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: I purchased two of these reels, while they are light and smooth I have reservations on any and all Pflueger reels. On every occasion when the reel was under a minimal load I had an annoying ticking sound and felt a noticable bump in the drivetrain. I returned these to my local store and purchased the Patriarch, thinking surely thier top of the line reel wouldnt have this problem. I am sorry to say but it also exhibited the same characteristic as the Supreme XT. I will be sticking with Daiwa reels and purchasing yhem from tackle warehouse because it is like pulling teeth to get my local store to refund or exchange something.

From: Rick: Mansfield, OH

Comments: This is the first spinning reel I've spent over 100 dollars on and I will be adding more to my collection!  Extremely smooth, will cast a mile and excellent drag.  I have the 9235 paired with a Crucial drop shot rod and looking to purchase at least two more of these in the very near future.  I have had no issues with this reel at all and caught tons of bass on it.

From: Shane: SoCal, USA

Comments:  I purchased this reel 1 year ago an paired w/ a Dobyn's Champion extreme dropshot rod...All I can say is I feel like a "Pro", w/ this set-up, I've only lost one bertha so far(only because it was  early an I got anxious) other than that I have caught already more than 60 bass w/ the super rod combo an have got a piggy of 8lb on it no prob.... Purchase this Pig slayer, you won't be disappointed-

From: Louis: San Jose, CA

Comments: I've had this reel for about a year now, its pretty nice for the money. My only complaint is when you reel line on it, it doesn't lay evenly, where as most of the is sitting towards the lip of the spool. My Presidents never did this, but it seems like this does.

From: Mike: Waukesha, WI

Comments: I bought this reel about 1month ago and its the BEST spinning reel I've bought! I used to have the Shimano Ci4 but was not happy with it not smooth at all...Shimano should price this reel for under 50 bucks....this reel is all looks and so decided to buy the XT...Very happy i got this reel...light and super smooth...paired it with a G Loomis rod and its just the reel ever so shimano u all need to step it up cuz i just returned a shimano cumara rod also and got me a Dobyns rod!

From: John: Rockwall, TX

Comments: Fantastic reel...have caught snapper, bream, bonito and kingfish on this great little reel with 20lb sufix braid. Would not swap it for any reel in the world including Shimano Ci4 and Daiwa Certate...great value for money!!

From: Brent: Sydney, Australia

Comments: I used to only fish shimano reels but after i bought my first pfluger supreme i never got one again.... i have three supremes and just picked up this xt. my supremes are a couple years old now and are still really smooth and the drags are still great. best reel money can buy as far as im conerned.. i have even got my friends to buy a couple supremes gonna have to talk them into the xt's.

From: Nathan: Vancouver, WA

Comments: Absolutely amazing reel.  I picked this up a little over a month ago and have never been so impressed by a spinning reel.  drag is butter smooth.  extremely lightweight, but easily handles braid and bg fish. 

From: Hampton, VA

Comments: I just ordered one of these awesome reels cuz my shimano ci4 was not as smooth as I thought so I'm switching to this awesome piece of machinery! I used the supreme for 5 minutes and I decided I was making the switch with no doubt!  I will never buy a shimano spinning reel again...they are overrated!

From: John: Rockwall, TX

Comments: Bought this reel looking for somthing more comfortable than my Stradic Ci4. And I found it. Being remade from last years model, it is even lighter, and smoother. I love the braid ready spool, makes it easier to use braided line without having to put a mono backing on to prevent slippage. I have mine spooled with Suffix 832 30lb test. Buy this, you will never fish with any other spinning reel again, not even a shimano.

From: Mike: Waukesha, WI

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