Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel

One of the lightest reels in its class, the Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel delivers features and technology far beyond its price range. Featuring a lightweight Magnesium body and rotor that is still capable of saltwater fishing, it’s ten bearing system ensures your casts and retrieves stay as smooth as the day you bought it.

Its sealed carbon fiber drag system won’t heat up on long runs from big fish, and since its sealed it keeps the elements out for longer lasting performance. The Supreme XT's braid-ready spool also provides long distance casting capabilities, and its lightweight carbon fiber handle and EVA knob deliver solid winding leverage and all day comfort. Experience Pflueger’s earned its reputation for durability and value first hand with the Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel.

-Magnesium body and rotor
-Carbon inlay drag knob design
-Carbon fiber handle
-Eva handle knob
-Braid ready spool
-Sealed carbon fiber drag system
-Saltwater ready


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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
SUPXTSP25X Right/Left 5.2:1 6.3 9BB + 1RB 4/110, 6/90 In Stock: 3+ $149.99
SUPXTSP30X Right/Left 6.2:1 7.1 9BB + 1RB 6/145, 8/130 In Stock: 3+ $149.99
SUPXTSP35X Right/Left 6.2:1 8.0 9BB + 1RB 6/230, 8/185 In Stock: 3+ $149.99
SUPXTSP40X Right/Left 6.2:1 8.7 9BB + 1RB 8/285, 10/230 In Stock: 1 $149.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought this reel and a Penn Battle 2 at the same time. Brought it to my local sporting goods store to have line put on. The guys said they all fished the Penn but when they got to play with my Pflueger Supreme XT they were extremely impressed. Been using it for a month and it's as smooth as butter and lightweight. Couldn't be happier and you will not be disappointed. Well worth the money.

From: Mich921: Ft. Lauderdale, FL 8/24/16

Comments: This reel is a little pricey for what i usually spend but bought one around the holiday sale & have to say it's a great purchase & worth the money. I paired it with a Powell Max 3D & the combo feels half the weight of the rest of them.

From: Brent: MI 8/10/16

Comments: Amazing reel. a little bit pricy but its worth it. i've been using pflueger for years now and they make the best spinning reels.

From: Dan: NJ 12/23/14

Comments: very sexy reel. Very quiet, and smooth. Cause a decent size salmon and this reel preformed well. The drag is super smooth and isn't loud and annoying. I have one problem with mine and it's my own fault. I got a snag one day and I use 50# braid so I was tugging away trying pull this snag and now the housing on the reel is a little loose. Still a great reel I just gotta have it taken apart and adjusted. 

From: Nathaniel: Woodland State, CA 12/1/14

Comments: Pflueger is awesome. i use them for steelhead and honestly i cannot find another reel that can take the abuse i give my reels. i use this particular reel for smallies and have beat the hell out of it but it still runs like a dream smooth as ever. pflueger is way underrated!

From: Oliver: MI 9/26/14

Comments: For a Canadian, after exchange rate, shipping, taxes, this reel costs $225! Rather pricey. Spooled with 4lb Trilene XL mono, on a 7' ML Shimano Clarus, throwing 1/8 oz Rapala UL Minnows and mine lasted 10 days before seizing up! Whether it was the gears or the anti-reverse clutch, don't know, don't care, simply won't be buying another Pflueger! This one is on it's way back to Tackle Warehouse for a refund!

From: Troy: NS, Canada 7/1/14

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