Built on a rugged, one-piece aluminum frame, the Pflueger Trion Casting Reel is a solid performer at an excellent price. Pflueger's six ball bearing system allows all moving parts to glide smoothly, and an instant anti-reverse bearing ensures rock solid hooksets with zero backplay.  The machined, anodized aluminum spool is built extra strong, and is also drilled and ported to reduce weight and help you pitch or cast lighter lures with ease. The six-pin centrifugal brake system is easy to access through the side plate, offering total cast control for a variety of lures and conditions. A multi-disc main gear applied star drag system also provides smooth consistent fish fighting pressure, and a sturdy aluminum handle with soft-touch knobs delivers solid winding leverage. A great looking reel at a great price, the Pflueger Trion Casting Reel is packed with performance and features.

Additional Features:

Soft-Touch Thumb Bar Spool Release
Titanium Line Guide

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    A great looking reel at a great price, the Pflueger Trion Casting Reel is packed with performance and features perfect for a wide range of bass fishing applications.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I've had two of these reels. They are poor quality. I only fish fresh water and the finish started bubbling off less than two months after having them.  The handle cap broke in half and fell off.  The thumb bar on both reels malfunctioned and I had to get it repaired locally. The straw that broke the camels back was the gears would engage when my lure was mid flight on a cast.  Just not good at all.  I stepped away from Shimano and paid the price.  My box is full of Shimano again.

From: Roger: Lafayette, LA

Comments: Never again will I buy this reel. It was my first baitcasting reel so I went cheap and it served its purpose at $89; however, I've since went to all curados and will never cheap out again. A world o difference in casting, retrieving, power, etc.  I'd say start with the citica if you can't afford the curado.

From: KingNomP: Sacramento

Comments: great reel.  own the earlier model.  had it for about 2 years and it is still as smooth as the day i have bought it.  great reel for the money.  definately a great buy.  smooth long casting just an all around great reel.

From: Matt: TN, USA

Comments:   I am not sure what the previous poster was talking about when he said that this reel is heavy and poorly balanced. This thing is light (less than 8 oz.) and balances like a dream on every rod I have. It is really small and palmable. Once it is set, I never have to change the brakes. I simply adjust the tension knob and I'm good to go. Great reel for $100.

Comments: I own two of these reels and have caught three 10 pounders and one 11 pounder. I use them as my jig reels I also own two revo's and the Trion without a dought is my go to reel for big bass 5.4.1 is a winch

Comments: Just not a very good reel.  I hate opening it up to adjust the brake.  Too heavy, poorly balanced, I just don't like it and can't recommend it.  Buy an Abu Garcia Revo STX.  I know it costs more, but it is easily worth it.  There's a reason why half the pros are using Revos, and there is also a reason they are not using Trions.  Spend the extra for a product you will be satisfied with for years.  Buy this and you will be searching for a new reel next spring.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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