Pflueger has designed a very attractive reel loaded with high-tech features for a very reasonable price. The Trion GX-7 Spinning reel offers anglers six smooth stainless steel ball bearings for long life and smooth cranking and an instant anti-reverse clutch so there is very little play in the crank handle. The aluminum spool offers a titanium lip for added distance when casting and an anti-twist titanium line roller on the bail. The crank handle is machined from high quality aluminum for superior strength and features an attractive rosewood knob. The multi-disc front drag features stainless steel and oiled felt drag washers for smooth fish-fighting power and the Trion GX-7 comes complete with an aluminum spare spool. Pflueger has made the Trion GX-7 affordable by using lightweight graphite in the frame and rotor with attractive metal highlights for a package that's sure to please the budget conscious angler.

Reel Specs
Bearings: 6BB+1RB
Line Cap: 6/115 yds
Bearings: 6BB+1RB
Line Cap: 8/145 yds
Bearings: 6BB+1RB
Line Cap: 10/195 yds

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought this reel to use bass fishing but have kind of coverted it in to a ocean jiging rod. Caught a 13 pound blacktip shark with it using some 20 lb braid. It will handle any bass just fine.

From: Blake: Naples, FL

Comments: Great reel for this price range. Used 2 years bass fishing now with no issues.

From: Dave: Kennewick, WA

Comments: I have used many reels that are $80 or more, and except for the weight these reels are as good as them all. They are super smooth and cast extreemly well. Why spend more money than you have to.

From: Missoula, MT

Comments: Very nice reel i have used it for bass to bluefish and its still working fine. Is a bit noisy but i have had it for 4 years

From: Hunter: USA

Comments: What a fine reel!   I own and collected dozens over the years and will most certainly grab this little Jr. President often.   Combo'd this with the rod the President comes with finding a perfect bit heavier fishing duo than panfish and crappie.  Pfueger has got it going! This reel has the feel of my Mitchell Garcia 308.

From: Scott: Kansas City Area

Comments: This reel is a versatile reel for using any thing from a shakey head to a spinner bait. I put 8lb trilene XL smooth casting line. And with that line and a 6ft med action u can chunck FAR!! I have caught a 4-1/2lb largemouth on a tube and it handled the fish fine. So, pick up this reel and u won't regret it for forty dollars.

From: Connor: Arkansas

Comments: on the heavy side, but super smooth for the $. had mine for 4+ yrs and no problems. 4 stars

Comments: ok reel i have 2 smooth but the handle is lose and is hard to tighten caght 21 in trout on it no problem so for 40 bucks its ok

Comments: This is an amazing reel for the price! I beat the hell out of the two I have for the past 5 years and they keep on working. I've used them in saltwater as well and they  have held up VERY WELL as long as you give them a good rinse afterwards. Only negative to this reel is the drag isnt as smooth as I would like it. Overall you can't go wrong with this reel.

From: E: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: works fine for me good for the money i just use it for finesse fishing

From: Robbie: Pensacola, FL

Comments: This reel is great for under 50$ I mean its not the hotest spinning reel around but for the price its great. I have used this reel on snook and it has held up so give it a try!

From: John: Batesville, IN

Comments: This reel is unbelievable! I can't say enough about it. For the price it cannot be beat. I fish tournaments in the midwest and this is my go to real for small worms, dropshotting and shakey heads. I bought this reel 5 yrs. ago and it still works to perfection. My favorite part; the drag... I have brought bass up to 7lbs with 6 and 8lb test on this reel and it comes down to the excellent drag that allowed me to bring these big fish in. I've fished with many other spinning reels and Pflueger is what i'm sticking with. Shimano for Baitcasters.

From: Scott: Missouri, USA

Comments:The Trion GX-7 Is by far the best quality real for every day and pro fishing. I use it for ALL of my "finesse" and soft plastics. NO line twist! I have used one for the past 3 years and NOT one problem. I WILL buy another!!!(4735GX)

From:Ray: Tulsa, OK

Comments:I love it!!!! I've used top of the range Shimano & Mitchell reels before and never thought they could be topped. But along came this baby and it was love-at-first-cast, and hasn't left my kit since. At this very moment I'm oiling her up for the all-Ireland Pike Angling Championship next week.

From:Jimmy: Ireland

Comments:Awesome reel for the price. Super smooth and really nice looking.

From:Roby: USA

Comments:Awesome reel. I was surprised when I bought it and how smooth it was for so cheap. Smoothest spinning reel ever. I use it for trout but I landed a legal halibut on it with 2 pound test. BUY IT

From:Ryan: Mission Viejo, CA

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