Phenix Jigs are hand made in the U.S.A. with top quality razor sharp Mustad hooks and living rubber skirts along with a super hard drying chip resistant paint. Phenix then color coordinates the head with the skirt color and fiber weedguard in black or brown. These jigs have long been secret weapons of some of the west's best pros.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I don't know if I got an early batch or they read my review and modified them (doubt it, little self-centered), but whatever they did, these jigs rock. The hook size is now PERFECT! Just oufished a boat three deep at an undisclosed lake with these jigs and alternating between chiggers and yamamoto twin tails. Thanks Phenix. Love the Recons too! BEST JIG ON THE MARKET FOR WEST COAST BASS!

Comments: I dont know if they listened to me, or I just recieved and early batch with small hooks but now they're perfect. Perfect sizre,r azor shrap Gammy. Best jigs on the market for these socal lake, overthinker fish. Nothing else even clomes close. Leave all that Rattleback, gimiicky stuff at home dowm here , buy a hundred. The best!

Comments: Love the jig, classic west coast style arky with living rubber but the hook is way too small. Jigs catch big fish. Hook is almost too small even for a chigger craw. If the hook was proper the jig would be prefect!

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