Now delivering increased durability and strength thanks to newly updated blanks, stealth your way toward your prey with the enhanced, 2nd generation Phenix Bass Recon 2 Casting Rods. Featuring state-of-the-art Toray T-36 ton composite, carbon fiber woven blanks, combined with Phenix’s "secret sauce resin," the Phenix Bass Recon 2 Casting Rods offer exceptional performance even the most demanding tournament anglers can appreciate. Lightweight, and sensitive, yet incredibly strong, each rod is also uniformly balanced from tip to butt, and dialed in with the dynamic actions you need for range of bass fishing applications. Premium Silicone Carbide Guides also offer excellent durability and reduced friction, while premium Fuji blank-thru reel seats and durable EVA grips help further reduce weight. Stronger and stealthier than ever, the Phenix Bass Recon 2 Casting Rods are the next generation of tournament bass fishing rods.

Backed by Phenix's Limited Lifetime Warranty  

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have had 2 of the 7'6' MH and have broke both of them in less than a year. The most recent was a replacement for the first. Both split into 2 pieces right in the middle of the rod on hook sets. Once was during a tournament this past weekend. I run the lightest line possible my environment will allow on my setups. I have a pretty hard hook set, but have never broken a rod other than these. Love the feel and action of the rod, but don't care for the unreliability or having to pay the money to ship to and from Phenix.

From: Dustin: Nederland, Tx 1/16/17

Comments: I have had the 8' 2nd generation R2 for sometime now. Once you get use to the way Phenix blanks fish they are a lot of fun and tough as brick house. Put the 8' through it's  paces. Very very good sensitivity. My favorite  technique lately has been the rigging a 5/0 or 4/0 ewg with 10" Berkley power worms with a 1/4 tungsten weight. Super fun dragging through AZ reservoir weeds or popping it off the top of them. No issues setting the hook as the tip makes it near effortless to drive a hook in. Once a fish is on it isn't even fair. Handles 5lb plus fish too easily. The 8' does great with 6xds, bigger top waters as well. Handle is long enough for leverage on casting. Still trying different techniques but thus far I am super stoked on this rod. This rod has doubled as a good shore rod for Bay fishing in San Diego. This rod does a lot! Sensitive & strong! With bottom contact I stick with 40lb braid for weeds and bottom Co tact presentations. For reaction of course mono is the line of choice. Don't sleep on the 8' R2. I do fish megabass, dobyns & 13 fishing. As of now this is a must have when I go out on boat or yak and of course salt water trips.

From: Christian: AZ 8/21/16

Comments: I have the Md Lt rod & It has a great arc to it. These rods are great for jerkbaits, topwaters, and other reaction baits. Its sensitivity is not in question as I have no problem feeling bites when throwing weightless plastics. The feel of the rod's action & power is my favorite thus far for reaction baits which is why I prefer to use it for a reaction rod rather than a jig rod. I don't use mine for bottom fishing since I have my nrx rods for that. On top of that Phenix's warranty has not failed me yet. They have great customer service & they always look out for their customers.

From: Paulito: San Diego, CA 3/3/16

Comments: I received the 7'1 MH for Christmas. I literally LOVE everything this rod has to offer. I read all the negative reviews & if one of the eyelids does pop off, I'll pay whatever to get it fixed. I just ordered the 7'1 Heavy to replace my G. Loomis E6X. I'm planning on replacing my entire rod arsenal with all Phenix. This has been an incredible buy.

From: Chris: Hurst, TX 1/9/16

Comments: I spoke with a representative at Phenix in regards to all these bad reviews of the Recon Rods.  Apparently the Recon 1 is the version that is having all the breakage issues and that the Recon 2 has been fixed & upgraded.

From: Grant: Reno, NV 10/7/15

Comments: I purchased the recon 7"6' heavy and I was disappointed after a couple of months use. It's a nice blank but with low quality components, only has 2 doulbe footed guides on the rod, for a heavy action rod at 200$ I expect at least 3, I had one guide bend on me a number of times and the piece to twist down on the reel seat came off!

From: KVD: USA 7/25/15

Comments: I have a 7'1" Med/hvy Recon 2 casting rod.  I have fished this rod for about 5 months.  Using it mainly for jigging and casting lipless crankbaits.  The rod has performed well.  It is very light while still possessing plenty of backbone.  The tip is soft for a fast action rod but it aids in casting so 6 to one half a dozen to another on preference.  I did have an eye work lose of the wrap and epoxy the first day of use.  I was not to happy but with a little super glue and epoxy it was fixed.  I would buy this rod again but will probably give the M1 series a try next or Powell.

From: Eric: Houston, TX 3/6/14

Comments: The Phenix Recon and Recon2 are decent rods until they decide the malfunction and snap 5 guides down the blank. i have had this issue with both recon rods and will never buy them again, you shouldnt buy this rod either, stick with the m1 series. way more solid construction.

From: Steven: Dana Point, CA 

Comments: These are great looking rods; however, don't fooled. This series has major quality control issues. I ordered three rods and, when I received them, I found the following: The C715 is supposed to be rated at 3/8 - 1 1/2. When I receive the blank is stated 3/8 - 1/2oz. Also, after fishing the rod out for a couple of outings, the lock down nut ring completely fell off. This also happened to the C713 which was ordered at the same time. The third rod, which was a C766, had the second guide off center by a 1/8 of an inch. This is not good since they're a lot of rods in this price range that have better quality control.

From: Cal: NJ

Comments: Pros: rods are extremely light. Ultra sensitive and have an awesome design to them

Cons: Almost too thin if you have big hands. Eyes tend to separate from glue. Whatever glue they use on all of their rods, its horrible. Every phenix rod I have had the winding checks all immediately came off after a couple uses or even right out of the packaging.

And hopefully they fixed what was wrong in the recon 1 blanks. I sold all my Phenix rods and went with Okuma based mainly on customer service. When you spend 200+ dollars on a rod, you should be taken care of if it breaks from normal use. Im not going to pay 110+ dollars just to replace it.

From: CA

Comments: I picked up a couple of the gen2 Recon 764s about a month ago and have been very impressed. The build quality is excellent, SIC guides are great, especially for a rod in this price range. The sensitivity, and balance are both very good. I love the parabolic action of these rods, and the new hook keeper placement is much improved over the gen1s. Phenix does a great job with customer service as well, these rods are hard to beat for the money.

From: Cody: KY

Comments: Just picked up the 714 and 715, and i am very impressed with the craftsmanship of these rods. Very light, very comfortable and balance well with the reels i have attached. Quantum tour on the 714, and quantum smoke 150 on the 715. The tips on both are a little softer than i had expected, so i'm not sure if i'll be able to use them for what i had intended, but we'll see when they hit the water.

From: Dan: WV

Comments: I bought the C715 Heavy during the Spring sale.  Fished it this whole summer with a Core 51Mg7 and Scorpion 1001XT.  This rod is incredibly light - 3.67 oz for a Heavy action rod!  But... it's not as balanced as I would like, especially with the Core on it.  It feels a little better with the slightly heavier Scorpion.  Some things that I don't like about this rod is the placement of the hook keeper(on the blank by the handle butt), and the short trigger - it seems like I don't have as firm of a grip on the rod as I would like.  Other than that, this rod has been good and has landed me some quality 3 and 4 pounders.  For the money, it contends nicely vs. Crucials, Savvys, Avids and even the current GL2.  But it's not up to Cumara or Dobyns Champion level, mainly due to not being as nicely balanced.  Feels like a lighter, slightly less sensitive version of a Zillion, with a softer tip.

From: Pete: MN

Comments: Those rods are awesome! Very light, ultra sensitive and the carbon look just amazingly great! Paired up with an MGX and you got one super hot combo!

Comments: Had this rod for a few weeks now. Got the 7'1" and paired it up with a steez bait caster and i have to say it is a very very nice rod, it is light and casts great. Overall this rod just has a great feel to it. I really don't see myself having a single problem with this rod

From: Ross: MA

Comments: :just received my recon 714 mh. so far the rod is sick, attention to detail is awesome. useing it as swim jig rod let you know how it fishes soon.

From: John: Long Island, NY

Comments: OK Guys... Here is the reality.. I guarantee that most of the breakage issues that some are talking about are 100% operator error!!The others prob rod/line choice. (throwing 80lb braid on a light weight rod)  I know MANY guys that have these rods and have not had one issue with any aspect of these rods. I did have a tip break, but it was because of me, not the rod. When I called Phenix, they shipped out a replacement the same day, on them. Maybe you called them with an attitude. Remember, you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. Nobody wants to deal with a jerk and they don't have to.

From: Dennis: VA

Comments: So, at what point does a company stop selling a rod that is showing signs of major craftsmanship defects?? Thanks for the reviews, I would never Purchase this product...looks great, performs poorly.

From: Todd: Valley Forage, PA

Comments: this rod looks great but dont be fooled! The first weekend the end cap on the butt section fell off. Then while trying to land a six pounder the blank exploded into three different pieces. Its under warranty but I wouldn't waste another dime sending it in. Couldn't be more dissatisfied with a rod.

From: Mark: MT

Comments: Bought the 744MH and 715H.  Both are solid.  Attention to detail could be better on some of the rods.  My buddy bought one and had flex coat covering the eye.  For the price its worth it.  Would not pay more.

From: Jon: So Cal

Comments: I can't find anything on this rod that could be considered a cosmetic flaw. A real work of art. The tip has a bit more action than I'm used to for a fast action taper, but is not whippy by any measure. The grip is a bit thinner than I'm used to, but grows on me the more I handle it. Overall a fantastic value at this price point. They could really get away with charging more.

From: Ian: MN

Comments: Initially I really liked the look and feel of the two recons I had, then I fished them for the first time during spring break, snapped one within the first hour and the metal ring on the winding check came off and ratles non stop, I'm very dissapointed

From: Max: WI

Comments: Unbelievable rods for the cost. I got the 7'6"mh. took it to falcon for a week. Ive used Gloomis all my life. I have to say the phenix is lighter, and more sesitive. I used it as a carolina rig rod / light pitchin rod. after a week its no longer a virgin, I caught 95% of my fish on this rod. countless 6-8 lbs. it even held up to a 10 and a 12.25. I was able to horse them away from cover and get them to the boat. Gona get more for sure.

From: Jason: Tempe, AZ

Comments: I got mine out for the first time today...I like the way it casts and feels.  I have not boated any fish on it so I cannot speak to the rod breaking or not.  What I can ask is how does it make any bit of sense to put the hook holder near the second grip.  Every time I toss the lure out, the stupid hook holder pokes me in the hand.  I am planning on cutting mine off and grinding it smooth.  They need to really rethink that placement.

Comments: I have just now broke my second 7'6" recon on the hookset. Phenix took forever to get me a replacement on the first one and wanted me to pay a replacement fee. This was on the first day of using the Rod. I see that others have had the same problem I would suggest this rod to anyone. Phenix customer support is also poor in my opinion. I am sure its going to be a battle to get this second one replaced.

From: Jay: La Plata

Comments: By far the best rod for the money right now. Absolutely perfect. $300 rod for half the price. Easily will buy more.

From: Daniel: NC

Comments: top notch quality for a reasonable price. I was a lifetime loomis guy, but these recon rods are undeniable. I got the 796 and this thing will yank the jaws off of moby dick!!!!!

From: Dustin: Sugar Land, TX

Comments: Just received my first order (def. not my last!) of Phenix Rods and I can't say anything but WOW!! I got the Recon 714 and the 744 as well as the 7'9" Glass Cranking Stick. I'm using the 714 for Square Bills and the 744 for Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits and Topwater. They cast like no other rods I've ever felt other than Daiwa Steez rods and my Zombie 7'4". But those rods are $300-$400. My Phenix rods feel the same and are built with the same care for half the price!! UNREAL!!

From: Paul: Haymarket, VA

Comments: Just received my 744 today! WOW! Extremely light and well put together. Looks and feels like a $300 rod. I will be buying another one! Hats off to T.W. for there outstanding service!

From: jlbuckeye: Columbus, Ohio

Comments: Bought a 713, 744, and 715 after getting a 723 spinning on black friday. Never been more impressed with a rod!

From: Robby: Sacramento, CA

Comments: Got the 723M on Black Friday from TW, WOW!!! Been using it ever since for drop shotting, flick shakes, and shakey heads. Awesome rod. Best value for the under $200 rod market. Compares favorably to more expensive offerings. Sensitive, Balanced and LIGHT!

From: Robby: Sacramento, CA

Comments: Not sure if I got a bad rod or what but first hookset and rod tip snapped 12" from tip. Was not a violent hookset by any means. Had to be a defect to happen that fast. Up to that point I was in love with the quality look and feel of the rod. Very light! Not sure what to think now

From: Casey

Comments: C715 - Wow. Light weight and seems to be a very high quality build. Nice details and very attractive overall. It has more flex in the tip than I expected. I think it will be a great all around casting rod. Great value and pairs well with my Lews TP.

From: BP: Ohio

Comments: I have the 715h...only problem i have with it is the hook holder is below the reel seat as aposed to above

From: Sam: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: Everyone wants the most for their money. The Recon delivers that! $300 quality for less than $200...might be the best looking/feeling rod Ive ever held...period! Trading all my rods for Recons !!!!

From: Larry: Mount Airy, NC

Comments: Killer rods, very sensitive and looks like a JDM rod for a great price! Don't hesitate buy one!

From: Sid

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