Phenix Darter Heads 5pk - $3.59

The Phenix Darter Heads are great for finesse style fishing or when the fish won't bite. Bounce the Darter Head along the bottom, creating fish attracting undulations in the worm. Each Phenix Darter Head is also equipped with Mustad Hooks for solid hook-sets.
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Phenix Darter Heads 5pk

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Phenix Darter Heads 1/16oz #1 Hook $3.59 3
Phenix Darter Heads 1/4oz 2/0 Hook $3.59 4+
Phenix Darter Heads 1/8oz 1/0 Hook $3.59 4+
Phenix Darter Heads 3/16oz 2/0 Hook $3.59 4+

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