Phenix M1 Swimbait Casting Rods

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Designed to handle the heavy abuse of swimbait fishing - the next generation of your swimbait arsenal is here with the Phenix M1 Swimbait Casting Rods. One of the most advanced fishing rod series for bass and saltwater anglers alike. An uncompromising engineering concept is at the heart of the the Phenix M1 Rod Series. Constructed with unidirectional carbon fiber and featuring the cutting-edge innovation of Nanotube technology, the M1 Swimbait Casting Rods maximize strength and ultra-sensitivity like no other fishing rods in their class. Featuring Phenix's own custom designed reel seat, durable EVA extended handles and premium SiC guides, the Phenix M1 Swimbait Casting Rods’ dynamically balanced feel gives you the confidence in fishing performance you expect from Phenix.

Fish the fear. M1 - The next generation!

Backed by Phenix's Limited Lifetime Warranty  

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Phenix M1 Swimbait Casting Rod 8' Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Med-Fast 10-25lb 1/2-3oz 11+Tip M1 Swimbait 19-1/2" In Stock: 3+ $187.99
M1 Swimbait

Phenix M1 Swimbait Casting Rod 8' Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Med-Fast 15-35lb 1-6oz 11+Tip M1 Swimbait 19-1/2" In Stock: 3+ $194.99
M1 Swimbait

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  • The next generation of your fishing arsenal is here - the Phenix M1 Casting Rods are loaded with advanced engineering and premium features to deliver strength and ultra-sensitivity like no other rod series in their class.

  • Don't be outgunned - the Phenix M1 Swimbait Casting Rods deliver advanced uncompromising performance and technology with all the technique specific attributes you need for fishing swimbaits, including extended handles and serious backbones.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I put this rod to the maximum test! I bought it a couple months ago for some charter boat fishing. I paired it with an okuma komodo either fly lining live bait or throwing a 6 Oz iron on it. All the cast were great and the rod handled the irons well. I hooked up on a 25+ lb Dorado and man I fought that big boy for a good 20+ mins  before he was finally on the boat. You the rod was bent like no other and it held great. I never felt like I lost control of the fish. I then tested it again on two more charters out catching yellow tail.  The largest one I've caught was 40lbs! I almost got spooled by it, but man this rod came out a champ once again. I'm now using it for bass fishing again, throwing 68 special hudds and they're doing great.  If you're using it for bass fishing, you have nothing to worry about. This rod held up great fighting monsters.  Too bad I can't post up pictures to justify the fish/pole. Don't hesitate to buy! It'd a great rod.

From: Anthony: Lompoc, CA 9/8/16

Comments: I bought this rod a few months back & was using it throwing medium sized swimbaits & after the first day the eye on the tip was loose & spinning like the glue did not hold. I had to take the eye off and noticed that the backside of the eye was sharp & was fraying my line. I had too file it down & redo the eye with new glue. Other than those problems I love the rod but would not buy another Phenix because I shouldnt not have to fix problems after the first trip on a 200$ rod.

From: Lane: FL 6/23/16

Comments: Great stick. I bank fish a lot and so carrying multiple rods becomes a huge pain in the butt, but this thing does it all. If I want to throw swimbaits that day, but find I no longer have the patience, I can switch to throwing a jig, frog, even texas rig soft plastics. To some it might feel clunky working small baits with a big rod, but the rod is so light and comfortable after 3-4 casts it feels no different than my 7'3 heavy. If I want to go back and throw a good swimbait like huddleston its no problem at all, the hudd is just about right in the sweet spot, and this rod can handle swim baits over 6 oz too.

From: Mike: CA 4/10/16

Comments: Very sensitive and strong rod I like it a lot. Caught plenty of fish with this rod but the reel seat breaks I have two of these rods & they both have the same issue. Great rod but needs a more durable reel seat

From: Steven: San Francisco, CA 1/9/16

Comments: This rod is awesome I set it up with a Calcutta 400 I only use it for saltwater & this rod has proven it's tuff I've been cacthing nothing but black drum running from 20-40lb...this rod is light strong & has lots of detail right away u can tell its a quality product, I liked it so much I orderd another rod but this time I got the 8'2" M1 inshore heavy I hope is just as good or better..& the price on this rods is not bad compare to some of those other rods out there..

From: Pepe: Houston, TX 6/10/15

Comments: I have the MH and it handles the 6" swimbaits with easy. Loads nicely and has plenty of power. Really like the rod.

From: Justin: Culver, OR 4/17/15

Comments: The med hvy is a good chovie stick for calicos and could be used for small plastics, pulled 4 and 5 pound calicos on chovies and got a 27 inch barracuda using 20 lb izorline xxx and 12 lb with my Cumara 7' foot 2 inch med hvy using for Berkeley gulp saltwater flukes with a owner twist lock hook 1/2 oz pulled a 5 1/2 on 12 lb test on that rod

From: Lake Murray Lurker: USA 7/1/14

Comments: Med/Hvy Handles Lil Creepers to 68 Huds and 300 reels well. Hvy.  Handles 6" Huds to 8" Huds and 400 reels well. You need the action for good hook sets. Sensitive. Good size handle. Launches max. weights well. Guides are ok for braid, best with Maxima. Hook Keep on right side stays out of the way. Can get away with lighter applications as well. Satisfied with purchase. Get the Hvy and throw the big stuff!

From: Outcast: San Jose, CA 3/22/14

Comments: I throw a Rigs on the rod, and swim baits.  This rod is awesome for a rigs, couldn't get a better rod..  The reel seat doesn't exactly fit my Curado 300e, it shifts around when you grind in a fish but other then that flawless.

From: Unknown: USA 2/28/14

Comments: Reel seat broke after 1 trip. Save a few more $'s and buy a Dobyns. Worth every penny and then some.

From: CFM: Socal

Comments: the 8 ft heavy with a curado 300e and 30lb mono is the most versatile combo you could ever ask for as a swimbait fisherman, this is a quality product and ill definitely be buying more phenix rods from this point on

From: Nick: Canada

Comments: Great rod I picked up the heavy model and I throw my 8" hudds and triple trout on this rod and it handles them very well. Very versatile in my opinion, this is the only rod I bring with me when I go swimbait fishing.

From: Razor: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: Got the heavy, its rated up to 6 but the sweet spot is less.  Beautiful rod reeks of quality.  Allows me to carry one less rod since its so light and has a wide application range it can perform double duty imo.  The checkered carbon weave has a rubberized clear coating.  I love perfect handle length allowing casting leverage and yet some action. Love the full grip allows me to work with and grip the entire handle length. Very sensitive too for a swimbait rod, can feel subtleness when working the bottom. Not too thin and not too thick yet has good backbone. I love this rod! I'm wondering how much better the Swimbait classics may be!

From: Ric: NJ, USA

Comments: Awesome rod.  Throwing 9" ms slammer and nailed a 6 pounder and it wasn't even fair.  great rod!

From: Justin: landrum,sc

Comments: Pros: First off, the rod feels great. It has a perfect tapper, the grip is awesome, perfect handle length and overall solid design. Can throw 4inch Spro shad all the way up to 8inch punkers.

Cons: Now what really matters. first off, this is my 4th phenix rod that has broken. I baby the heck out of my rods so I know it isnt operator error. The first two were recon 1's which, apparently, there was a defect so they replaced them all with the recon 2's. I have broken this particular rod 2. The first time I was walkin a punker on the surfance. Steady twitched up and down, nothing violent at all. Reel wobbles off the rod. Look down, the reel seat broke. Ok...things happen.

Get replacement rod. FIRST cast on a BBZ, the tip breaks a foot down. DOne with Phenix. And their customer service. Im sorry, paying a 55 dollar fee, 20 dollars to ship it there and then 20 dollars to ship it back? Thats insane.

From: Jared: CA

Comments: UPS broke the shipping tube and it survived so it's a tough rod. Cool rubberized grip and has a unique finish. Throws baits up to the 6 oz rating with ease.

From: Chuck: USA

Comments: one word awsome pair it with curado 300e = perfction well worth the money thanx phenix

From: Todd: Dallas, TX

Comments: I just got the 8' Heavy and it is very light and the finish is flawless. Action is a proper moderate and it has a nice feel in the hand - balanced for a heavy stick too!

From: Stephen: Denmark

Comments: either rod makes for a killer a-rig rod.. plus with the 8 foot length you can chuck anything a mile

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