Handmade in the USA with top quality components, including ultra sharp Mustad Needle Point Hooks, the Phenix Swimming Jigs are a deadly way to catch pressured fish. Affix your favorite swimbait trailer to the back, and go to work. Available in a variety of proven colors, the Phenix Swimming Jigs also feature premium silicone skirts and durable, chip-resistant heads.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are the original phenix vibrating jig minus the blade which can be purchased in the lure customizing department I have used these exclusively instead of a chatterbait and I will say they work much better than the chatterbait because of these have a super sharp and very durable hook  the 3/8 sunperch with a black phenix vibrator blade and a watermelon swimming fluke with the tail dyed chartreuse it doesnt get any better than that

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