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Combining innovative design and high-quality components, the Phenix Vengeance Ultimate Vibe Jig Version 3 delivers the perfect trifecta of action, flash, and weedlessness. Built with a unique, rounded head shape, the Phenix Vengeance Ultimate Vibe Jig Version 3 is molded with a little bit of extra wiggle room around the line-tie, which allows the bait and the blade to chatter harder than any other bladed swim jig.

Made using Phenix’s highly visible Phenix Ultimate Vibe Blade Version III, the Phenix Vengeance Ultimate Vibe Jig Verison 3 delivers an astounding amount of flash and vibration that will grab bass’ attention from a distance. The blade also pulls double duty as a weedguard to keep the hook point free of snags. Finished with a super-sharp black nickel hook, the Phenix Vengeance Ultimate Vibe Jig Version 3 delivers the right combination of attraction and performance that will make it a permanent fixture in your arsenal. 

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Comments:  Recently fished these up in the Delta (sun perch and dark green pumpkin) and I must say they are awesome! They rip through grass easily and it doesn't take much to get them vibrating. Same quality components as the original vibe jig with a slightly modified head and blade. The blade design seems to work better than the original. These have to be the best bladed bait on the market.

From: Steven: Hemet, CA 5/24/14

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