The Phenix Vibrator Blade Version II can to be attached to ANY JIG or LURE with a Horizontal Line Tie. Its perfect for turning the standard Phenix Football Jig into a Vibrating Swimming Jig.

With the addition of a second split ring the Phenix Vibrator Blade Version II can also be attached to any jig or lure with with an In-Line Line Tie. This allows you to turn the Phenix Vengeance Arky Swim Jig into a wobble head.

Each blade comes complete with the split-ring and the duo-lock snap already attached.

Dimensions: 1-1/2"L x 1"W

3 per pack

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Version II seems good. The snaps come attached to the blade. However, in Version III the snaps come unattached and you CAN NOT attach them yourself! Also, a good jig head is the Strike King Football Jighead 3/8 oz.

From: Kev: Santa Cruz, CA 7/8/14

Comments: What is the best line tie snap yall sale to go with this

From: Curious: TX

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