The Phenix Vibrator Jig is the bait FLW pro Brett Hite used to win back to back FLW tour events, first Lake Toho in Florida then The California Delta. One of benefits of the Phenix Vibrator jig are the zinc coated blades. Most chatter style jigs available come with either a silver or gold blade making for a flashy bait that can deter strikes instead of draw them. Each Phenix Vibrator is made using a super sharp Mustad ultra point hook and high quality silicone skirt. Brett Hite's accomplishment with this bait also rode on the support of Gary Yamamoto Swim Senko as a trailer. This bait added bulk, as well as, weight and enticed strikes from the better quality fish needed to win the FLW events.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Good action, but crappy components. The hook bends pretty easy, and the jig head can't take much abuse at all.

From: Rick: Detroit, MI

Comments: Bass absolutely smoke this jig when I tip it with a Zoom speed craw. I even caught a big channel cat with it recently and the cat almost jerked the rod out of my hands he hit it so hard. I prefer it over the original chatterbait. The skirt seems to pulsate more and it just comes alive. 5 stars.   

From: James: Tifton, GA

Comments: This jig needs better quality components.  The hook is just a standard small gauge wire hook that is dull and weak.  I noticed my hook was bending due to rippin in hydrilla down here in Florida.  The line clip is also very small gauge wire.  The lure is great if you cash check catching DINKS! for me i will stick with the real deal and spray paint the blade if needed.

Comments: This vibrating jig is not like other chatter bait type baits. It will slow roll on 5:1 reel like no other. the trailers vary from lake to lake to river and so on. hook is sharpest ive used. (dont leave trailer on bait while not in use and hook wont rust) fish on braid and be ready because they hit so hard will take your hand off reel and almost out of your hand. tight lines all.

From: Barron: Maryland, USa

Comments: I have caught a ton of fish with this bait.  However, I do feel the hook needs to be upgraded.  I use braid for fishing these baits and the hook straightens out easily.

From: Parker: Memphis, TN

Comments: Runs like original, cheaper skirt and the hook will rust.

From: Fran: Sweedsboro, NJ

Comments:These guys are exactly like the original chatterbait in construction and action, only they have painted blades. The painted blades can come in very handy when you are looking for less flash, and I crushed an 8 pounder recently with one of these with a black blade. Add a large curly tail grub as the trailer, the worm that comes with this is garbage.

From:Big J: Houston, TX

Comments:Very weak hook.

From:Joe: Red Creek, NY

Comments:Best chatterbait out there. If your lookin for a new one check out this one out. Tip with a lake fork magic shad!

From:Jesse: Phoenix, AZ

Comments:Works well; however, you will need your own trailer as the worm that comes with it will be stuck to the package and will tear apart when you open it.

From:Jacob: Atlanta, GA

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