Designed to mimic an injured baitfish, the Picasso Shad Walker is completely weedless and extremely versatile. It can walk-the-dog over the thickest slop, grass and vegetation like no frog can, and it really shines in open water where it can be twitched, killed, or also used to walk-the-dog in a wider, sweeping action. Gone are the days of fish pulling your lure down by its legs and not getting hooked, the Shad Walker's legless design means bass have no choice but to get the hooks in their mouth. The legless design also allows you to skip the Shad Walker further under docks and overhangs than you can with a standard frog, allowing you to reach fish other lures can't get to. Designed to sit higher in the water than a frog, it can even be fished in rougher water conditions without losing its action. Available in several fish catching colors, the Picasso Shad Walker does everything a hollow body frog can - and then some.

Picasso Length Weight Class
Shad Walker 4" 1/2oz Topwater

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: i fish this in a heavily weeded pond where 80% of the pond is thick matts. i've had problems with it landing upside down but that was fixed with a bit of lead soldering wire added to the bottom of the hook. I've caught 10+ fish on it and its still in tact, no rips, and no paint wear.the hook up ratio is rough but if you bend the hooks out a little more its easier to set into fish...i love this bait but i do highly recommend a lake fork frog trailer hook as it doubles your hook up ratio. 

From: Nikko: Oakland, CA 8/24/15

Comments: Very Soft. It feels softer than the Koppers Live Target that I normally use. The action on this thing is amazing, doesn't take much to make this thing look alive. Friends that I was with were amazed also. Haven't caught anything on it yet, only took it out once. I got a few blow ups but nothing big enough to take it down. Fishing in the Delta here in CA. Look forward to using this a lot more.

From: Sang: Sacramento, CA 6/5/14

Comments: Wow, these are much bigger than I expected! Pros: walks easily, Good hookup ratio, Very soft. Cons: lands upside down half the time, Doesn't come through cover easily, Not that durable. For the price of 3.50, ill buy more for open water.

From: Bryce: Orange County California

Comments: I ordered the bass colored one and in the picture it looks very yellow, but when I received it it was actually green and looked like a true bass. Overall looks pretty promising and I will most likely be trying it out on good ole lake havasu this weekend. Will get back on overall performance.

From: Blake: HB, CA

Comments: I saw a couple of complaints on the Shad Walker taking on grass due to a gap between the hook and plastic body. This issue has been corrected by adding a 4/0 Gamakatsu hook which eliminated that gap They are available now and are the regular priced versions. The red priced ones are closeouts and have the old hook in it.

From: Dan: Kennesaw GA

Comments: Very good hollow-body top-water bait.  Mimics a dying or struggling baitfish very well... so well that a seagull took a swoop at it this past wkend while I was fishing it over grass on the Mississippi.  Will take on a lot of water, will not come through thick grass & slop very well, and paint will start to come off after only 1-2 fish (at least the blk one did).  Still, for $3.48/ea...

From: SVM: WI

Comments: This is a very cool bait. Little bit bigger than your average frog and walks really easily. Fairly soft bait but not super soft like a live target. Only complaint is that it gets a lot of moss stuck on it when you throw it in the thick stuff. There is a small gap between the plastic and the hook which does get caught up when in thick stuff.

From: John: CA

Comments:  Hi i have been fishing frogs with limited catches so i thought i would try the shad and i use a reel with a twiching bar on it and i will tell you that with the twitching bar it makes it look like a dieing bait fish so much so that i cant tell you if it catches bass or not cause a sea gull swoped down on it and took it cause it looked so much like a fish on top of the water that the bird took it so im glad i ordered three of them so i can try a different one on the fish thanks for making such a realistic lure.....

From: Jeff: Erie, PA

Comments: I have been fishing this bait recently and cant say enough about it.  It has a great Walk-the-Dog action.  Its a mixture of a hollow belly frog and a spook.  I was watching BASS Mississippi River Rumble and noticed Todd Faircloth won the event throwing this bait.  Looks like the secret will be out soon. If you havent tried this you need to check it out.  This bait is SICK!!!!

From: Joe: NJ

Comments: I love this bait, I was able to walk the dog, and found quite a nice feature. I could make it jump, It would jump about 1 foot. It is so cool. The way I could get it to jump was walking the dog fast, then right when it dips, a quick twitch and it will jump!

From: Luke

Comments: 5 stars out of 5 for this clever idea for a super soft weedless bait that has the latest dying shad appearance. This hollow shad is super easy to walk, much easier than any Spook I have ever thrown, and does some amazing dances on the surface. You can hop it, walk it, make it do a 180 which really looks cool, or twitch it in place for subtle finesse cold front action. There's a tiny hole near the tail on the soft underside through which air is expelled when bass cream it, bearing the hook points for a solid hook set. It casts very well without twisting, lands with hook points up, and does not collect water. What more can you ask. Good color selection, too; I got the golden shiner.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL

Comments: This thing felt and looked cheap when I opened it. Almost regret buying this,that was until I actually used it. Walks pretty well and found this bait very productive when the weeds are just under the water. I was impressed.Great search bait.

From: Matt

Comments: This is an excellent walk the dog lure.  You got to try it for yourself.  Had several blow ups on it when a frog wouldnt work.  Hollow body is very soft, and has a drain hole in the back so it doesnt get water logged.

From: Don: Benton, KY

Comments: fished this bait for the first time two weeks ago on a small lake in western pa. caught three toads including a 5lb 11 oz smallie. walks easily and great hook ups.

From: Scott: PA

Comments: Loving this bait, love how I can twitch it like a frog and then give it big sweeps and swooshes. It picks up a little bit more grass than other but great hook up ratio.

From: Trevor: Simi Valley

Comments: Best weedless hollow body bait on the market! The action is incredible and the hook up ratio is awesome .  This is a must for all anglers! It will blow your mind how bad you can trick the fish with this bait.

From: Billy: Lake Havasu City, AZ

Comments: walks the dog with ease - this is a great search bait in open water around humps, ditches and ledges. When the bite slows down on this bait, pick up a Picasso Fantasy Football jig and work the water column (watermelon/chartreuse/tiger 3/8oz is a great jig)

From: Russ: Canton, GA

Comments: This bait walks-the-dog like a champ, I had about 7 blow ups but only two bass took the bait.  I still perfer the spro frog but will use this as a back-up

From: Sam: Laplata, MD

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