Picasso V Rig

The Picasso V-Rig is an easy to throw rig that allows the angler to fish shallow or deep by simply changing the weight of their Smartmouth School-E-Rig jig heads (sold separately) from 1/16oz up to 1oz.

The low-vis, extra strong, heat-treated brown wire draws the fish's attention away from the wire and allows them to focus on the baits, while also providing a pulsing action on varying speed retrieves or with the stop-and-go method.

Size #3 Willow leaf blades in 24K gold or bright nickel finishes combine with dummy springs for adding paddle tails or other plastic teasers to make this rig a tantalizing meal for Bass and other game fish.

Equal weight jig heads will make this rig run horizontally which will allow the angler to go very shallow using light weight jig heads, or rig one end heavy and the other light to make it run like a traditional spinnerbait.

The single V-wire allows this rig to drop very fast, so getting deep in a hurry and staying deep is not a problem with heavier jig heads.

The Picasso V-Rig is available with nickel or gold blades - in V4, V6, and V8 configurations.

Made in the USA using USA-made components.

Model Length
V-4 4"
V-6 6"
V-8 8"

3 Colors

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    Model No. 4032PFBBV4R3N1PK
    V4 Nickel
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    03/03 $6.99
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    Model No. 6035PFBBV6R3N1PK
    V6 Nickel
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    5+ $8.99
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    Model No. 8035PFBBV8R3N1PK
    V8 Nickel
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    4 $8.99

Customer Reviews

Comments: Picasso has incorporated a sleeve at the end of each terminal end that allows you to simply slide it up the wire and change out the swivels. This design is on Bait Ball Junior and Bait Ball Extreme as well. This means you no longer have to trash the rig because of a damed swivel as you do with other brands.

From: Dan: Atlanta, GA 3/13/14

Comments: Nice rig, really need to upgrade the snaps on the ends though, straightened out when boat flipping a 3 pounder.

From: Andrew: AL 3/5/14

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