Pinnacle Optimus X Casting Reel

The Pinnacle Optimus X Casting Reel is one serious bass fishing machine. Exceptionally smooth and extremely durable, this sleek, pro-quality baitcaster will get the job done. It boasts a tough and rigid X-Bone metal frame and side plates that resists torque and allow the high-strength precision-cut brass gears to remain in perfect alignment under heavy loads. An ergonomically designed and conveniently located QuickFlip Button also allows you engage the reel instantly - for lightning fast hooksets on flips and pitches. Tandem cast control - both magnetic and centrifugal - offers complete cast control, and a hefty drag with multi-stacked Trulon drag washers also provides absolute lock down capabilities and stays smooth throughout its range.  A quality reel packed with features at a great price, the Pinnacle Optimus X Casting Reel will make you a force to contend with out on the water.

Additional Features:

-Contoured Forged Aluminum Handle and Star Drag
-Audible Star Drag
-Precision-Click Cast Control Knob
-Backed by Limited One-Year Warranty

"Competing against the world's best anglers, there's no room for missed opportunities. Sure, some variables are out of my control, but the quality of my tackle isn't one of them. I won’t leave the dock without my Optimus reels." - Grant Goldbeck, BASS Elite Series Angler.

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
OP10X Right 6.4:1 7.6 7SS + 1RB 10/140, 12/120 In Stock: 2 $119.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This reel is really nice and smooth, but the unadjustable centrifugal brakes cut down on casting distance big time.  Especially if you are throwing something heavy like a 1 oz football jig.  What I did was I cut a sliver of plastic off of a gamakatsu hook package and wedged it up under 3 of the 4 brakes to keep them from slinging out.  Turn the mag brake off all the way, or use it if you are throwing something light.  Use the spool tensioner to adjust for heavy baits.  Now, this beast will cast as far as any reel I've thrown.  Other than that, fit and finish is 8.5 out of 10, compared to Shimano or Daiwa.  I would say, quality is as good as any of the Revo's I've had in the past.  Very good buy for the money.

Comments: Outstanding! I have small hands and the low profile fits nicely. Wasn't too sure about the flipping switch until I tried it. Good idea! I also like the clicking tension spool feature, which helps me make quick and accurate adjustments. When it comes to casting, compared to my Pro Qualifier reels, this reel is better. Throw in the other thoughtful features, which are absent on the Pro Qualifier, and the difference in price is easily justified. I set this one up with 50 lb braid and a 20 ft. flourocarbon leader and it handles a variety of situations nicely. If you're hesitant about giving the Pinnacle reels a try, don't be. This reel is top notch and can easlity compete with many of the top reels on the market.

From: Scott: Sierra Vista, AZ

Comments: Just got it went to my local Honeyhole and casts like a dream, feels good in my palm and smooth retrieve...  liked the Gold one but gonna save some money for my next one.   Awesome reel Pinnacle@@@

From: Tyler: Casper, TX

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