Pinnacle created the Perfecta DHC5 Casting Rod Series with the purpose of delivering state-of-the-art Tournament Class rods to serious bass anglers.  Designed with the help and expertise of accomplished BASS Elite Series and FLW Tour pros, Paul Elias, Dave Wolak, Britt Meyers and Grant Goldbeck, the Perfecta DHC5 Series offers professional-grade performance at a surprisingly affordable price point. 

Featuring actions, lengths and tapers tailor-made for specific bass fishing applications, Pinnacle’s proprietary DHC5 - Double Helical Blank Construction sets these rods apart from any others on the market.  Layers of high modulus graphite are wrapped in opposite directions around an initial layer of high-density carbon to provide unsurpassed power and sensitivity, while remaining feather light and super durable.  Fuji Alconite Guides at Concept Spacing deliver added durability as well, and a Fuji ACS Reel Seat balances out each rod’s Split Grip Handle design.  Handcrafted and perfectly balanced, the Perfecta DHC5 Casting Rods are also backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Additional Features:

Machined Aluminum Winding Checks
Super AAA Grade Cork Grips

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Customer Reviews

Comments: these rods are light weight,sensitive and all a round awesome. they are very versatile as well.Try one even a novice will be convinced that these rods are the real deal.

From: T.L.: Chicago, IL 1/28/16

Comments: These rods are unbelievable for the price. I have owned Loomis, Dobyns, Shimano, Falcon, Powell, Okuma and have used most of the rest. For a $150 rod to be as good if not better than a $300 rod is just inconceivable to me. It is to bad they have the Pinnacle name which in the past has signified junk.Most of the guys I fish against or with can not believe it either. Get one in your hands and try them. You will not regret

From: Jim: Rochester, NY

Comments: I purchased the Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5-731CAMH, 7 ft 3 in carolina rod early this spring. This weekend, June, 16th, 2013 was the first time used as a carolina reig on Lake Barkley. I was using a Curado 300E spooled with 80 lb braid. The FIRST hook set broke the rod completely in half. I am not a heavy hook setter, the rod appears not capable of being used for the technique it is advertised for use. Not only did I end up losing a big fish in a tournament (yes, I had the fish briefly), but now I have to pay to ship it back, and my reward will be another rod just like it. On a scale of 1 - 10, this gets a one, and it gets the one only because it looks good. I do not recommend this product.

From: Mike: Springboro, Ohio, USA

Comments: I have the MH 7'3" "Carolina-Rig" rod, this thing is definitely not a one trick pony.  It is my go to rod for flipping and pitching, and it handles the Alabama-Rig like a champ.  Pair one up with the XiHS and you're in for a treat.

From: Matt: Guthrie, OK

Comments: In case your wondering just how light these rods are, the 7 foot med weighs 3.28 oz. Amazing! And the 7 foot MH weighs 4.1oz.

From: George: ME

Comments: I have now converted all my rods to the Perfectas. Light, Balanced, and amazing quality for the money. No need to spend more. Just buy one and see what we are all talking about.

From: George: ME

Comments: Pinnacle Perfecta Cast Rod 7' Medium Crankbait.

Quality of Components: 5/5 Stars. Pinnacle used high quality everything to build this rod. The Fuji guides, the reel seat, the cork, the blank, everything is as good as it gets in my opinion. I thought the butt looked cheap on the photos but now that I have it in hand I have no doubt about its ability to withstand thousands of casts.

Functionality: 1.5/5 Stars. Very poor, which is truly disappointing. The blank is a Medium Light at best. It is significantly lighter (action) than other casting rods I have that are specified for even lighter lures than this one. It is just as light action as my my ultralight crappie spinning rod. The taper is so slow that it makes casting a chore and inconsistent (cause some backlashes because you really have to whale on er to get any distance). It starts flexing right at the real seat. The feel of your bait is good on these rods and it is easy to tell when the bait picks up grass or fish. Unfortunately when you do pick up grass you cannot rip your bait free easily. Ergonomics are poor due to the butt being too short. All six of my crankbait rods have longer butts by at least 3/4" (even my 6'8" rod is 3/4" longer in the butt!!!).  Please advise I am ONLY talking about this particular rod and this review should in no way impact your decision to check out one of their other sized Perfectas.

Overall: I would not recommend this rod to adult bass anglers and strongly warn against buying it blindly. I knew from the moment I opened the rod tube that this wont work. It may be alright for casting crappie cranks in shallow water and handle that size of fish. I also think that it might make a good rod for children due to the short butt and how the overall weight of the rod is very low. Pinnacle used awesome quality to build these rods but they need to figure out how to properly label them.

From: Nathan

Comments:  bought the 7'11" Flipping rod same as Paul Elias rod used at Guntersville!!!   Absolutely one of the most powerful rods i have wonder Paul is with Pinnacle Great rod Pinnacle!!!, i will cherish this for a long time. 

From: Billy: Mobile, AL

Comments: bought the 7,11 cranking rod. Its the best ever!

Comments: 7'8" MH Cranking Finally a rod for the rest of us.  There are so many cranking rods out there that are either as limber as over cooked noodles or otherwise weigh as much as a small bazooka.  This rod is extremely light with enough tip to launch any crankbait (especially the large, deep diving models) as far as you want or need.... with enough backbone to turn a hawg and get it headed in the right direction.  It shined on a recent 5-day trip to Falcon.... a great place to test your crankbait rod.  Thank you very much.

From: BJ: Killeen, TX

Comments: I use the 7'11" heavy for punching in the Delta. Light and powerful, I can punch all day with this rod and yank fish out of the mats with no problem.

From: Pete: Sacramento, CA

Comments: I agree with everyone.  Sensitive, light, and powerful.  Definitely my new go to rod along with Powell.

From: Sam: Boston, MA

Comments: These rods are amazing every bit as good if not better than a $300.00 rod! Actions are awesome, so light yet very powerfulÉ Best buy I made with the 3 I bought! Tight Lines!!

From: Jim: Birmingham, AL

Comments: Love these rods, so light and powerful! The price is awesome and with a lifetime warranty!!

From: Bill: San Diego, CA

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