Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 Spinning Rods

$144.99 - $170.99

Created with the help and expertise of accomplished BASS Elite Series and FLW Tour pros, Paul Elias, Dave Wolak, Britt Meyers and Grant Goldbeck, the Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 Spinning Rod Series offers professional-grade performance at a surprisingly affordable price point.  Each rod’s action, length and taper is tailor-made for a specific bass fishing application.

Pinnacle’s proprietary DHC5 - Double Helical Blank Construction - also delivers cutting-edge technology unique to the industry.  Layers of high modulus graphite are wrapped in opposite directions around an initial layer of high-density carbon to provide unsurpassed power and sensitivity, while remaining extremely lightweight and super durable.  Fuji Alconite Guides at Concept Spacing deliver added durability as well, and a Fuji VSS Reel Seat balances out each rod’s Split Grip Handle design.  Offering Tournament Class quality and performance at a reasonable price, each Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 Spinning Rod is also backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Additional Features:

Machined Aluminum Winding Checks
Super AAA Grade Cork Grips
Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty 

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Pinnacle Perfecta Spin Rod 7' Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 10-20lb 3/8-1oz 8+Tip Perfecta G 15" In Stock: 2 $170.99
Perfecta G

Pinnacle Perfecta Spin Rod 7' Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 12-25lb 3/8-1 1/4oz 8+Tip Perfecta G 15" In Stock: 1 $170.99
Perfecta G

Pinnacle Perfecta Spin Rod 7'2" Medium

DHC5-721SPM. Drop Shots, Shaky Heads, Wacky Worms, Tubes & Senkos

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Extra Fast 6-14lb 1/8-3/8oz 8+Tip Perfecta G 15" In Stock: 3 $144.99
Perfecta G

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  First of all I'm a spinning rod kind of guy when it comes to plastics. I own the 7' H rod and had it almost a year now and it's still like new. I have also caught several good fish on this rod. I bought it because I was looking for a new setup.. a spinning rod more than a MH that was light, sensitive, and that had backbone. (Wanted it for fishing big worms) Well I found it! Wasnt sure about buying it at first since it was the most I ever spent on a rod and the fact I had never touched one or even seen one! I just took a chance and bought it.. don't regret it at all! I have it paired with a 2500 Stradic CI4 and it has been flawless. I love it!

From: Wesley: Rogersville, AL

Comments: Have to comment on the break strength of this rod after last weekends outing. Had a fish on my other drop shot rod, fish (2.75 smallie only) was manhandling me and during the chaos my Perfecta rod ended up getting stepped on with all my weight. No kidding the tip of this rod was bent in three different ways at very hard angles when I looked down at my foot on it, I thought for sure it was a goner. Some how it didn't take any damage. I fish a lot, and in doing so usually end up breaking about 2 to 4 rods per season (broke a Ducket rod the same day while casting a jig). I have never seen anything hold up to what I put this rod tip through. I think you sacrifice a little bit of sensitivity with these rods but I guarantee my Lamiglas drop shot rod would have broken in two or three different places. I was so dumbfounded that it did not break I had to leave another review.

From: Nathan: Pasco, WA

Comments: Pinnacle Perfecta Spin Rod 7'2" Medium. Pinnacle used awesome hardware on these things. No off brand or low end components here. At first glance the blank seemed a little light (in terms of action). It does not fish light however, It fishes like a Medium, just like it should. In terms of weight the rod is feather light. The sensitivity of this rod is not what I had hoped for but the rods that I have to compare it to are $250 rods. I would guess the sensitivity is average for this price of rod. I do have one complaint. There is a sharp edge on the front of the real seat that starts to get painfull after a couple hours of use. I shaved it down with a file and it is no longer an issue. I bought this rod as a second drop shot rod, something a little heavier than my Certified Pro XPS702 rod and that is exactly what I got. Very happy.

From: Nathan: Pasco, WA

Comments: The best rod u can buy when they mean heavy action they mean it it dosnt feel like a med heavy like most rods say and feel cast good and great hook sets all around great set up.

From: Joel: Beckley, WV

Comments: this blank is one of the most sensitive  rods i have felt in a long time...feeling that little tick of a jighead is incredible !!  it is also super Strong on the backbone...hooked up a 45 pound Cat and No problems in landing it's my go to rod for Finesse fishing...Just awesome.

From: Nathan: Tulsa, OK

Comments: I have used several different high quality spinnings Rods in my life time but none of them are as light as Pinnacle's Perfecta rods.  The Perfecta Rods are not only light but they have enough back bone to bring in the large bass.  With Pinnacle's Perfecta rods you can't go wrong, you not only get a light rod with enough back bone but you get a high quality rod for a low affordable price and a great Warranty I personally own 7 Perfecta rods and love them, and i am currently selling all of my other brand name tournament class rods and you will too.

From: Norman: Rosamond, CA

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