Pinnacle Producer X Casting Reel

Tournament class inside and out, the Pinnacle Producer X Casting Reel features eight strategically positioned double-shielded stainless steel bearing within its rigid, torque-resisting X-Bone metal frame and metal side plates.  Smooth and powerful, high strength gearing and an extra tough multi disc drag system offer the fish fighting power you need when the pressure’s on.  An externally adjustable magnetic cast control with an eight magnet system also provides precise spool control and a greater braking range to virtually eliminate backlash, while the Producer X’s specialized ported, machined aluminum spool reduces weight and maintains exceptional durability.  Offering tournament proven performance at a great price point, the Pinnacle Producer X Casting Reel is built for the long haul.

Additional Features:

-Audible Star Drag
-Titanium-Coated Ceramic Line Guide
-Lightweight Curved Aluminum Handle with FinGrip
-QuickRelease Side Cover
-Backed by Limited 1-Year Warranty

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
PRD10X Right 6.3:1 7.8 7SS + 1RB 10/140, 12/120 In Stock: 3 $89.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: If the non-handle side cover is loose, try removing the magnet cover (part #74 on the schematic) and tighten the three screws that hold the spool cover (part #59) in place.  That should take care of any looseness in the side cover.  Make sure the brake is on the lowest setting when removing the magnet cover or you may damage the brake system. BTW, my Producer X didn't come with a loose side cover: I failed to fully tighten the screws after I dismantled my reel for cleaning and lubing. I have no complaints about the Producer X as far as performance; it casts well once the brakes are dialed in, the drag is smooth and powerful, and it handles fish just fine.  I don't know how well it will hold up over time; I've got my Producer X set up for fishing crankbaits and it's getting frequent use, so it should show any flaws fairly quickly. The fit and finish leave something to be desired in places, but for a $90 reel that's to be expected (or at least not surprising).  The reel isn't the quietest reel out there nor are the tolerances the tightest, but as long as it performs well I have no complaints.  The bearings will benefit from a thorough flushing and re-lube, but that holds true for any reel and the bearings on the Producer X are pretty decent right out of the box. Based on what I've experienced to this point, I'd say the Producer X is a good value for the price.  It has its flaws, but nothing serious that I've found so far.  I'll be using it as one of my go-to reels this fishing season, and I'll post if I come across any major issues.

From: Ben: Deep River, IA

Comments: The palming sideplate fits loosely on every one of these reels I have seen. I bought and returned four of them for the same problem. I even tried a different model with the same issue. Now, the Optimus line is the real deal. If Pinnacle could get the tolerances a little tighter on the sideplate, this line of reels would be awesome as well.

Comments: Super !! Casts far as any reel i have used.  Great reel for the money...Like the looks and Gator type handle knobs are Great !!!!!

From: Jonathon: Syracuse, NY

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