Plano Custom Divider 3771

The Plano Custom Divider 3771 tackle box features the all new Versi-Slant angled dividers which provide increased storage and greater flexibility in tackle management. The Custom Divider boxes also include standard dividers so you can mix and match the type of compartments contained in each box. Featuring the classic 3701 design and Plano's secure latching system, each Plano Custom Divider 3771 tackle box includes 12 angled and 24 straight, positive-locking dividers.

Dimensions: 14" x 9.13" x 1.38"

14"L x 9.13"W x 1.38"H

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are the best boxes out there. I would recommend using some hot glue to hold the tabs in place, and I would also recommend paining the bottom so you don't accidentally open it upside down. Sounds stupid but this is the only tray I have ever done that with, but I have now done it three times, lol, huge mess. With these trays you seriously save on space if you are like me and want to have one bait per space. I have not yet found a crankbait that wont fit in this 3771 box, although I don't own any 10XD's yet.

From: Nathan: Pasco, WA

Comments: These are the best utility boxes that I know of.  These boxes save on space and allow you to have more tackle on board with you.  These boxes are also reasonably priced.

From: Troy: AR

Comments: Best tackle trays for the money. Does not limit you to just a few configurations. Slim design but can accommodate deep diving crank baits. Highly recommend.

Comments: This is a great tray.  The angled dividers mean you can fit a lot more minnows/jerkbaits/crankbaits in than with standard dividers, and the finer adjustability versus standard trays makes customization a breeze.  Finally, the low profile is awesome -- a bit upgrade over the 2" trays that came with my tackle bag -- With this tray, I can fit more lures in more safely than with any other tray I've tried.  Plus, TW has these at a great price!    

From: G: Boston, MA

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