Plano Elite 3707 Medium Crankbait Organizer - $12.49

Spend more time fishing and less time untangling treble hooks with the Plano FTO Elite 3707-07 Medium Crankbait Organizer. It secures up to 24 medium-sized crankbaits and keeps them free from unnecessary scratches and damages during storage. Delivering a patented solution to tackle organization - the Plano FTO Elite 3707-07 Medium Crankbait Organizer.

Fits in 3700-series Footprint

Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 1-7/8"

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Plano Elite 3707 Medium Crankbait Organizer $12.49

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Comments: they keep water out and stay locked. they fit perfectly for jerk baits any type of hard bait and even perfect for roboworms and other soft plastics. only box i carry.

From: Joey: 11/24/14

Comments: Erick, we are sorry that you had issues with the latches on this box. We will be forwarding your concerns to the appropriate department so we can look into correcting this, and please call customer service at 1-800-226-9868 to get your box replaced. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for choosing Plano.

From: Plano: Plano, Illinois

Comments: the box it self hold lures well, in any series but the the latches are crap. I have 8 of these boxes and every last one has at least 2 latches broken off...dont know if its the cold or the plastic is to rigid but I wasted my money on no good of it wont close

From: Erick: So Cali

Comments: If you are looking for a box to hold your medium sized crankbaits then get the plano large crankbait box. This box works great for small crankbaits but with a 8-10 size bill it will only fit one. Now small 15's I can fit like 3 in each which gives me 33 crankbaits in one box.

From: Heath: Leighton, AL

Comments: This is a perfect box for your KVD 2.5s, bomber series 6s, or the Strike King series 5 or 5XDs.  2 of each of these baits will fit pretty easily in each compartment, so you could have up to 22 crankbaits total.  Also perfect for spook type baits.  I fit 3 hollow body frogs comfortably in a compartment as well.  Anything bigger like the bomber series 7s is one bait only so keep that in mind.  Overall a really good use of space.

From: Seth: Spokane, WA

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