Plano KVD Speedbag Small

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The Plano KVD Speedbag Worm Files give anglers the ability to hold a wide-array of soft plastics in an organized and quickly accessible manner. Featuring cutting-edge graphics and a reinforced zipper, the Plano KVD Speedbag Worm Files are built with a patented fold-down design that makes it easy to thumb through all of your plastics at once. Offered in a range of sizes to fit your storage needs, the Plano KVD Speedbag Worm Files provide anglers with a straightforward way to make sure your worms, craws, tubes, and swimbaits are organized and ready-to-fish.


Small - 7.5"L x 5"W x 4.75"H
Medium - 9"L x 4.75"W x 4.5"H
Large - 14.5"L x 4.5"W x 5.5"H


Small - 20 regular bags
Medium - 20 magnum bags
Large - 45 regular bags 

Customer Reviews

Comments: Both below reviews are somewhat right. First of all, there is no way the large will hold anything close to 45 bags. If you have 'new' bags of normal plastics, lets say a bag of 7.5" power worms, you are going to do about 8-10 bags per side per bag at best. meaning 16-20 bags/bag.    If you have some used bags that aren't as bulky, you can maybe get more like 15 per side, but its a mess. Bag doesn't half fold over nearly as easily as you'd hope for viewing the contents. Quality is good, but its what you think it would be, basically two normal sized zipper bags next to each other. I'm sick of storing my plastics in plastic Plano containers, as they have even less room & are hard to shut without lots of shuffling. I think these will meet my needs & in the end, they are better than carrying around 8 soft zip bags, at least you only have 4. I'd rate them 3.5/5. Could use a little wider opening & Id prefer the divider in the middle be taller and hard, instead of a small Velcro soft fabric. By the way, it is removable to the point that you could fit a single row of extra wide packs in these instead of two smaller rows.

From: TBAss: USA 6/3/16

Comments: Switched from 3700 standard/ deep Plano boxes to these bags due to a different boat and different storage configurations - I am happy with the switch. Contrary to the review below, I believe it could hold 40 bags of 'some type' of plastics, in the extra large bag. Bag is semi-water proof, doesn't easily tip over, and easily stores bags of baits. Its very obvious that this bag was designed around the Perfect Plastic Packaging... which is difficult to find a tackle management system for by itself. I will be a repeat buyer!  

From: Ryan: WI 6/19/15

Comments: poor design doesn't hold anywhere near 40 bags of worms. ugly. I am pretty disappointed in this purchase, I would give it about 2 out of 5 for a rating. its just a open bag with a zipper.  go buy a cheap 5 dollar duffle bag from a dollar general store and you will get the same results and be happier because you didn't get ripped off from a name on the side of it. I better be seeing this bag on ole kvd's boat and him actually using this thing this year in the bass tournaments I see on tv. I bet if he has one at all its laying in the very deepest part of the hull of his boat and never seen daylight since it was put there

From: Brian: MI 4/11/15

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