Plano Liquid Bait Wallet

Developed to contain the liquids and odors associated with simulated live baits, the Plano Liqua Bait Wallet can hold multiple packages of soft baits, or individual soft baits in their juices. Each wallet is equipped with a protective O-ring seal to ensure your soft baits' freshness and moisture content for continued use, while also keeping your boat and tackle bag odor free. Manufactured from crystal-clear Duraview material for maximum convenience, non-corrosive pinned hinges and a well-constructed latching system also provide excellent durability and easy, secure access to your baits.

Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 4-1/2" x 1-3/4"

*Holds multiple packages of softbaits or individual softbaits in their juices

*Contains the liquids and odors associated with simulated live baits

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this thing stinks!!!!!! i bought one this size and 2 more bigger ones thinking this would be a great storage to soak my soft plastics i pour in the liquid put the baits in it and close it up .. so a week gose by and when i go to use them the stupid thing would not open , the suction way to strong i had to use all the power i had to the point of my fingers turning white and it still gave me a hard time. but mine didnt leak like Big j said. but i didnt leave it on its side so i dunno. bottom line DON'T BUY!!!!!

From: Dirtybird: Toronto, Canada

Comments: Tight seal against leakage my sweet Aunt Fanny!  Terrible product, complete failure.  I wanted to be able to carry a variety of gulp baits in one container and have a reservoir of the sweet gulp goo to dip other baits in, and this looked like an ideal way to do that.  Unfortunately, when filled with the goo and set on its side, this thing leaked all the prescious fluid out through the supposedly impenetrable seal.  Does not work as advertised, in fact does not work at all as the seal was worse than the regular seal on a plain old bag of gulp.  Do not buy this product!

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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