Being prepared means having important lures and equipment at your fingertips when you need it. Offering a compact, stylish solution, the Plano SoftSider X Advanced Series Tackle Bags feature a host of compartments and pockets, as well as a molded impact-resistant waterproof base. For over 50 years, Plano has sat next to those who love to fish, and the Plano SoftSider X Advanced Series Tackle Bags continue the tradition.


-Four external Speed Zip pockets and two tool holders
-Internal key clip holder and elastic band organizer
-Molded impact-resistant waterproof base
-Large mesh pocket on back
-Two D-rings
-Elastic tie-down straps on top

3600 Bag (4464-00)

Bag Dimensions: 17"L x 7.5"W x 8"H

-Three (3) 3600 ProLatch StowAway boxes
-Two (2) 3601 ProLatch StowAway boxes

3700 Bag (4474-00)

Bag Dimensions: 22"L x 11"W x 9"H

-Two (2) 3700 ProLatch StowAway boxes
-Two (2) 3701-series ProLatch StowAway boxes
-Two (2) 3705-series ProLatch StowAway boxes

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Customer Reviews

Comments: i love my 3600 that i got last year, great quality & set up well. Has enough space if you don't have much for tackle or you could use it as a ice fishing bag. I need more storage so I'm going to buy the 3700 this year.

From: Ross: Detroit, MN 6/1/15

Comments: the 3700 actually came with 7 trays, 6 in the main space and 1 in front

From: AJ: AL

Comments: I just received the 3600 a few days ago. Like others said, you get six trays with plenty of configuration options. It holds all my gear, everything from big bass plugs to the smallest weights. It looks to be well built and the side pockets can hold quite a bit too. The mesh pocket on the back looks pretty flimsy do I don't use it, but that is a very minor problem. Now I just have to find the time to break it in!

From: KR: Vancouver, WA

Comments: great tackle bag, have the 3700 and 3600 they both hold like a bait store, alot of tackle space worth every penny

From: hmong SD: San Diego

Comments: I just recieved the 3600. As usual with Plano, a well designed and well made product. The perfect kayak fishing bag, or a bag for those who don't carry an entire tackle store with them. The molded plastic bottom is a nice touch to keep things dry and help the bag maintain it's shape.  The product description is misleading. The bag is as described, but you get five 3600 boxes (three deep, two shallow) and one 3500 box, for a total of six boxes. The description states four boxes. It's almost like finding money in the laundry ... TW comes through again with the goods at a fair price and the best shipping deal in the tackle world.

From: Bilgerat: down South Jersey

Comments: The 3600 bag is really 16L x 10W x 9H and has 3600 boxes not 3700 boxes (of course). Perfect small carry size - to make even better replace the storage boxes with 3601 boxes which are only 1.13" deep - can get 7 of those to fit inside + 1 small box in front + any size  3600 box on top & still have 2 side pockets left & easy to carry or move around with.

From: TC: San Leon, TX

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