The Poor Boy's Dank Tube perfectly resembles gobies, sculpins and other bottom dwelling prey with its bulbous head. The thick wall allows the Dank Tube to be fished and dragged across rock piles while reducing tear. The Dank Tube is offered in natural colors, making it ideal for clear water situations.

"I used Poor Boy's tubes in the colors watermelon, copper and purple as well as the Poor Boy's D.S. Darter in a color called mango magic." "When the people at Poor Boy's make a bait, they make it right. They use ideal colors and the perfect amount of flakes so that the baits look natural and not too gaudy".

- Chip Harrison FLW Pro

Tube Jig Heads

Length Quantity
4" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: If you're not throwing a dank tube on Lake Erie... You are missing out big! Smallies cannot stand the goby profile. Copper Candy has been my best color.

From: Sal: Cleveland, OH

Comments: The dank tube is the best kept secret in bed fishing! The profiled body and large head make it irresistible to bedding females. Just stumbled upon this bait on tacklewarehouse, very happy so far!  

From: Jesse: Florida

Comments: Great for catching smallies on Erie and St. Clair. Drag it on the bottom or pitch it to fish following your partner's catch. This is a one-of-a-kind tube, and pretty much the only one I need to catch big fish.

From: John: Grand Rapids, OH

Comments:Greetings from your friendly neighbors up in the frozen North, eh! Wow, I was just tickled pink when I saw that the nice folks over at the Tackle Warehouse (my favorite Yank tackle shop) had started selling my favorite draggin' tube for catching big, mean Canadian smallies! I get excited just thinking about it! I can't wait for ice-out next June! The big bronzebacks up here in the True North just can't stand a dragged tube, and oh boy! Do they just eat it up on some 6kg Berkley Big Game line, eh! Well, if you're coming up here to catch some of our big smallies, don't forget your Dank Tubes, and here's another secret (but don't tell anyone, eh?)....the Dank Tubes catch huge, delicious walleyes! Makes for a great shore lunch to power you up for another exciting afternoon of dragging Dank Tubes! Cheers!

From:Jean: Riviere de Loup, Canada

Comments:Perfect Erie and St. Clair tube!! BIG Smallies EAT this bait!!

From:Jake: USA

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