Poor Boy’s FC Darter combines the best features from several of Poor Boy’s most popular baits to create a highly individualized soft plastic that flat-out gets bit.  The body of the Poor Boy’s FC Darter offers a mouthwatering, zipper-style profile that displaces a great deal of water. For even more action, the Poor Boy’s FC Darter is designed with a beaver-style tail that can be left intact as a large kick tail, or cut for a lively swimming action. At the base of the tail, the Poor Boy’s FC Darter features clawed appendages that deliver a ton of flailing action on the drop or on the bottom. Hand-poured and impregnated with salt, the Poor Boy’s FC Darter is great for flipping and as a jig trailer with its lively action and one-of-a-kind design.

Length Quantity
4" 8

0 Colors

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