LureCraft Flogger Underwater Viewer

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The revolutionary tool featured in Bass Master Magazine and on Mark Zona’s Ultimate Fishing Show, the LureCraft Flogger Underwater Viewer allows anglers a glimpse under the surface and eliminates the guesswork of deciphering the composition of the bottom. Ideally utilized in clear shallow waters, the LureCraft Flogger Underwater Viewer is an invaluable tool during spawn. No longer are you left guessing whether or not the dark spot in the water is a bed. Now, all you have to do is drop the LureCraft Flogger Underwater Viewer on top of the structure in question and take a look for yourself. 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I had one of these years ago and somehow lost track of it. I just got this one and aside from the new color (orange) and the new three piece design, it's still the same. I was concerned that the potential for leakage was going to be a problem as it comes in three pieses, but since the pieces screw into each other (instead of a slip fit design) and since you don't really push the unit under the surface very far, it has no leaks. This company shipped the item out right away and it went from Ca. to Fl. in just a few days. Very inpressed with the item and tackel warehouse....will use again.

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