The Poor Boy's Silly Bunny is a small profile hand-poured swimbait that offers a slender body and paddle tail design. The Silly Bunny is an ideal choice when the fish are feeding heavily on smaller baitfish.

The Silly Bunny features a belly slit, making it extremely weedless and ideal for fishing heavy cover such as grass and wood. This swimbait also has a high salt content and porous body. The pores make the Silly Bunny a great choice for applying scents. The Silly Bunny will hold scent longer than other smooth bodied injection molded plastics.

Poor Boy's Belly Weighted Hook is perfected for rigging the Silly Bunny.

Length Quantity
4.5" 4

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: These are a pretty decent bait for the price. I run the red throat model on a red weighted EWG and the pike go crazy for them. They tend to lose their tails faster than some, but most soft baits dont hold up well to toothy pike anyway. They do have some left over molding flaps on them but its really not that hard to trim them up. I have no issues with the action and they seem to have a very nice tail motion on the fall when paused. They are very soft and respond well to subtle rod twitches. I would imagine the tails would hold up a lot better on less toothy fish. Given the low cost and high strike rate i have had i will deffinately be buying more with my next order.

From: Brandon: Moosomin, Sask, Canada

Comments:  Avoid.  Poor quality, poor construction, poor action, poor fishing catching ability.  Buy bastrix, they are definitely worth the extra money.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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