MSRP: $6.99

The Poor Boys Silly Rabbit is a small profile hand poured swimbait, offering a slender body and paddle tail design. The Silly Rabbit is ideal choice when the fish are feeding heavily on smaller baitfish.

The Silly Rabbit features a belly slit making this swimbait extremely weedless and ideal for fishing heavy cover such as grass and wood. This swimbait is hand poured and has a high salt content and porous body. The pores make the Silly Rabbit a great choice when you apply scents to the bait. The Silly Rabbit will hold the scent longer than other smooth bodied injection molded plastics.

Two 1/4oz Poor Boys Belly Weight hooks are provided for rigging the Silly Rabbit.

Length Quantity
5.75" 3

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: I see why TW has them on sale, I bought 4 packs of the swim baits hoping they were at least worth what I paid. I was disappointed when I opened the boxes of baits, the clam shells melted to the plastic, they were all inconsistent with the pouring, and there was still untrimmed plastic on the baits. The colors are decent, but everything else isn't too great in my opinion.

Comments: Like everyone else, I'm tired of paying 20-40 dollars for swimbaits.  The Silly Rabbit swimbaits are perfect for the beginner as well as pros.  They can be rigged to perform at any level of the water column and you don't have to spend an arm and leg.  With 8 colors, no matter where you fish, matching the hatch will be no problem!

From: Jeff: Fesno, CA

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