The Powell Diesel Rod Series is not covered under any type of warranty.**

Powell Rods has every angler and every budget covered with the new Powell Diesel Casting Rods. The Diesel Series boasts Powell's long standing tradition of performance and innovation - at a very refreshing price point. Don’t let the low cost fool you. These are rods designed for serious anglers, and each model has been proven through relentless testing by Powell's top pro staff. Able to handle a multitude of bass fishing techniques, they feature Powell’s new D-Cell Multi-Matrix Matte Graphite blanks, which is designed to not only be extremely lightweight and sensitive, but also provide excellent durability as well. Also equipped with comfortable EVA split foam grips with no fore grip, Powell’s exclusive C-Guides and proprietary reel seats, these rods exhibit the comfort and features necessary to help you win. If you’re looking for responsive power, economy, and all out ruggedness, there is only one clear choice - the Powell Diesel Casting Rods.

The Powell Diesel Rod Series is not covered under any type of warranty.**

**Keith Bryan, president of Powell Rods explains: “Many rods on the market today will easily cost the consumer $80 or more to be replaced under warranty when the warranty fee, shipping costs, and packaging materials are factored in. If breakage should occur, replacing a Diesel Rod will be faster and cost about the same, or even less money than going through a lengthy warranty process. Not offering a warranty also allowed us to really turn up the performance of this rod series to far exceed competitors" offerings in the same price category. If folks desire a warranty, the popular Max and Endurance rod lines are still covered."

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    The Powell Diesel Casting Rods have every angler and every budget covered. They deliver the premium, non-compromising performance that anglers have come to expect from Powell Rods for over 100 years - at a great price.

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  • Powell blended the best attributes of the Max and Endurance Series with fresh, new cutting edge technologies to create the all-new, heavy duty Powell Max 3D Mag Bass Casting Rods.

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    Combining an outstanding price point with unbeatable performance, the Powell Nusance Casting Rods meet the demands of anglers, without putting a dent in the pocket book.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Great rod for the money. Got a 7'2 med/hvy extra fast. Have caught many bass and pikes with no problems at all. If these diesel brand had some warranty it would reign supreme. So far no problems yet. Very light and sensitive for the price. Can't beat this rod at its price point. However their are New Diesel rods coming out. Can't wait to get my hands on them. Great job Powell! Get one you won't be disappointed. Usage error will break any rods, don't be recklace and it will treat you right. Tight Lines!!!

From: HmGBassPro: MN 6/25/14

Comments: Good rod until you set the hook and it snaps in half, and it was only a year old with light use. I fish a lot and have never had a rod break before so I can't say I would recommend this rod when for $25-$30 more you can buy a better rod with a warranty.

From: Jake: OH 6/11/14

Comments: great rod extremely sensitive and caught several big fish using . very strong rod. set the hook so hard before i missed and slammed the rod into a tree and it didn't shatter or break. this rod should be more expensive cause its worth 130$

From: Jake: NJ 5/29/14

Comments: had this rod for a week before I decided to send it back. Nice looking rod and good price point but tip is too fast especially if you do not use braid.  Tried to use this as a jig rod and caused me to lose several big fish. Upgrade to St. Croix for only 30 dollars more you will not be disappointed and are backed by warranty

From: Joe: NJ 5/21/14

Comments: i got the 723CEF for a gift.this rod is simply light and sensitive. I been fishing spinner baits with 12 lbs test and put an Abundance Garcia orra winch on it.I really enjoy fishing with this rod reel combo works for me.I will be getting another one this year for crankbaits. The tip has a nice fast action too it and loads nice on the cast and really gets my lures out far with the reel I have. Get one if your thinking about it!!!!!!

From: Grant: Auburn, AL 4/22/14

Comments: The Diesel is a good rod just don't go to hard on it when you hook set a fish because it will break-I have experienced it!!.

From: Unknown: Canada 4/17/14

Comments: I got the 7'2" MH when it was on sale over the winter. I really like this rod for casting jigs. It's more tip heavy than my other rods so I had to pair it with my heaviest reel and it now balances nicely. I've only been out about 7-8 times but so far it hasn't given me any trouble. It is definitely softer at the tip then I expected but that's one reason I like it. I caught about a 2 dozen fish on it so far and not one threw the jig. I think the softer tip helps with that. It certainly has the backbone to set a thick hook though. I'd give it 7 out of ten stars.

From: Eric: Bel Air, MD 4/16/14

Comments: I own them all. All are awesome. All except the Crankin rod have at least 50# braid on them, they perform as well or better than the cheapest St.Croux. At this price point i highly recommend them. So far i have not lost any eyelets or snapped a rod, but then again i know where to point a rod tip and set a drag. The only reason these rods carry no warranty is to keep the cost low, not due to quality. Kudos to Powell!

From: Ed: OH 4/13/14

Comments: I throw 8 inch huddlleston deluxe's on this rod no problem, perfect tip with a solid back bone for swimbaits! Awesome for jigs as well!

From: John: Danville, CA 4/6/14

Comments: eyelets will pop out easy only had for 2 weeks and was throwing a shakey head and the uni-knot from braid to fluorocarbon leader popped both top eyelets out!! not so sure its worth $50 to use only a few times!!

From: Zakattak: Hillsboro, OH 3/28/14

Comments: Bought the 7'2" med hvy on sale for $54. I've never bought a rod without holding it first but for that cheap I figured why not. This thing is awesome my new favorite chatterbait rod! Perfect amount of tip with a ton of back bone. Very sensitive for that price range. Powell might just become my new rods of choice. Try one you won't be disappointed.

From: Zach: Tx 2/24/14

Comments: 1/ 1/2oz?? I can chuck a large slammer with this bad boy.. 4oz baits is pushing it BIG time though.. I've abused the diesel to snapping point many times and still kicking butt with it.

From: Johnny: USA

Comments: MUCH better than 99% of the $100 'throw away rods' out there right now. Snap one? Throw it in the gutter, and go buy another.

From: Jay6: USA

Comments: Upon unpacking my new Diesel 765CEF I noticed the eyelet nearest the handle was badly damaged. I immediately called TW, and in less than 10 minutes I had a replacement rod being overnight delivered to me, along with a packing label for return of the damaged rod. This is Thursday, and I will still be able to use my new Diesel this weekend as planned. Cannot ask for better customer service than that!TW made it right!

From: Mark: Orlando, FL

Comments: Great rod, Less sensitive then the Abu Garcia veritas but way better built i have 1 7'2 Med heavy a 7' Cranking rod and a 6'10 spinning rod. They all work great. Would recommend this to anyone. They are kind of flimsy though the 7'2 med heavy "Extra Fast" is more like a moderate-fast.

From: Joey: Arizona/Michigan

Comments: I've had the 7'6" model for about a year now.  I use it for froggin and flippin. I bought it when they had these on sale but even at 69.99, you cant beat it for the price. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this rod.  They need to come out with more models!

From: Tony: Chicago

Comments: I bought a 7'6 MH powell diesel rod on sale during Christmas. I enjoyed it greatly until the rod snapped 3 guides down after a hard hook set. The same thing happened to my frien with his diesel. These are great rods but break easily

From: Steven

Comments: I have 5 of the Diesel rods.  2 cranking 2 7'2 MH's and 1 7'6 MH.  I love these rods but out of nowhere the other day I was shore casting into 25mph winds and one of the 7'2 MH's snapped at the backbone on the cast.  I couldn't believe it, I don't love them so much anymore and will be replacing that rod with a different brand.  However for $70 you can't really go wrong with this rod.  If any of my other 4 snap that opinion may change in a future review.

From: Mike: Poconos, PA

Comments: I was very surprised at the extra softness of this rod's tip. From other manufacturers, "Extra Fast" meant a fairly stiff tip, something like a pitchin' stick -- not so with Powell's Diesel. At first it took some getting used to as a jig rod for heavier baits. I still don't feel comfortable with anything more than 3/8oz -- too tip heavy. The rod has good backbone when you overpower a hookset because of the soft tip, so you can land a good sized fish. Have caught some up to 5# with no problem. The sensitivity of the tip makes for a good crankin' rod, but it's definitely not for flipin' heavy cover. Good versatile rod otherwise.

From: Ed: champaign, IL.

Comments: i just got the diesel and used it for 30-50 cast and then it snaped when i went to cast and then found out it has no warranty do not buy its junk and a waste of 70 bucks better off paying 100 bucks and get a good rod

From: Justin: winslow, me usa

Comments: Only had the rod since christmas and haf little time one the water before it broke. I had th 7'6 mh and used it exclusivley for jigs. It was a great rod, just unexpectadly broke.

From: Morgan: Texas, USA

Comments: I have the 7'2" casting rod 723CEF and I think it is OK for a 3/8oz jig or Tex rigged soft plastic. But, the "Extra Fast" tip is so soft, I don't feel comfortable throwing anything heavier. The rod is rated to 3/4oz, but even a 1/2oz and the rod begins to feel tip-heavy to me.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL.

Comments: Wont find a better rod for $70. I use the 7'6 for for pitching jigs and has been flawless.

From: Tyler: Plymouth, MA

Comments: should I get the 7'2 for 3/8 oz jigs and Texas rigs?

From: Joe: MI

Comments: The 7ft 2in rod is great for crankbaits in heavy cover or throwing texas rigs in deeper water. Just won a tourny with 18 pounds and a 7 pound kicker with this rod. For the price its a great rod.

From: Nathan: Leander, TX

Comments: Awesome rod can't be beat for $70

From: Bass4life: PA

Comments: I got the rod in the 7.2 version it's amazing I can throw big baits like 1 oz jigs to little 3/8 oz jigs I even threw a 3/8 oz shaky head on it for 3 hours and caught three fish for 13 pounds in the winter powell rods have amazing sensitivity and durability if u get one u will not be disappointed

From: Joe: San Anselmo, CA

Comments: broke mine today, my fault. I dig it so much, I'm ordering another one. Seriously a sick rod for a great price!

From: boring Bradley

Comments: How would anyone compare these to the Abu Garcia Veritas?

From: Wil: Ohio

Comments: First of all these rods are just a tad bit tip heavy and not the lightest rods out there. However, they are without a doubt the best value out there. for 70 bucks they simply cannot be beat. They are extremely sensitive and definately very high quality. Pick up a few and you certainly wont be dissapointed

From: Taylor: TN

Comments: Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone can tell me how this rod does flinging weightless plastics? and small jigs like 3/8 oz ? thanks

From: David

Comments: Took the 765 rod out in january throwing a light A-rig and caught a 6 pounder.. These rods are great!

From: Stefan: Wirtz, VA

Comments: Bought the 723 and its AWESOME!  Using it as a jig rod. Has plenty of backbone and very sensitive!  I hope they expand the diesel line up. ILL BUY EM UP!

From: Doug: SC

Comments: This rod casts mile, has ton of backbone, and sensitive enough to feel the slightest hit.  Caught a four pound bass on the first cast! Excellent rod for the price!

From: Larry: Coconutcreek, FL

Comments: All I can say is WOW!!! Powell Diesel is just as advertised. Powell, you keep making the Diesel line at this price,you will be the last one standing at the end of the rod war.

From: Donald: Elizabethton, TN

Comments: These rods are insane went out in december and caught some fish on a lipless crank ripping in and out of weeds and also caught a 35 inch pike and the rod handled like no other ive owned these and the veritas are the only rods i buy and for 60 bucks on sale right now Omg what a steal but hope they can extend their line up by making a 6'6 and a 7 foot rod

From: Jacob: WI

Comments: this rod is awesome bought it for spiinner baits but have been using it for worming caught 2 4 lbers on it & a 15lb mudfish this rod has balls....hope they add more to the line up

From: Ron: Wellington, FL

Comments: I have the 765CEF & it cast a 1/2oz frog for miles  with 65 lb braid amazing! Love this rod ill be buying plenty more

From: Johan: Bakersfield, CA

Comments: Got the 723 great rod no doubt would recommend this rod

From: Hunter: IL

Comments: Absolutely love the 765 cant wait to get the 723. Powell PLEASE expand the lineup!!!!!

From: Alex: CA

Comments: The 765 is an excellent rod for the price! I was looking for an all purpose rod and one that I could cast big 1oz. spinnerbaits with no problem.  Thi rod did the trick!! A solid rod for the price!   

From: Jon: Coatesville, PA

Comments: This rod is amazing it is very light and durable cant believe it is cheap dont worry about the  warranty unless you dont take care of your rods. Caught a 4.5lb as my first fish handle it extremely well. 

From: Robert: Austin, TX

Comments: Got the 723. Fished spinners on it. This rod slings them cant beat these rods for the money. Will be buying more

Comments: *****I own every rod in "diesel" line and they are the best. I've owned a vendetta and its junk all the lower line of rods out there dont even come close to these rods.

From: Jesse: PHX, AZ

Comments: I too, bought this rod for spinnerbaits. Today though, the fish wanted chatterbaits, so I had it in my hands today for at least six hours. this thing aint light as a feather but it isnt a tank, either. Performed flawlessly on fish up to 4 lbs. Hook hanger is cool. A great deal on a versatile rod.

From: kool keith

Comments: this rod is hoss! flipped 2, 5lbers in the boat with ease

From: Bryan: Austin, TX

Comments: just got the 723c, i took it out the package, light weight and well balanced. some advace buy the others leaves the disel line al to me.

From: Matthew: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: Got the 723. You need one. I fish blades on it, it throws them a mile. I made a cast today that hasnt landed yet. So it rocks for blades, but if the worm, jig, frog or chatterbait bite takes off, this rod will double up and do that too. Its not the lightest, but its not a total tank, either. Totally worth the 70 bones.

From: Meatwad: Sunburnville

Comments: Received the 723 yesterday. Used it today as a frog rod in open water. The frog performed and walked great. Caught 3.8 lb and 5.1 lb bass. If first impressions mean anything this seems to be an excellent rod. I have tried several rods for "frog walking" and this one is the best yet. The Powell Diesel has certainly gained my respect. I can't believe it's only $70.

From: Rod: Chillicothe, MO

Comments: Purchased the 7'2" Med Hvy and I love it. It has the perfect amount of tip for jigs and it casts very well. I can't wait to get it out this week with some Spooks and poppers to see how it performs with some topwater action. Very sturdy reel seat and very comfortable grip. I am a Powell guy from now on. Thank you TW for carrying such a quality product.

From: Jim: Delevan, NY

Comments: I cannot believe this rod is only $70. The feel is great and I paired it with a Pro Max reel and use it for swim jigs and works great. I am a Powell Fan

From: Roger: AL

Comments: great rods , got 2 of them one for throwing a rattletrap and the other for a swim jig , first day i got them i was throwin a swim jig and caught a 6 pounder the 5th cast . rod had plenty of backbone , perfect tip. and light.im telling you this if you dont buy one , ill buy the rest of them.you might wanna hurry up and order you one.

From: Zach: FL

Comments: I now own three of these rods. One for spinners, one for jigs, & the 7'6" for flipping(its more like a heavy rod). They are light weight, easy to hold, and cast very well. These rods have soft tips but are made for big hooksets. Great value. Buy a Powell and use the money you saved to get a high quality reel. You'll find more than one in your rod locker by seasons end.

From:  Mark: Stuartevant, WI

Comments: I got the 723 a few months ago and paired it up with the shimano curado 200e7 and some 15 lb red label for jigs, worms (both texas and weightless) and the occasional spinnerbait. it is really sensitive and sets the hook perfectly for jigs. The tip flings out weightless stikbaits very far even with the 15lb. it is a great all around rod and i want to get more! It would also be a great froggin rod, along with very small swimbaits. Veryyyyy impresseed!!!!

From: Logan: NJ

Comments: Just got the 723 and used it in a tournament yesterday.  I got it for a particular technique but feels like a great all around rod.  I'm about to order the flipping and cranking rod.  Only thing is a guide insert fell out, probably my fault cuz I abuse my rods, I just smoothed it out so it didn't fray line so no problems during the tournament.  I e-mailed Powell and said they're sending me the insert for free.  I'll just repair it myself, way better than paying for shipping and waiting forever with a warranty.  Sure you could buy just a couple nicer rods and get the job done, but re-tying takes time so I'd rather have a bunch of rods.  I usually spend $50-100 on a rod and this rod feels better and lighter than anything else in my lineup.  Plus with these 3 rods you can cover almost any technique.  I'm ready to stock up!

Comments: I bought the 723CEF and LOVE it! It's extremely well balanced and feels great in the hand. Has a ton of backbone and a great tip. I currently use it for jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and plastics mostly, but it can handle just about anything. Would highly recommend and will probably get another. Only downside was a broken guide when I received it but a quick repair later and that was fixed. Could not be happier with this rod.

From: Eric

Comments:  I bought the 723CEF and paired it with a Lew's Speed reel. Great combo. I use it for spinnerbaits but it's a rod that you can use multiple baits with. It isn't as light as the other Powell rods and it's thicker but it works well and is still pretty light. Well worth the money! Another good rod from Powell!

From: Tom: North Charleston, SC

Comments: I bot the Powell Diesel Casting Rod 7'6" Med Hvy (765CEF) Let me tell you what! This rods amazing even if it was priced at $120. The rods a work horse for sure. Perfect tip. Tons of back bone when you need it. The rods built perfect and at $69.99 Why wouldnt you try it. You will be impressed (TeamRippnLipz)

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: This is the best rod out there for the price. I absolutely love this thing. I have the 723CEF. And it makes a great jig rod. LOVE IT!!

From: Johnathon: AL

Comments: awesome rod took it out today after I got it an for the price you can't beat the sensitivity an craftsmanship you get...first Powell rod ever owned will not be the last!

From: Chris: TN

Comments: I just received the 7'6" Casting rod, haven't used it yet, this thing is pretty light, not Carrot Stix light, but light, its a bit thicker than I thought it would be, but that's what makes it look like its got a good backbone, this thing looks tough, tip seems just right, not tip heavy, as someone else stated the first guide is about half way up the rod, so I'm curious as to   what this will be like.  I think I might be getting another one

From: Juan: Bellingham, WA

Comments: I just received my order in record time once again, thank you Tackle Warehouse. I own the Powell Deep Composite Cranking rod and I'm sold on Powell, period. I just got my first Powell Diesel in the mail yesterday and I must say that this rod is more than impressive! It's feather light and looks amazing. It's the best rod I've ever seen or felt for this kind of money or anything close! Can't wait to get it out on the water!! I'm ordering more of these without a doubt! Get one, get two! You will be glad you did!

From: Stuart: VA

Comments: Really nice rod for the money can't wait to use it

From: Marky: Holbrook, NY

Comments: Just received the 723CEF and this thing is just what all the reviews have been saying.  Very well balanced and lightweight.  For the price of this rod, it does not hurt to try it out.  Will be using it very soon.

From: WI

Comments: Went out with the 765CEF yesterday, fished a 1/2 oz jig and a 3/8oz spinnerbait.  Worked great for both.  I love this rod.  I have a powell max cranking rod and this diesel is just as well balanced.  It's sensitive and for its size it's pretty lightweight, not the lightest thing i've picked up, but it's no broomstick.  At the same time it's got enough muscle to drag some pigs out of cover with confidence.  One weird thing, the first line guide is like halfway up the rod, which i haven't seen on any other rod.  Don't know why, but this rod feels great so i can't complain

From: MA

Comments: Just got the 765CEF and went bed fishing for early spawner's and Killed it ! This rod is truly a work horse !  Worth way more than it costs. Good job Powell !!!

From: Chris: CA

Comments: This rod is the best value anywhere, its light sensetive and has a nice backbone to it. I have 7' 2'' version and it is the tool for jigs soft plastics and light flipping. I will be buying the cranking fiberglass version. I wish everyone would stop crying about the waranty thing because if you take care of your rods then they won't break (unless its a carrot stix :) ). Buy this rod or you'll be sorry, you need it in your arsenal.

From: FL

Comments: Wow!!! 70 bucks gets you a lot!! The 765CEF is a beast! I used it to throw a a-rig and it was awesome has just the right action and it makes a killer paddle tail sb rod as well!! I am going to try it on a c-rig next 

From: Brian: Pittsburgh

Comments: These things are so good good. it feels like my endurance rods.

From: Jesse: Phx, AZ

Comments: I just got the 7.2 MH rod and 7 Crankbait rod. I'm so impressed by these rods if they fish as good as they feel and look these rods are going to be amazing. I think Powell might of just put the rest of the rod companies on notice with there under $100 rod.

From: Jim: Newark, DE

Comments: Fished with the new 723 CB, today and it is just as advertised. Rod action is a perfect all round casting rod. Used pointer 78's, 1/2 oz Super Spots & Rattle Traps !/4 & 1/2. Casts great. I am not worried about warranty as I have never broken a rod. Crunch it hard and it casts 3/8th jerk bait an honest 100 ft. Just because it costs $ 70.00 doesn't have to mean substandard performance. Glad Tackle Warehouse stocks Powell Diesel. Just ordered another after the first day.

From: Clayton: Austin, TX

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