The Powell Diesel Rod Series is not covered under any type of warranty.**

Powell Rods has every angler and every budget covered with the new Powell Diesel Crankbait Casting Rods. The Diesel Series boasts Powell's long standing tradition of performance and innovation - at a very refreshing price point. Don’t let the low cost fool you. These are rods designed for serious anglers, and each model has been proven through relentless testing by Powell's top pro staff. Designed for fishing a wide range of reaction baits, they feature Powell's fiberglass blank technology for lightweight, durable performance, and the ideal taper and action. Also equipped with comfortable EVA split foam grips with no fore grip, Powell's exclusive C-Guides and proprietary reel seats, these rods exhibit the comfort and features necessary to help you win. If you're looking for responsive power, economy, and all out ruggedness, there is only one clear choice - the Powell Diesel Crankbait Casting Rods.

The Powell Diesel Rod Series is not covered under any type of warranty.**

**Keith Bryan, president of Powell Rods explains: “Many rods on the market today will easily cost the consumer $80 or more to be replaced under warranty when the warranty fee, shipping costs, and packaging materials are factored in. If breakage should occur, replacing a Diesel Rod will be faster and cost about the same, or even less money than going through a lengthy warranty process. Not offering a warranty also allowed us to really turn up the performance of this rod series to far exceed competitors" offerings in the same price category. If folks desire a warranty, the popular Max and Endurance rod lines are still covered."

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    The Powell Diesel Casting Rods have every angler and every budget covered. They deliver the premium, non-compromising performance that anglers have come to expect from Powell Rods for over 100 years - at a great price.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: got the glass cranking rod and paired it with a 5:1 lews speed spool. It's a good rod. It's very well made, feels solid, looks nice (simple and not covered in graphics), and handles big fish well. It's my first "glass" rod but it feels pretty much the same weight wise as all my other rods. It's great for throwing bigger cranks like fat free shads and even square bills. I really wish I had bought a 6:1 though because unless you do everything perfectly with your hook set, and you won't have time to pick up your slack. I can tell you how many big fish I've lost due to that. Oh well. The fish that do manage to get hooked are hooked well. And since pairing this rod up with 10 mono, it's the the first time I can say that fish sometimes swallow whole cranks. Never had that happen before. Thanks Powell!

From: Chris: ME 7/30/14

Comments: R.I.P. I loved it. 12# Big Game snapped it like a twig. My fault, i wish it had a warranty.

From: ED: OH 6/15/14

Comments: Best glass rod for the $. Light as hell, Unreal action, really good tip. Paired with a ABU Orra Wench. Great (low cost) combo. I would recommend it to any and everybody.

From: Ed: OH 4/21/14

Comments: Great Rod for the price!  Purchased on sale for $54 and was so surprised I ordered a second!  Like it way more than my Mojo Glass!  Use one for jerkbaits and other for squares and lipless.  Even at $79 it is worth it!

From: Harry: Richmond, VA 4/20/14

Comments: Bass love it but the hooks are awful, really sharp but they don't stay on at all, good buy but change the goons immediately.

From: Ryan: Fullerton, CA 3/11/14

Comments: Great rod! its extremely light for a glass rod. really like the tip on it. going to be perfect for lipless cranks.

From: Kevin: Louisville, KY 3/11/14

Comments: This is my first glass rod and I'm impressed with its weight and feel. For 55 bucks ( on sale ) I'm thinking I should buy one more

From: Dave: Columbia, MD

Comments: I admit I was very sceptical that a fibreglass rod could really be light enough that my "fishing elbow" could handle it comfortably. I've tried fibreglass rods before and while I loved how they cast and handled fish even when they went crazy, their weight was just too much. But the numbers of reviewers calling this stick "light" or "very light", even when adding "for a glass rod" as a qualifier pushed me over the top. After all, at $69, I didn't have much to lose, and since I've never had a rod break on me in Ã≠± 50 years, the absence of a warranty didn't bother me.
This thing is indeed pretty light! At 4.8 oz, it's in line with the typical graphite MH 7' crankbait rod in the $100-$150 range. And reasonably well balanced too; that nub of a butt had me worried (as do all those fashionable "poodle tails") that the rod would be very tip heavy. So I was glad to realize that the length and large diameter of the rear handle brought things back into my preferred balance range. Casting this rod is really enjoyable. Loads very well, handling even Ã≠Âπ oz. lures on the low end and sending Ã≠Â≤ oz. lures into orbit if you need distance. And as far as being able to keep a fish pinned even under the most demanding circumstances, let me quote the 14.7 pound Northern I brought in on my first outing with the Diesel: "I never had a chance! I thought I'd get off easily, with a single hook in a fluke trying to hold me, but even my most violent head shakes and diving into vegetation only succeeded in scaring the angler without fazing the rod in the least."I couldn't have said it better myself! Don't tell Powell, but even at double the price, this would still be a great deal!

From: Fishingelbow: Quebec, Canada

Comments: was pretty skeptic at first cause a $70 fiberglass rod sounds pretty farfetched. but boy was i surprised... the rod has alot of power and is pretty light for a glass rod. had one paired with a bb1 and one with a tatula and i used it to fish smallmouth and it handled them well. for $70 bucks it's an awesome buy.

From: Mitch: St.Cloud, mn

Comments: I have the 705CBand have used it many times. It casts and loads very well, nut when I make hard long casts I can feel the reel seat slide up, although it always slides back down, it makes me wonder if one day my reel is going to go flying in the water. It is really more like a medium action than a medium heavy and cannot handle any crank that really dives under 10 feet. Overall it is a decent rod the is good for square bills and medium diving cranks.

From: Sam: USA

Comments: Well, I have a few of these rods and have been pleasantly surprised, up until I use this model. Took it out for the first time and 7th cast in the rod snapped in half. Now, because I do own other diesel rods and haven't had issues since it makes me wonder how long the life span is on the other ones I own. Needless to say I am not happy not necessarily because it broke but because it broke so soon after receiving it, I mean first day 7th cast? Come on! Does this make me hesitant on further Diesel purchases, yes. And with 0 warranty it looks like I'm SOL.

From: Justin: San Ramon, CA

Comments: I bought two of the Powell ( made in China ) crank-bait rods, model no. 705 glass at $69.99 each.  I received very fast delivery with TW standard free shipping ( 3 days ) !   The rods are very lite and cast great, also has a good feel in your hand using Shimano Curados. I use the rods for fishing KVD 1.5 square bill and small med-diving Bandit and Model A Bomber crank-baits. This rod would also work well using jerk baits, small topwater and small spinner baits. The rod works well, but this is a very simple rod. I think it works because of the Fiberglas blank. I think the blank design is great for using small crank-baits. But I also think the rod is a little pricey, comparing it to other rods I own.

From: GTB: Natchitoches , Louisiana

Comments: Satisfied with this rod for the price. Light and pretty sensitive. Casts traps, lipless cranks, and normal cranks quite well. Good deal for $70

From: Tim: Spokane WA

Comments: 1st off, I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of this rod. For glass, it is light. Loads great with baits between 1/2 and even up to a full ounce. Heavier than that the rod seems a bit overloaded on the cast. Handles cranks that dive to 15 feet quite well. After that it get's a little iffy. Could use a bit more backbone, but it does alright. It exceeded my expectations in sensitivity, being able to pick up all the crank sensations, but I was also using braid. It makes a decent lipless crank rod too in open water with braid. Just don't use a 5:4:1, speed it up a bit or you may not feel the vibe. For 60 bucks, I'm certainly not complaing

From: Mark

Comments: This is a great rod for the price. I got it on the Christmas sale for 60$ and it feels like I stole it. It is a great pro forming rod and seems to be durable. It is also light and balanced. I use it for M to Deep diving cranks and it works fine.

From: Cole: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: Picked this rod up because of the great price and the awesome reviews. In my opinion this rod is well worth the price and probably even more. Has a great feel and it's very lightweight. Took mine out for the first time in January up here in PA and managed to crank out three largemouth on it. The bites were soft but the rod performed great and helped keep them attached. I'm looking forward to catching many more fish on this awesome rod.

From: Steven: PA

Comments: there is not much to say because the details of this rod is 100 percent correct. Caught a nice 5 lber off a deep diving crank and this rod handles exceptionally well. Great rod for the price. Will buy more of the deisel line up. Stay true diesel

From: Ca Delta Basing: Stockton, CA

Comments: Ive been using this rod for about a week. All I can say is WOW. It has crazy sensitivity, perfect taper for a crankbait rod and is crazy stong. I would fish these over most 200$ rods

Comments: I just got this rod in the mail yesterday and took it out to a local lake to try it out and see if all these other reviews were correct in their support. This rod has just the right amount of tip to zing your crank or jerk bait out a mile and great backbone to support it. You can feel every bump with this rod and you know exactly when you get down to the grass and weeds.

From: Jim: Delevan, NY

Comments: awesome rod, wish they made a 7'6" and a 7'11" too.

From: Chris: Nashville, TN

Comments: Extremely light & sensitive cranking rod for the cash.  It has a little more backbone compared with the W&M Reese/Tessera 7' glass rod, and much less of a whippy tip section.  I also had the loose reel seat issue on my Diesel, and the electrical tape fix does work....

From: Ryan: Fairview Heights, IL

Comments: Someone mentioned the reel seat not locking down.  I own several of these and only had this problem on one of them.  Just put a couple strips of electric tape on end of each side of the reel bar and you're in business.  Landed a 4 pounder on a chatterbait with this setup and never felt like the reel was insecure.  Oh and pair it with a lews speed spool...best value out there in my opinion.

From: Pete: VA

Comments: This rod is sweet!I'm floored that I got this kind of quality from a $70 dollar rod. I will be buying the whole diesel line.

From: The Whiz: Henderson

Comments: These rods are insanely good for the price, I feel like I should be wearing a ski mask when I order one of these.  Already had the two other casting rods and just got this one in.  I love glass rods and this is the lightest best feeling, best casting one I've got.  It feels like more of a medium power to me.  I was planning on using it with braid for spinnerbaits and chatterbaits but it doesn't quite have the power I was looking for.  I think it will be awesome for topwaters and cranks though.  I'm going to order a few more diesels just in case they get discontinued or the price goes up.  Looking forward to never dealing with a rod warranty issue again.  With the shipping for a warranty repair it will end up costing about the same as one of these rods anyway

From: Pete: VA

Comments: Had to replace the tip because it had a nick in it. but all in all its alright

From: Jesse: Phx, AZ

Comments: These rods are OUTSTANDING. They will handle squarebills and XDs no problem. Most importantly, they will absorb those runs and head shakes that cause hooks to pull out. It made me some money this weekend because every fish that got hooked up, made it into the boat. Don't let the lack of warranty scare you off. Take car of your equipment! I would seriously consider the other Diesel rods without hesitation.

From: Dave: Farmersburg, IN

Comments: What can I say that others haven't already said in the reviews?  These things are a beaut.  They look great, they work great, they make other sticks jealous.  Super lightweight too.  Have had no issues at all.  No jinx!  Love the concept of the disposeable rod.  I am tough on equipment and usually break rods right after the warranty expires anyway, so this is a winner for me.  Caught a lot of nice quality fish and handled them with no problem, including a 15 lb catfish that sucked up a spinnerbait.  These get two Big J's up!

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments: Its unbelievable that powell would sell this for $70. Just buy one now before the price goes up dont worry about the no warrenty just turn off you ceiling fan and dont step on it.

From: Jake: NJ

Comments: I couldn't be any more happier with this rod.  Extremely light, and the action is great. Incredible rod, at an amazing price!

From: Aaron: IA

Comments: I've been wanting to pick up a cranking rod for cranks & jerks, but didn't want to spend that much, so I gave the Diesel a try. Very nice rod for the money. I've got it paired with a Lew's TP1S & it's a great feeling combo that balances out very nicely for a glass cranking set-up. I've only fished it a little bit, but it casts nicely & has a nice soft tip for casting & playing the fish. Only complaint I have is the reel seat nut seems to not lock down that great, I've had to tighten it up a couple times after thinking I had it locked down when the reel felt a bit loose on a couple occasions. It hasn't caused a problem & for the money, it's hard to beat this stick.

From: KCL: NW Iowa

Comments: I wanted see how good these rods are so I ordered 4 of the Diesel Series rods, and all I can say is WOW! and thats coming from someone who use's the MAX Series rods...you hit a home run on this one Keith! and for only $70....incredibale! :)

From: James: Madison, FL

Comments: Put this on a Abu Garcia Revo SX! It looks so good and performs even better. I'm willing to say there is likely not a better crank rod on the market for this price. I will be ordering another soon.

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments: The rod is Sensitive, Feels like the other Powell Rods that I own and I own a few(12). The only thing that I found as a Con is that the Foam Handle  is kinda slippery. Other than that it's a great rod at a really great price.

From: Martin: Fresno, CA

Comments: I have two of the 705CB rods.  Like all Powells I own, they're fantastic (especially for $70).  Powell really knocked it out of the park with this one!  Anybody that questions the lack of warranty should read the full description of the rod INCLUDING the submission by Keith (owner of Powell Rod Co.)

From: Anthony: Niles, IL

Comments: Very good rod. This rod is lighter than my max 703cb and only $70. If you take care of your rods theses are a win- win

From: Brian: Pittsburgh

Comments: Got my 705CB Powell Deisel in and took her out for a test run. Paired it with a Curado 51e so it makes for a very light set up. The action is spot on for medium sized cranks, swimbaits, big top waters and even spinners. Very impressed with this rod and the quality is every bit as good as the Max and Endurance Powells I have. Good move on the lower price with no warranty.... just buy it, treat it right, and enjoy a great rod!

From: TKAHermes: Austin, TX

Comments: first of all, i need to say that this rod is extremely light weight!  my berkley digital scale put it at just 3 oz.  paired with a team daiwa fuego that is fully spooled with 10 lb big game monofilament, the total weight is only 12 oz.  the rod feels amazing and is very underpriced.  the eva foam grips feel very solid and much higher quality than most.  i truly believe that you are getting the most bang for your buck with this rod.  try it out and i can pretty much guarantee that you will be impressed!

From: Elijah: Seattle, WA

Comments: this rod is very similar to the powell 703cb glass rod. the action is almost identical. the only real noticeable difference is the reel seat. this rod has a slightly larger one, but the only way to tell is if u hold both rods side by side. also this rod has foam, not cork grips. other than that it is an awesome deal for $70

From: Kyle: Buena, NJ

Comments: I just ordered two of these bad boys.  I got the cranking glass rod, and the 7'2 medium heavy all purpose.  Pretty excited about these rods, because if they are anything like the other powell rods, these are a steal for the price.  I will update when they get here wednesday!

From: Eric: Lexington, SC

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