The Powell Diesel Rod Series is not covered under any type of warranty.**

Powell Rods has every angler and every budget covered with the new Powell Diesel Spinning Rods. The Diesel Series boasts Powell's long standing tradition of performance and innovation - at a very refreshing price point. Don’t let the low cost fool you. These are rods designed for serious anglers, and each model has been proven through relentless testing by Powell's top pro staff. Able to handle a multitude of bass fishing techniques, they feature Powell’s new D-Cell Multi-Matrix Matte Graphite blanks, which is designed to not only be extremely lightweight and sensitive, but also provide excellent durability as well. Also equipped with comfortable EVA split foam grips with no fore grip, Powell’s exclusive C-Guides and proprietary reel seats, these rods exhibit the comfort and features necessary to help you win. If you’re looking for responsive power, economy, and all out ruggedness, there is only one clear choice - the Powell Diesel Spinning Rods.

The Powell Diesel Rod Series is not covered under any type of warranty.**

**Keith Bryan, president of Powell Rods explains: “Many rods on the market today will easily cost the consumer $80 or more to be replaced under warranty when the warranty fee, shipping costs, and packaging materials are factored in. If breakage should occur, replacing a Diesel Rod will be faster and cost about the same, or even less money than going through a lengthy warranty process. Not offering a warranty also allowed us to really turn up the performance of this rod series to far exceed competitors" offerings in the same price category. If folks desire a warranty, the popular Max and Endurance rod lines are still covered."

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    The Powell Diesel Spinning Rods have every angler and every budget covered. They deliver the premium, non-compromising performance that anglers have come to expect from Powell Rods for over 100 years - at a great price.

  • Burning up the competition on pricepoint and performance, the Powell Inferno Spinning Rods feature advanced, lightweight 36-ton graphite Maxumfiber blanks with Powell's new advanced Mini Matrix technology that are sure to heat up your fishing.

  • The Powell Max 3D Spinning Rods blended the best attributes of the Endurance and Max series with fresh, new cutting-edge technologies to create an all-new series of rods perfectly designed for finesse applications.

  • New

    Combining Powell's outstanding performance with an enticing price point, the Powell Nusance Spinning Rods utilize a Maxumfiber graphite blank to give angles the utmost in sensitivity and responsiveness. 

Customer Reviews

Comments: Not a bad feeling rod but, it needs a longer handle! This handle is very short and not comfortable to use and would be hard to fight a decent size fish.....

From: Kenneth: Believers, TN

Comments: Have had 2 of these rods for better than a year--have fished both hard--not one problem--they are more like a med heavy than medium but i am sold on them--would buy again and have bought the baitcasters--great rods-great price

From: Dave

Comments: A little heavier weight than I expected a medium action but that's not a bad thing. ordered 2 1 had a broken eye but TW took it back. The other one has been catching me fish for over a year no problems.

From: Donk

Comments: Great rod, especially for the price. I fish bass from a float tube so I only carry a couple of rods. I've used it with plastics, chatterbaits & rattletraps so far & it fished them all wonderfully. I plan on buying a few more & I highly recommend this rod.

From: Dave: Kennewick, WA

Comments: Sweet Rod.  I got a casting rod two weeks before a tourney and figured out it was going to be a drop shot day on the lake and ordered one of these.  Loved it - I put my Veritas down and never picked it up the rest of the day.

From: OH

Comments: Ordered a 7' medium Damiki Dark Angel for 179 dollars, and the Diesel for under 70 (on sale).  I will be returning the Dark Angel.  The Diesel feels about the same in wieght, seems just as sensitive, has a shorter handle length (good for pitching), and a little better hook keeper placement imho than the Dark Angel.  Plus it is less than half the price!!!! I am very impressed.  This is my first Powell, and it won't be my last.  If you are looking for a powerful rod for skipping baits under docks or pitching light baits in cover- this is your rod!

From: Brad: Hayden, ID

Comments: Got to use mine for the first time today and I have to say its a solid rod for the money. Its not as nice as the Max and Endurance rod I have, But nor should it be for the price on it. Just saying because others have said its just as good. But overall Powell delivered a great product and I'll continue to Buy from powell. This was my 7th powell rod.

Comments: Very good spinning rod for the money! Reminds me of the wacky rig rod by Powell. Its like a flipping spinning rod. If you are thinking of getting a different rod in this price range Don't!!!! This rod should be 120 or so. I do have 2 of these and 2 of the 7'6" and 1 of the cranking rod they are all very good rods some of the widing checks above the reel seats are a lil off but for 70 bucks how could you complain about that and you still get 9 plus the top guide and I like that they moved the hook hanger

From: Brian: Pittsburgh

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