Featuring a distinctive new look with deep purple water spot patterns along the lower portion of the blanks, the Powell Endurance Casting Rods offer the premium, non-compromising performance that has made Powell a leader in rod building for over 100 years. Powell’s proprietary Maximfiber blank technology offers crisp, responsive actions and tapers, combined with the superior balance and power that sets Powell Rods apart from the rest.

Smaller, specially designed, premium Fuji Alconite Guides also provide many of the advantages of micro guides, facilitating reduced friction, increased casting distance and heightened sensitivity, and they are still large enough to allow most knots and debris to pass through unimpeded. High quality Fuji Reel Seats also help reduce weight, and combined with a split grip, premium cork handle configuration, provide balanced, all-day ergonomic comfort. Offering a potent blend of performance and value, the Powell Endurance Casting Rods are also backed by Powell’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    The Powell Diesel Casting Rods have every angler and every budget covered. They deliver the premium, non-compromising performance that anglers have come to expect from Powell Rods for over 100 years - at a great price.

  • Featuring advanced, ultra sensitive 36-ton Maxumfiber blanks with Powell's new Mini Matrix technology, the Powell Inferno Casting Rods burn up the competition on pricepoint and performance.

  • Delivering the perfect actions and tapers for fishing crankbaits and jerkbaits, the Powell Inferno Crankbait and Jerkbait Casting Rods burn up the competition on pricepoint and performance.

  • Blending the best attributes of Powell's popular Endurance and original Max series, the Powell Max 3D Casting Rods are loaded with fresh, new technologies to create a whole new high performance rod series.

  • Delivering technique-specific performance perfectly suited for crankbait and reaction bait applications, the Powell Max 3D Crankbait Casting Rods continue Powell Rod's tradition of excellence.

  • Powell blended the best attributes of the Max and Endurance Series with fresh, new cutting edge technologies to create the all-new, heavy duty Powell Max 3D Mag Bass Casting Rods.

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    Combining an outstanding price point with unbeatable performance, the Powell Nusance Casting Rods meet the demands of anglers, without putting a dent in the pocket book.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I wish i would have known they were going to discontinue the 694cf. i would have bought enough of them to last me a lifetime! I have two but wish i had 12. the 694cf is the most amazing rod i have ever owned. it is extremely sensitive and versatile. It is short enough to target cast around cypress trees and other shoreline cover and yet has all the power needed to land big fish. Powell needs to bring this rod back!

From: Courtney: LA 3/17/14

Comments: extremely sensitive

From: Eric: Mass

Comments: Great frog rod for the money.  It is not the most durable frog rod but for the price its great.  Very streamline for easy hook sets and walks like a dream.  Going to load up on these.  Watch my review and action on the water on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xrbb9X2JknM

From: Dane: NJ, USA

Comments: Powell rods are in my opinion the best rod out there. I don't know of any rod that is better i have tried nearly every higher end rod and i still choose this one for its sensitivity and its backbone. if you want i well rounded rod buy this one. And dont worry these will horse in those bigger fish i caught my personal best 10.6 using the old 6'8" heavy.

Comments: This is one of those rods that if every angler tried, they would change all there arsenal to. Not only do they have an amazingly sensitive blank that i could feel a minnow fart on, they are TOUGH. I am not sponsored by Powell, i am simply just impressed, it is a must buy.

From: Logan: NJ

Comments: The 6'7MH helped me get a 25 pound carp in the net. Thank you Powell.

From: Charlie: CT

Comments: I own 3 Powell Rods now and wish I had the money to replace all my other rods with Powell. I love the balance on all the Powell rods and they're extremely light but still have good backbone to haul in lunkers! In my opinion, Powell rods are just as good as most of the other the high-end rods, but cost half the price. I know some of you swear by GLoomis, St. Croix, Falcon, etc. but most of these cost twice the price of Powell and are basically the same in feel, balance, lightness, and durability. I've paired my Powells with Lew's reels, which is an awesome combination, and can't even guess at the number of bass I've caught. So far, the durablility on my Powells are good. ANY of the Powell rods are well worth the money!

From: Tom: North Charleston, SC.

Comments: This appears to be a very quality built rod.  I purchased the 722cef.First try seems sensetive nice action balanced.The handle is longer then my loomis or st croix rods even though the specs here say it is shorter? Would I buy another yes for a c note. This rod seems heavy compared to my others brands but has a lot of guides in this size range.  Short summery tad heavy but nice quality.

From: Tom: MI

Comments: Great rods, I've got just about every rod in the endurance line up. The 714 is a monster, in a pinch I also use it as a frog rod with 60lb Power Pro braid..that's right I said a frog rod! The thing feels like a Dodge Cummins when pulling bass out of lily pads.

Comments: I'm returning the 714CEF I just received. It's a great rod, with no flaws to the build quality or balance. It is just lighter in power than I was thinking it would be - comparable to most of my MH rods, or maybe just a very slight bump up in power. Judging that by tip flex & the ever popular Cocker Spaniel pulling on a casting plug in the yard... That's all fine & good, I just want something more stout for close quarters heavy cover hooksets with beaver baits & such... This rod would be awesome for worming, buzzbaits etc... I also should have asked about the physical weight. It is just over 6 oz by my scale & 14 oz with a spooled up Curado E. Like I say, it is well balanced with the reel, but its on the heavy side IMHO. I just ordered the Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 Micro Casting Rod 7' Heavy. More what I need for this application. Right at 4 oz for all day comfort & probably comparable to a 5 power in the Powell line. Not sure of that comparison, but I messed with it at the Classic Expo in Tulsa & it is a sure enough heavy power...

Comments: These rods really are something else. I had never heard of them until a while back I was in the market for a new rod and went searching on TW and stumbled upon these, read all the reviews and nothing but extremely positive feedback. And now a days with anybody being able to say anything they want, and possibly never even have picked up one of these rods, is extremely rare! So after I bought my first, I now have many more. There is nothing about these rods that isn't top notch. My favorite has to be the 714, when you have a top notch reel that'll really cast a 10" worm across the lake, you need not worry about not having the power to drive the hook through that fish even 100 yards away with the power that the 714 has. I see about a dozen more in my future.

From: Kurt, TX

Comments: @Mike I have 10 Powell's and have had them all for about a year and a half now with none of the guides breaking. I have had a guide bend on the spinning rod but they are a little different. You wont be disappointed with any Powell you buy!

From: Cody

Comments: Everyone please, do not buy these rods whatever you do! No one needs to even consider buying these rods, look somewhere else at another rod company. Leave these for me, and only me..I want them all!

From: Mitch: Savannah, GA

Comments: I have two of these and they're by far the best rods I've ever put my hands on, and I tend to ignore price when I'm in the market for a new rod. And for under $200, these rods are incredible! I don't know what those guys at Powell are doing over there, but holy s**** please keep up the good work. I can't wait till I have my boat full of these rods. I plan on buying these rods until Powell discontinues them.

From: Valdosta, GA

Comments: Just bought one of these rods and I own shimano's and one GL2 and I must say this rod is definitely just as good as my others and is one of the first ones I grab when I flip. I do have one question for anyone who has had one for a while, how do the guides hold up? Has anyone had one break, or had a guide bend when pulling it out of a rod holder or any problem with the guides what so ever? Not that I'm having problems just wanna know how durable they are.

From: Mike: GA

Comments: FWIW, I have been fishing Powell's since they first debuted the Max series in 2006, I since have close to a dozen between Max's and endurances in all models ranging from dropshot rods to flippin rods. In that length of time I have never broken a single one...Great rods.

From: Jeffy: WA

Comments: I bought the 714 endurance and this is such a great versatil powerful rod...jigs, plastics, pitchin, c-rigs, etc. So many experienced anglers can't be wrong, Powell Endurance Rods are one of the best rods for bass fishing!!!

From: Hans: Mexico

Comments: Definitely the next rod i'm going to buy!

From: Michael: GA

Comments: ordered the 723 for a tournament coming up because i heard and read some good things. i havent even fished with the rod yet and i can tell im going to buy more.Such a light and perfectly balanced rod. we'll see how she does this weekend at lake nacimiento!

From: Danny

Comments: Why would Powell need to change anything??? The handle grips are perfection, NO NEED TO CHANGE WHAT'S NOT BROKEN....

From: Larry: MN

Comments: When will powell change their handle grip to the newer style with two finger grips instead of one. when they do this, i will move over from quantum to powell instantly replacing all my rods!!  :)

From: MN

Comments: after snapping two of the Max series, the feller from Powell sent me this model. No more snappy mc snapback. It's holding up well. I am talkin about the 6'7MH. Sure wish I picked up another when they were on sale/clearance as I see they aint up in the Tackle Warehouse no mo. Oh well, this is a super rad series of rods, try one.

From: Meatwad: enduring

Comments: I own a 6' 7" med hvy and i got it when it was on sale and holy sh*t this is prolly one of the best rods i own

From: Arroyo Grande, CA

Comments:  I fish many tournaments each year and fish for fun more than should be allowed by law.  When I buy a new rod, I expect it to hold up to lots of use and abuse, and I try to buy only the best rods available.  That does not translate to the most expensive rods in this case.  These rods are the best you can buy for less than 300 bucks.  Superb attention to detail, and unparalleled quality.  Sensitivity is as good as any G. Loomis or St. Croix made, and are they lighter than most  any comparable rod.  I have owned almost every rod made, and these are my personal favorite.  694-CF: great for worms, blades, and light flipping.  714-CEF: best jig rod made for weights from 1/4 to 5/8 oz.  Also a good rod for a C-rig.  725-CF: an absolute work-horse of a rod, great for flipping and jigging when weights need to be 5/8 oz or heavier.  And don't forget, their line of cranking rods are top-notch too, the 7'2" Heavy makes throwing a CB20 all day a breeze.  DO yourself a favor, stop procrastinating, and buy a couple of these rods in your favorite action.  You will not be disappointed.  Guaranteed.

From: John: Haleyville, AL

Comments: $109.....are u kidding me?  This is the best for the money I've ever bought. I just bt another one I don't need. When will I ever buy a rod like this in the future for that price.

Comments: I own 5 of the 6-7 and 6-9. I have no need for this many..... I'm sure I will never be able to buy a rod like this again for $109!!

From: David: TX

Comments: Love this rod! Its so light in your hands you don't know its there.  The 6'7" MH fast action tip is amazing.  Love the fast tip  for distance hook sets and the blank is plenty strong to turn their heads and pull'm up.  Amazing guides.  For me the power is under rated.  If you like power rods up the Medium to a MH;  heavy buy a Mag Heavy.  $300 quality for half price.

From: Adam: Phila, PA

Comments: just purchased the 6'9" heavy. Very nice balance and light weight, but the handle is too short for my liking. Other than that it is a very well built responsive rod.Comments: just purchased the 6'9" heavy. Very nice balance and light weight, but the handle is too short for my liking. Other than that it is a very well built responsive rod.

From: Randy: Eagle River, WI

Comments: Fantastic sticks. What else can I say. Don't think I have ever come across a negative review regarding Powell rods. If your hesitant don't be.

From: Mark

Comments: All I can say is WOW! What a rod the Heavy 694-cf rod is amazing.  New favorite rod.  Great backbone, great feel, and nice soft tip.  I am glad I took a chance on a Powell rod.  I don't think I will buy anything but powell for a while.  Very impressed.  I haven't found any technique that I feel this rod couldn't handle.   Definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a new rod.  And with them being on sale it makes it even better.  Thanks Powell.

From: Onalaska, WI

Comments: just bought this rod while it was on sale. love this rod to death. super light. but lots of backbone. macks for very easy flipping but you have the power to get those fish out of the swamp. cant beat this rod for the price.

From: Joseph: TX

Comments: Holy Cow! These rods are incredible! Bought a 694-CF earlier this year and just ordered another one! These rods are amazing. I have never fished rods with such unique actions and feel. the 694 is not your typical heavy action. i always disliked heavy actions because i could never cast one with any accuracy. they were always reserved for flipping. Not so with this rod! I had a field day casting a senko and swim jig in a cypress-tupelo swamp.

From: Flatt Town Basser: LA

Comments: I got the 714-CEF last spring for football jigs. I have caught quite a few fish with this rod on a jig but I use it for pitching, carolina rig and big worms too. It has tons of backbone but the tip loads up and helps fighting big fish. I've bought 3 more Powell rods since I got this one. You can't beat Powell rods.

From: Kevin: Auburn, AL

Comments: I own 2 powell endurance rods the 694 and 775 flippin stick. For the money there hard to beat the only rods I like more are the falcon cara t7 rods

From: Brett: Okeechobee

Comments: i will be getting the 6'7" mh for xmas to put on my quantum tour edition. i dont know how good they will look together, but this is a preety sweet rod for $110 i'd say! i will be using it for finesse fishing and senkos.

From: Seth

Comments: I own 4 of the powell endurance rods i dont plan on buying anything but A powell.

From: Danny: TN

Comments: Got a 674 a couple of weeks ago. My first Powell. Very well build, good balance, nice caster but definitly not what i would call "heavy power", its more of a MH. Was intended for pitching heavier jigs in close, but it lacks backbone for that. Use it as a Jerkbait/Spinnerbait rod now and like it so far. Its becoming harder and harder to find a short, stout rod these days....

Comments: Just bought a 673 and love it. Light, sensitive, and strong.  I've always used Allstar and some Castaway but these rods are way above both.  Plan to get a couple more.

From: Wallace: Toledo Bend, LA

Comments: I just purchases a 723cef and I have to say that it is the best rod I have ever used for worming a senko, damiki and strike king baits.  The response of that first tap is like no other rod I have ever felt when used for worming.  You guts get a A+ on this rod, keep up the great advancements in rod technology. :). 

From: Aron: Salinas, CA/Yuma, AZ

Comments: I have 5 Powell Endurance rods (695, 706, 714, 723, and 725) these rods are amazing. Extremely sensitive, light, and very strong. If your looking for a new rod you should consider getting a Powell. My favorite by far is the 714, its very versitile. I use it for carloina rig, texas rig, spinner baits, buzz baits, magnum speedworms, and jigs. Get one you wont be dissapointed.

Comments: The 723 is amazing. Its is so light and sensitive. I find myself continually picking this rod up and fishing with it more than all my other rods. Compared it to the new GL2 and this rod is lighter and to me has the superior feel of the two.

From: Caleb: IN

Comments: The 723 is just a good all around rod. You can use it for most applications. i use it for spinner baits, buzz baits, light TX rigs, etc. I also have the 714. This is a bad a$$ rod for big worms. I also use it for carolina rigging.

From: Hunter: Brentwood, TN

Comments: I'd take this over a Loomis any day....

Comments: i wouldnt put them up to a loomis... but a bad ass rod for 170$ saying that if you got the money buy a loomis if not buy this you wont be let down

Comments: by far the best rod i have used great sensitivity and balance.  very very very light and i would put them up to loomis any day

From: Nick: SC

Comments: Just got my flipping stick and the 723 wow great sensitivity and power great rods gonna sell my veritas and get these im impressed big time.

Comments: Awesome rods period!  These rods are extremely light and sensitive.  Sold all my Falcons and now have been buying these rods.  If you need a great priced rod that will do everything you expect, give one of these new Endurance rods a try.  You will be very happy you did!

Comments: These rods are top of the line. you could compare them to rods such as the Gloomis and Dobyns rods. the difference is that they cost half as much. best rod under 250 dollars period.

From: Josh: TN

Comments: If you like the Jared Lintner Paddle Tail rod the new 714C Endurance casting rod is also a great Paddletail/Speedworm action rod.  Enough tip for long cast with 14lb Floro and plenty of backbone to pull a fish out of heavy cover.

From: Philip: Tallahassee, FL

Comments: Just received this 7' 2" MH rod today. This rod is extremely balanced and light weight paired up with a Shimano Curado 200E7. I have yet to catch fish on this set up but it handles great and the guides are very durable. I am satisfied with this purchase and will be buying more from Powell. No problems with the rod being mailed, thanks TWH for your support and great line of high quality products

From: Jon: Illinois, USA

Comments: im with harry on this one. powell is a great company and its the only kind of rods i use. im savin up for one of these and try em out. tell you how they are once i get one!

From: Cody:Menifee, CA

Comments: Powell is probably one of the few company's that could get away with a purple/pink rod. Their quality in unmatched! I would be really interested to hear any kind of feedback on these. In particular, how they compare to the Powell Max rods.

From: Harry: Erie, PA

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