Featuring the soft, progressive actions and tapers that are so important when fishing crankbaits and other reaction baits, the Powell Endurance Cranking Series Rods deliver the non-compromising performance and exceptional angler value that have made Powell a leader in rod building for over 100 years. Also sporting a distinctive new look with deep purple water spot patterns along the lower portion of the blanks, the Powell Endurance Cranking Series includes rods constructed with either composite graphite/glass mixed blanks or S-glass fiberglass blanks. The Moderate Fast actions cushion the strike and fight, ensuring the small treble hooks stay pinned and don’t rip out, and every rod also delivers the reserve power necessary to move big fish away from trouble. These same progressive actions also allow you to make extra long casts and cover more water for a better chance of getting your lure in front more fish.

Smaller, specially designed Fuji Alconite Guides also provide many of the advantages of micro guides, including reduced friction, increased casting distance and heightened sensitivity, but they are still large enough to allow knots and debris to pass through with no probems. Premium Fuji Reel Seats also help further reduce weight, and combined with a split grip handle design and high quality cork grips, ensure all-day ergonomic comfort. Available in several proven models, the Powell Endurance Cranking Casting Rods offer all the attributes and premium features you need for fishing reaction baits - at a price that is hard to ignore.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Featuring advanced, ultra sensitive 36-ton Maxumfiber blanks with Powell's new Mini Matrix technology, the Powell Inferno Casting Rods burn up the competition on pricepoint and performance.

  • Delivering the perfect actions and tapers for fishing crankbaits and jerkbaits, the Powell Inferno Crankbait and Jerkbait Casting Rods burn up the competition on pricepoint and performance.

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    Combining an outstanding price point with unbeatable performance, the Powell Nusance Casting Rods meet the demands of anglers, without putting a dent in the pocket book.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought the 7'2 mh. It has great feel but a little stiff for me, so I sold it to my brother. He absolutely loves it. I then bought the 7'2 m. I can't praise the rod enough. Light, great feel. If I didn't fish jigs, I'd never put it down. For bandit 200 type cranks, i can't imagine a better rod.

From: William: cookeville, TN

Comments: Been tossing soft swimbaits on couple of brand name rods in California Delta for Stripers and so far the 755CB Endurance rod has been my favorite cause it just feels perfectly right.  Just my two cents.

From: Dean: Stockton, Ca

Comments: I just got the 725cb and IMHO, it is the best trap rod I have ever used; long, effortless casts, solid hooksets and weighs just over 4 ounces.  I spent 2 days throwing a half ounce red eye shad, caught numerous bass up to 7 lbs, and never lost a fish.  In fact, both I and my fishing partner liked the 725cb so much we bought 2 more; one for him and another for me.  I have been extremely impressed with every Endurance rod I have used. 

From: Don: TX

Comments: got the 725cb, rod is dead, can't even feel a red eye shad, worse than fiberglass from 35 years ago. Powell is a great company, just blew it with this one

From: Jeff: Orlando Park, IL

Comments: I just purchased the 6' 9" Med Hvy rod. The balance is great, and it is light and fun to fish with. The Moderate Fast action allows for softer and smoother hook sets with treble hook lures, and it has enough backbone to handle big fish. I bought this rod for fishing topwaters and it went above and beyond my expectations. This is my first Powell rod but it definitely will not be my last.

From: Craig: Land O Lakes, FL

Comments: 7'5 MH Glass/Composite 755CB Been using this rod jigging for salmon and striper in Cal Delta and Sac River.  Biggest fish by far is a 46lb Salmon. 

From: Steve: Elk Groove, CA

Comments: was looking for a cb rod for med divers and small cb, called keith and he recommended the 724, really nice rod, comfortable, launches the lures and most impressive is the action.  would definitely recommend to others.

From: Matt: TN

Comments: I purchased the 6' 9" MH Mod/Fast recently specifically to throw squarebills & other small cranks. I couldn't tell from any of the online reviews if I was on the right track with this, since most mention of this rod was in regards to it's usage with jerk baits. My goal was to get something right inbetween a 6' 6" & 7' rod - in regards to the actual length of rod beyond the reel... - many 6' 9" rods add too much of the extra length in the handle for me to justify the extra purchase over the 6' 6" I was using... I called Powell 2 times & both times got the owner, Keith, & he was right on board with what I was trying to find out - is this rod a good choice for squarebills... Not as floppy as some jerkbait rods can be, & not too strong & sturdy like a MH spinnerbait rod... With his measurements & description I felt confident in the purchase & it has proved to be an excellent match with my new Lew's Tournament Pro (both light as a feather). It got me exactly 2.75" more actual rod, & .25" more handle than my 6' 6" which was absolutely what I had in mind. Tested from the bank of a pond until I get out on the water & fought a 3.8 LM bass on a small lipless crank & had plenty of power, but plenty of hook-holding flex. If I were in TX battling monster bass around wood cover all the time I might opt for something with a tad more backbone than this, but for that 3.8 lb Midwest bass I caught it had plenty of power & wasn't bent over much and I never felt out of control of the fish... It's a comfortable, stealthy rod & my wife said "who am I taking fishing" when she saw the purple/pink highlights. I think it's cool looking. Thanks Powell! 

From: Midwest Bass Guy: Gardner, KS

Comments: I recently purchased the 804 for throwing deep crankbaits. This rod has absolutely no sensitivity whatsoever. I can throw a dd22 right up on the rocks and I can't tell if it's even hitting the bottom. Go with a dobyns, you won't be sorry.

Comments: by the way my comment was for the 804CB

From: Cody

Comments: most amazing crankbait rod i have ever owned. outperforms dobyns, g loomis, and falcon. Keith Bryan is the man when it comes to designing a high quality rod for a reasonable price. thanks keith and powell!

From: Cody

Comments:  I bought the 724cb about a month ago.  I've taken it on about 3 trips so far and absolutely love it.  It really slings shallow and medium diving crankbaits.  My first Powell, but certainly not my last.

From: Dan: Lincoln Park, NJ

Comments: I bought the 804CB for casting deep diving crankbaits a mile. I tied on a Norman DD22 which weighs in at 5/8 oz. which is within the 1/4 - 3/4 Lure Wt. rating. On my third cast, on my back swing, when I stop to cast forward the rod snapped right in half. I have a few other Endurance rods and have been happy with them. Called Powell and they said they would replace it for free but I would have to pay for shipping to and from my city. Maybe the Powell Max Deep Cranking rod that Jared Lintner designed is a better bet.

From: Ron: Ohio, USA

Comments: 7'5" best all around rod I've used by far for the best price go with the Endurance sierres 

From: Yia: Sac Delta

Comments: This rod is soooo sweet. It's the perfect trap rod for my tastes.  I use it for square bills too. It's solid back bone will snatch them in the boat, but still has a good soft tip for treble hooks. The sensitivity is dime on.

From: Hunter: Brentwood, TN

Comments: I've been a big fan of Powell rods since my first purchase. I didn't think they could get any better. I recently purchased a  7"2" Powell Endurance Crankbait Casting Rod  heavy action. All I can say is wow! It's perfectly balanced. Powell has managed to take there game to the next level! I'll be updating all my rods with these endurance rods!

From: Scott: Omura, Japan

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