The Powell Max Frog Rods are a perfect choice for tossing frogs in heavy cover or walking them over open water. These rods feature an extra fast tip that casts light frogs accurately, but shuts off quickly for great hooking and fish-fighting power, with just the right amount of give to compensate for no-stretch braid. A hook hanger and a frog emblem round out these dedicated frog rods.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Excellent rod! I landed my personal best with ease, a ten pounder walking a frog,yes I said walking a frog on open water in the fall that's when I bought it, the technique is all in your wrist and not in the rod, and this rod does it great, slap a daiwa zillion type r and you set.

From: Luis: Chicago, IL

Comments: I have to wonder if Powell has put out two different rods with different actions but labeled them the same. I have 10 powell rods and love them all but this rod is to stiff in the tip for throwing frogs any sort of distance. At Guntersville it is best to cover water when frog fishing. The rod has more than enough back bone to pull fish out of the slop. I use mine for flipping heavy jigs and short distance frogging. Just not the best rod for open water frogging. Light and very functional though. Great for pulling pigs from heavy grass.

From: J: AL

Comments: this rod is outstanding! it is light for its size and balances well with a curado 200e. i dont get the comments about not being able to walk the dog with this rod. i found it extremely easy. i also used this rod to carolina rig, and it did an awesome job. it was extremely sensitive. it wold make a good heavy cover flipping rod too. Powell did a great job on this rod.

From: flattown basser: LA 

Comments: tip is a little bit too stiff for my taste, but it is managable and i can work a frog no problem.  The thing i like about this rod is that it is pretty light for a mag heavy rod and it's got balls. i feel like i could tear down my house with the thing

Comments: The tip on this rod is way too stiff. It makes it difficult to accurately throw your frog and it makes it harder to walk your frogs aswell. Don't get it.

Comments: ok i had to leave some feed back for anyone interested in this rod for frogging. this rod is well built and decent with the weight. the tip on this thing is awesome though, you can walk a spro 65 with ease and also skip frogs too with this rod. i really enjoy using this rod im deff going to buy another one for my poppin frogs.

Comments: This is a super nice, high quality rod. plenty of backbone but not much tip, still dont let that be the reason you dont purchase this rod. Pair this thing was a shimano curado and you will have one of the best frog rods around!

From: Seth: VA

Comments: I just purchased and recieved the 735 MHEF. I noticed mine also had Mag Heavy stamped on the rod and thought I recieved the wrong product. Called the guys at Tackle Warehouse and they assured me it was it was the only frog rod powell makes. They even called powell to confirm. It is the same rod blank, Powell just changed the name to Mag Heavy. They did make a 725 and only difference was length, 7'vs7-3". Great customer service from T.W. Can't wait to try the rod out this spring.

From: Al: Columbus, GA

Comments: Great rod for flipping, pitching, frogging and for throwing smaller swimbaits

Comments: Cant wait to get mine(:

Comments: It is a greta flipping stick, toolies, stick ups, lay downs, stumps...ect  thats all I used mine for till I bought the 775 Endurance.

From: Austin: Atascadero, CA

Comments: I am looking for another flipping rod thats shorter (I have the Powell 7'6'') and I am looking for something a bit shorter. Has anyone used this rod for flipping? I would really appreciate any sort of feedback.

Comments: I just bring in a 8.12lbs snake head (Potomac river) on this rod ...Quantum tour edition reel 50# suffix Pb braid

From: Andre: Baltimore, MD

Comments: Rod is sick, much better hook up ratio than my previous frog rod, super light for how beefy it is and the tip is fast enough for a good hook but not for a walking action, i love powell rods, great mid tier rod

From: Steve-o: Atascadero, CA

Comments: I bought this rod a month ago and I love it! It's light and has the balls needed to rip the big girls outta the slop. I also use mine for tossing 5" and 6" Punkers. You can walk em like a champ! I own 6 Powell rods and will continue to buy more. Their warranty is Awesome along with their customer service! WTG Powell!!!!

From: Ski: Bradford, MA

Comments: I took this rod out to the Everglades last weekend and fished some horny toads through some pretty thick pads.  It threw the frog a good distance with accuracy and it had some incredible hook setting power.  I was able to really set the hook with conviction from a good distance away in heavy cover.  I paired this rod with a Shimano Curado 200 E7 and 50 pound Power Pro Braid. I'm very pleased with the entire outfit and really looking forward to using it all year round down here in Florida.

From: Eric: Coral Springs, FL

Comments: This rod is spectacular.  I use it to fish Stanley Ribbit frogs and Horny Toads.  I may use it for jigs at some point, but thus far I havn't.  I have read reviews where people say this rod is tip heavy, but I havn't really noticed it, or it hasn't been an issue.  I have it paired with a Quantum Smoke 100 reel and Sunline FX2 60lb braid.  Many say this is a Medium-Heavy rod, but mine has Mag-Heavy printed on it.

From: Corey: Mississippi

Comments: I have this rod! Wanna hear about it? I cant lie, I pitch more jigs in the 3/8 to 1/2 range than I hurl frogs with it. When I do frog, I go Horny Toad, all the way. The rod has backbone, and a soft tip. The hook holder is killer, too. You dont have to un hook your frog. I fish my 735 with a TD Advantage supertuned and 70lb Samurai Braid, and thats the deal. I really cant see how someone would say it isnt a good frog rod, since I first started using it with Spro frogs and I had a killer hookup rate. I just like the Horny Toads better.

From: Meatead: Out of town

Comments: I purchased one of these fine rods at the beginning of the warm weather when frog fishing became viable and was instantly super impressed! It handles 50# braid with my little BPS pro qualifier like a champ! It'll launch a Spro frog into another county! I have hooked and landed the majority of the motivated bass who took a dedicated swing at my frog,including a 6 1/2 lb'er,one of the first one or two bass I took using this rig. GREAT rod!

From: Lee: Williamsburg, VA

Comments: Awesome rod for deep jigs, is the of his class best for my!. But normally I use for pitching heavy jigs.
ÁUn abrazo!

From: Koletas: Spain

Comments: Have the 735...this rod is to stiff to make the frog do its dance also tends to rip the frog out of fishes mouths even when they choke it. Check out the daiwa light and tough instead it is LIGHTER!!! and has a softer tip! has been a much better frog rod! the 735 isnt bad for flipping deep weeds though and have had no problems with my other powells.

From: Jeff: Gregory, MI

Comments:I bought this rod about a month ago, and it is a very good stick for what is built for. Not taking anything away from Powell but, the Abu Garcia Vendetta I have, does as good for under a 100.00 bucks and it even looks better doing it. I hope the quality shows and lasts me a while!

From:Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments:In one word, Awesome!!!!! If your looking for a frog rod buy this one.

From:Joe: Red Creek, NY

Comments:Ordered the 735 frog rod and used it for the fist time this weekend. I was very pleased with the way the rod handles and the quality. The tip is stiffer than my other frog rod but it only took a few cast to get my accuracy down. My biggest fish was a 6 pounds it was no problem getting her out of the heavy cover. My next rod will be a Powell rod, for the price you cant beat them!

From:Jacob: Mobile, AL

Comments:I just received my new 735 frog rod. I was very impressed with not only the quality but the lightness and cosmetics of the rod as well. I have had multiple surgeries on my wrist so I was worried how the rod would affect me with a whole day of fishing. I threw frogs all day long with ease and accuracy. At the end of the day my wrist was fine and ready for more. My biggest fish was 5+. I have just ordered the Powell mag-hvy flipp'n stick and will be replacing my other rods with Powell rods. Oh yeah the the frog rod makes a great carolina rig as well.

From:Kevin: Ojai, CA

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