When ripping or throwing crankbaits, the rod action is of supreme importance. The perfect rod for these techniques will have a softer progressive action, yet contain enough reserve power to move a fish away from structure if needed. The action, feel, and productivity of these baits are vastly increased when a softer, more progressive rod is employed. When you do get bit, this same rod action cushions the fight, allowing the small treble hooks associated with these baits to stay in the fish and not be ripped out. Whether you're fishing one of the graphite Maxumfiber moderate-fast action rods, or one of the super light S-glass fiberglass moderate-fast rods, you will have a tool that will give you a true advantage on the water. These rods truly hold all the elements necessary to maximize the thrill of reaction bait fishing. The rods come in various lengths and line ratings suitable for many different scenarios.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Featuring advanced, ultra sensitive 36-ton Maxumfiber blanks with Powell's new Mini Matrix technology, the Powell Inferno Casting Rods burn up the competition on pricepoint and performance.

  • Delivering the perfect actions and tapers for fishing crankbaits and jerkbaits, the Powell Inferno Crankbait and Jerkbait Casting Rods burn up the competition on pricepoint and performance.

  • Blending the best attributes of Powell's popular Endurance and original Max series, the Powell Max 3D Casting Rods are loaded with fresh, new technologies to create a whole new high performance rod series.

  • Delivering technique-specific performance perfectly suited for crankbait and reaction bait applications, the Powell Max 3D Crankbait Casting Rods continue Powell Rod's tradition of excellence.

  • Powell blended the best attributes of the Max and Endurance Series with fresh, new cutting edge technologies to create the all-new, heavy duty Powell Max 3D Mag Bass Casting Rods.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The 704cb is my favorite rod for traps, topwaters, cranks & jerkbaits.  The soft tip delivers long, effortless casts and the firm midsection makes for solid hooksets.  Ideal for 3/8-5/8 oz lures.  Another great rod from Powell.

From: Don: TX

Comments: A little stiff for my liking for square bills, as another review said the rod would do good for tx rigged plastics or something to that effect plenty of power, just a little stiff for close quarters accuracy casting small cranks.

From: Josh: OK

Comments: i used the 704cb all last season..very light sensitve rod..guides dont bend..like it so much that i got the 706cb for this season

From: Don: Jersey

Comments: Just got the 706CB and paired it with my Shimano Curado.  It is lightweight and comfortable to cast all day.  Handles spinnerbaits, traps, and med-deep cranks with ease, power, and accuracy.  Definitely recommended!

From: John: Livonia, MI

Comments: Powell offers great customer service and this 704CB is a fantastic rod for small to medium cranks and lighter traps.  I'd highly recommend it to anyone!

From: Jay: Powell, Ohio

Comments: Great product!! the 704CB has greatly increased my lipless crankbait skills and like it says below your hook up to land ratio greatly increases with these rods. Powell rods for life.

From: James: Oak Ridge, TN

Comments: Just got the 684CB. It is by far the lightest rod I own. It is also extremely sensitive. I wish I found these awhile ago or all of my rods would be a Powell Max...DONT MISS OUT THIS SALE

From: Daniel: North Carolina, USA

Comments: I recently bought the 684CB and I think it's a great rod for hard-jerk and surface lures. I«m a lover of the glass rod, but I think for Rip or Jerk is best a rod with mod-fast action provided by the graphite. ÁUn abrazo!

From: Koletas: Spain

Comments: Bought the 684cb to throw an rc 1.5, bds1 and similar baits.. has the perfect combo of backbone and give.. i have lost only one fish this year on this rod.. fantastic... made in china though which is a bummer.. sti ll has been a good rod.

From: Andrew: Indianapolis, IN

Comments:I purchased the 704cb a few months ago. I spent some time with this rod before this review. Wow great trap rod! I mostly thru 1/2 ounce baits in moderate weeds since it's early in ny for heavy weeds. My hookup to land ratio increased dramatically. Casts a mile works a spook very well too. Buy this rod you wont be sorry.

From:Bassthumb: Rockland, NY

Comments:Purchased the 706 CB and put it on a Revo SH, for my rattle trap setup. The rod casted a mile and has great feel. My favorite rod and reel combo. Caught a 8lb. largemouth on 4-6-10, my biggest fish so far. When I need another rod, it'll be a Powell.

From:Nate: Atoka, TN

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